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A wide Google search explains cult movie as a film that draws a little but committed people of dedicated fans and those who are well known year after year among followers. The Rocky Horror Show is cult as a production of representation. It regards The Rocky Horror Show, the movie edition, and this is reason that this edition becomes the cult status. This essay discusses how anyone can define cult movie and how it achieves such status. This will be analyzed in according with Monaco's definition of the cult movie as a private genre of the favored offspring of the middle class. The people in these movies are frequently egregiously eccentric, According to Austin the film frequently work as a small amount movie as it only uses on location settings, He also emphasized the point that companies that are producing and distributing such films does not meet standard of industry and suggests that cult films are produced as much as they occur.
Another way to show expression is that the purpose of the filmmakers is not to create a cult film in the beginning as The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Bruce A Austin digs in the heads and activities of the fans of Rocky Horror (Kimble 359–361). His findings show Austin to gain two defining aspects, which qualify cult movie as a genre. These expressions are the rules of thumb. From the first section, it can be said that Geller, the writer provided the immense information regarding film theory on a very critical and sensitive issue of gays and lesbians. For this reason, he particularly added the word ‘queer.' The queer theory actually prolonged the subject and opened vents for further writing on this subject. The article provides a great push to humanity. It is important to note that people in the history did not use to consider homosexuals as human beings. They were treated differently, and the societal love and care were not their fates (Heaphy 303-319). This article puts great light on this subject, and it actually worked as a torchbearer. Therefore, this is considered as a historical work. The particular culture is a good subject to explore and study (Kimble 359–361). The second article is by Heaphy that talks about the era of 1990s. He talks differently about the gay and lesbian culture where he recorded evident about the society. According to some theorist of that time, the society that deals equally with every cast, crew, color, gender and sexual preferences is the one where we lived in (Heaphy 303-319). They believe that the society was actually educated enough to deal this situation tactfully and different from any barriers to demarcate the homosexuals and queer members of the society. The article opposes the idea and provides facts. He author frequently uses words like rejection, acceptance or disruption to put forward his viewpoint. The results collected by him apparently shows symbols of weak society and feeble class system of society (Heaphy 303-319).
The third one is a dissertation of Horowitz and the author argues against the idea and perception of homosexuals; lesbians and gays were different in history, and it has been transformed in the mind of people afterward. Secondly he talked about the role played by kings and queens in developing the tag and perception of ‘queer'. He further appeals with the government of US for establishing and developing rights for gays and lesbians in US through a proper management system (Horowitz 303-326). There should not be a concept of separate community building as that would be guilt for the segment of the society. The political movements have such notion that can transform or break the society. He alarms in his paper to stay together and just are not divided into such immaterial things like race, color, gender, and sexual preferences (Heaphy 303-319). That is used to differentiate The Rocky Horror Picture Show as a cult film
The film should be tested at steady times of the day, and these tests should play on a steady and uninterrupted. The Rocky Horror Pictures Show is tested everywhere in the United States on a weekly basis. The exact dates of these tests are placed on various websites. In Florida, anyone can go and watch movies on Friday and Saturday at 12 Midnight.
Austin firm on his maintained his stance and said that the film has considerable following but still cannot be considered as cult film because it is not tested regularly at a huge level.
The Rocky Picture Show provides entertainment on a regular basis to large number of fans who are sincere to their right, dressing and involvement in the fun. It is not special to someone who has seen the movie several times.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a contentious show that was made in 1975. It covered subjects like love, adventure, creation, hate and above all of them, sex. Most of the people consider the move of a lower class; however, all this happened because of its negative reviews. Although the movie has come out as a major breakthrough and a good news for the movie industry. As later it became a success story and successful at the box office. Moreover, the movie has acquired a status of popular culture process qualified by a big cult and spectators reply and resulting in the cult film. In addition, the movie has resulted in the rise of the popular celebrities who had been seen in the movie (Kimble 359–361). The fourth paper by Professor David Johnson also talks about rights of human beings and talks about the movements on different grounds for the sake of humanity by the people in history. He discussed events that have been faced by the citizens of America due to rioting of the public about discrimination against gays. He argues in his paper that if all the filthy material is available and accessible to everyone then there should be some movement on human grounds to where the subject matter is a human being, and he should not be treated as a disgusted thing. His legal rights should be protected, and he should be allowed to spend a normal life.
