Free Research Proposal On The Person Of Christ: Human And Divine

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Introduction (2 pages)

Christian faiths revolve around the person of Jesus Christ from whom the religion emerged. It is from the life of Jesus Christ that Christians have developed most of their major doctrines and practices. Therefore, it is very important to understand who really Jesus Christ was in order to understand the Christian faith and doctrines. Was he really a good man, a good teacher, the god incarnate or just a miracle worker? This research will seek to answer these questions that are common not only the Christians but other religious scholars.

Thesis statement (1/2page)

The paper will analyze the life, person and work of Jesus Christ in order to prove that he was both human and divine.

Research question (1/2page)

The research will be guided by the following question;
Who was Jesus Christ? Was he a human being, a divine god or both?
Methodology (2 pages)
The research will based on secondary sources that have written in the past in regard to this topic. The researcher will analyze various text books and peer reviewed articles in order to answer the research question.

Jesus Christ was a true human being (4 pages)

The bible portrays Jesus Christ as a person with a complete human life. Though through the divine intervention, Jesus was born in a human way and stayed in his mother’s womb for nine months just like other human babies. He grew up as an adolescent, a youth and later a man with all physical characteristics such as eating, drinking, bathing, learning among others. He could become exhausted and rest for sometimes. He also had a normal psychological life where he could weep, love, tempted and possessing other human feelings.

Jesus Christ was a true God (4 pages)

The bible portrays many facts that prove that Jesus was not only a human being but also a divine God. First, Jesus made many claims that he was a son of god and the promised messiah. He claimed that he was sent from heaven and he will ascend to heaven after accomplishing his mission and he had seen the father. For example, he said the father was in him and he was in the father. He also portrayed authority to forgive sins other people. Although he was not the father – God, he was co-equal and co-eternal with the father God. Secondly, many other people in the bible referred to him as a son of a God. For example, Nicodemus referred him as a teacher from God, and it was not questionable. Thirdly, he performed many miraculous activities that proved he had divine power that is only possessed by God. For example he healed the sick people, he drove demons away, and he raised the dead and even walked on water. He could also command nature and it could obey him.

Conclusion (2pages)

It is paradoxical and sometime difficult to understand how one person can has two natures. However, this was the case with Jesus explaining why he was not an ordinary person. Many verses in the bible present the two natures of Jesus Christ and hence it was not a mistake. It was God’s divine plan for Jesus to be born in human form in order to portray he understand what human beings go through. He possessed divine nature in order to save and restore humanity through portraying he had power over issues that were disturbing them and to give them eternal life.


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