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CIA Drug Trafficking

The history of the establishment of the CIA and control of drug trafficking begins with Burma. It is necessary to focus on the fact that the CIA did not get sufficient funds for its operations from the US budget. Participation in the illegal drug trade allowed the CIA to solve many problems secret for 60 years. This way CIA (Central Intelligence agency) is an intelligence agency of USA seemed to be in drug trafficking not directly but indirectly supporting such groups that are a part of such unlawful activities; however, drug trafficking means illegal distribution, manufacturing and selling of drugs. By preventing such people from penalties being implemented by US law enforcement agencies, CIA gets useful intelligence and informational data from them (Ray, 2007)..
As strange as it sounds, but to get involved in the drug trade CIA had to protect American interests. The fight against international communism demanded more resources and, one day, some clever thought came to translate the process to "self-financing" to earn the necessary money for military operations by the drug trade. This was especially because the majority of wards anti-communists already secretly hunted this business. It only remained to clean up the matter in hand. Many billions of dollars received from the drug trade helped to keep the financial system afloat at the height of the global financial crisis. The money from the drug trade were the only liquid investment capital and it was a moment (in late 2008), when the system was paralyzed because of the reluctance of banks to lend money to each other in many cases. During the financial crisis of 2008 second half, liquidity was the major problem of the banking system. As a result, the economic system had absorbed a significant portion of the funds received from the underworld of drug trafficking (Ray, 2007)..
CIA seemed to be in supporting Afghan rebellion commanders or mujahedeen who were fighting against an Afghan government. A famous historian, he said that CIA used to tolerate and ignoring drug trafficking. In fact, it seemed to be helping this trade by facilitating them with transport, arms, machinery and other political security so that they could be able to carry on their trade easily. Afterward US government parties and afterward US government parties argued that they were failed to take an action against drug operations being held in Afghanistan because they did not want to weaken their relation with Pakistani and Afghani allies.
One of the first examples of CIA involvement in drug trafficking refers to 1947 and relates to the Agency's cooperation with the Corsican Mafia. The communist movement in post-war France was worried about Washington, and in the fight against communist trade unions, he made a bid for the ruthless Corsicans. However, official financing of this work could not have been so in Marseilles with the assistance of the CIA appears large laboratory for the production of heroin. It employs the Corsicans, and the supply of raw materials and the creation of a network of dealers organize the CIA, receiving funds for operations against the Communists. As you know, in post-war France was deployed moral and physical terror against the activists of the Communist movement, which gave the United States the desired results.
Media had been involved in reporting and announcing news about CIA drug trafficking. According to Alex Newman (2012), a Mexican person named Guillermo Terrazas told their channel that CIA could not fight against drug traffickers because it was providing them a helping hand in their business merely for their own benefit or interest. A reporter named Gary Webb also investigated upon CIA drug trafficking activities and uncovered the truth about them. He reported that CIA was involved in bringing illegal drugs into the US in order to support unlawful activities in foreign countries. Moreover, another accused person who was imprisoned in the federal court said that US government had made an agreement with him that that in exchange of information about their Sinaloa Cartel from him they would allow him to import a large quantity of drugs beyond the border (Ray, 2007)..
Contras of Nicaragua were fighting against Sandinistas because they desired to have corrupt Somoza to be in power. During that time, American President Reagan developed such policies that gave rise to alliances between CIA and Contras. Contras were bringing a ton of narcotics to the US and in return, of that they were using arms facilities and other military resources being provided by CIA. They did not want other spy agencies to be investigating their activity. Indeed, in 1998 CIA confirmed its involvement in illegal drug trade being carried out by Contras.
According to historical explanations, drug funding had always been used for revolutionary or in fact war purposes. American government and CIA agency had been found in funding such warrior groups in order to get internal reports and news about their rivals. President Reagan’s policy of war on drugs was just an apparent program that evident purpose was to control drug use in order to improve health. However, indeed the reason was to prevent money supply to revolutionary people in Asia, South America and Middle East, who were using drug funds to carry out war activities so they might get independence from foreign occupancy.
CIA and its official team had found to be very much indulged in drug trade especially they had their part in Iran-Contra scenario (Aiken 1998). He argued that it was seen on the television that they were giving down weapons and taking up drugs. While it astonished that CIA and government officials had kept their eyes and ears closed from this situation, in fact, they had their role in this unlawful and illegal war. He also claimed that during 1940's American officials and government had supported armies fighting against their (America) rivals, as US had its support with the Corsican and Sicilian who were encountering with communists and fascists in Italy. Similarly, it also helped to Chiang Kai-Shek's, who was fighting against Mao Zedong's communists. In the same way, US had its back at Mujahedeen of Afghanistan, struggling against Soviet Union. He concludes that all of the American or CIA drug trade proponents had benefited a lot from this illegal trade. Such illegal drug trade spread anarchy among the states and gave rise to violence (Ray, 2007).
Victor Thorn had reviewed Michael Collin Piper's research upon CIA drug trafficking. Piper claimed that CIA had assisted militants and armies struggling against Vietnam. He said that an ample of heroin was brought into US in return of arms and other war accessories provided to the armies. Armament producers, bankers, military men and drug dealers utilized the money made through this trade. After the drug prohibition in 1920, CIA and drug dealers worked in collaboration to assist the global narcotics traffic. Hence, the amount of money emerged by CIA and their supporters was saved into secret bank accounts that were monitor zed by International bankers and government was not authorized to get this amount.
A journalist named Gary Webb revealed the truth about CIA, which had its connection with Contras of Nicaraguan. He bravely uncovered the reality of CIA and claimed that it was involved in drug trafficking. Contras used to bring cocaine into US and CIA was supporting them. Webb's report was criticized and condemned, and he was forced to leave journalism and he committed suicide. After that, various Nicaraguan drug dealers accepted that they had been involved in drug trade and had supported the Contras. Coral Baea, who met Contra leader named Adolfo Calero (Aiken 1998), gave a report. She found his bags filled with an amount of money and Calero knew that money was an outcome of drug trafficking.
An investigation made by CIA revealed that CIA had no responsibility of taking any action against drug dealers or traffickers. It did not make any report against them in fact it was supporting them. In 1998, a report given by Justice Department described that Reagan's policy did not work upon to stop drug dealing with Contras. In fact, CIA kept its activities away from other law agencies. Afterwards investigation made by CIA uncovered the reality about Reagan's administration who was involved in protecting Contras and drug dealers in their illegal trade and CIA was prohibited to share this information with the Justice Department.


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