Known musicians like Meatloaf, who performed Eddie in the films, stage these cultures; however, the movie unwittingly explains sociopolitical and esthetic values within its time and place? Hence, this paper gives and in-depth view of how the film demonstrates various ways of kinship, which opposes conventional of the popular society. In fifth paper, Between Light and Nowhere’: The Queer Politics of Nostalgia, the writer draws a fine line from 1980s to current period by dragging all the important and classical elements on interviewing panel and then the conclusion is drawn. The author talks beautifully about cultural change, adoption, and rejection of gay men in the culture. The adjustment was required, and it took several years to adjust them in the society. The author was highlighting the role of social media very well (Kimble 359–361). The author provides a nostalgic touch to the work for joining it from one period to another. The author through real examples from culture touched the transgender segment beautifully.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show demonstrates a close resemblance to the explanation of the camp by Sontag. The movie shows the explanation of camp by the love of the unnatural of ruse and overstatement. In addition, the camp is some kind of a private code, a mark of identification among citified inner circle. Otherwise, the film shows offensively unnatural manifestation that is meaninglessly amplified to rebut the familiar averages of the American Culture in 1970s.
The film throw light to the awesome settings of the kinds and high level of the cult film development that works opposite to the expected practices in the American culture at the time observably, the movie accommodates on the activities that were unacceptable to the norms for cinematic tendencies. It was categorized as a midnight movie and displays high inclined difference as the American values and culture in 1960s and 1970s. The brought the movie bad name as an anti-cultural movie that resists accepted cultures in the society. That is how The Rocky Horror Picture Show depicts a feeling of social sarcasm that calls for jeopardizing the regular social orientation toward sex and its behavior (Kimble 359–361).
In the seventies, the sex issues were not touched upon unlike nowadays. It was unexpected, undesirable and even unimaginable by the performing artists and their work. The sex related stories were implicitly expressed by the story of disclosing sex represented by the two admirers of the movie; the two characters are Brad and Janet. They appear as to adapt to the regular society and its values. Still desiring sanctuary to the secret castle, there they demonstrated open pleasure and open feeling of sex. In the end, they absorbed the culture and started to take part in the sexual interaction. That is how it is practiced in the move.
In addition, the move is not successful to demonstrate the difference between the homosexual sex and heterosexual sex when Dr. Frank Furter scores the couple as a joke. First, he attempts scores on Janet and then he attempts on to Brad. Opposed to what was happening to society during the time of the movie. Settings demonstrate the way the movie shows the coarse nature of instincts. At this time, the movie explains camp as not in terms of beauty but in respect to the reuse, of conventionalize. In a magnified way, the movie describes the way hero cross-dressed and who is seen as an outcast of the known culture (Heaphy 303-319).
Who is responsible for the birth of Rocky is debatable among the team of Rocky Horror? In addition, what is not debatable is the fact that without Richard O’ Brien there would be no show. The show idea and the music are entirely his. Although he was also given credit for the script, but many who were in the original project argue this point of view.
O’Brien slowly lost control of creativity as the show progresses and gains popularity. When his show came to Lost Angeles Theater, marketing team avoided him and did not use his name in their marketing campaigns. When the show opened on Broadway, the same marketing material was used. Later on O’Brien takes a firm stands for his name must appear in the title. Then his slogan was including me.
The journey of Rocky Horror show started in Richard O’Brien’s place when he was not working and was looking for some work to support his wife and child. To make some money for his family, he first started writing his favorite songs, he liked this work and like science fiction movies. He was not interested in writing for cult shows, but it happened accidentally. When, O'Brien was working with director Jim Sharman, who provided him with the role of role of Herod in Jesus Christ Superstar. He quickly realized his talent and immediately handed over his script of Rocky to Sharman. When Richard gave Sharman his script of Rocky, Sharman was in the light mood. Sharman recognized his script but also said that it needs some work. Sharman started to handle the production for this project.
Soon Sherman was able to find the producer of the theater, Michael White, and O'Brien music. White agreed after hearing the music a sum 2000 pounds. In England, The Royal Court also agreed to provide the locale. It was approximately equal to $820 in 1973. As now, Sherman has theater as well as the budget. He then assembled a team to start work on the show. Then he moved forward to Brian Thompson for designing the production of Rocky and asks Brian Thompson for the designing of the movie.
Thompson was mindful of the fact that with such small budget they will not be able to make huge sum on this project. Thompson and Sharman jointly worked on many widely known Australian productions like Hari, Greece, and Jesus Christ Superstar. They worked very well as a team.
Now, it is significant to understand the disagreements in reports as to how the script was made. Thompson feels bitter towards O’Brien for his persistence for his claim for the book. In early stages, while he yields the show was made from the songs of O’Brien. He maintains the view that Jim Sharman is the person who managed them for a particular plot, and then O’Brien composes them (Heaphy 303-319).
The final product does not have any resemblance to O’Brien’s script. Thompson emphasized on the script freshness and the last loop of the show was a cooperative attempt to himself, Richard, Jim and to a greater degree some members of the cast. Disregarding who wrote, on June 16, 1973 the Royal Court Theatre Upstairs unfolded The Rocky Horror Show.
Although it was successful, it did not become cult then. It becomes cult only after the release of the movie. The show successfully ran for seven years in many theaters until it closed on 13 September 1980. In Los Angeles, the Roxy Theater started The Rocky Horror Show in United States on 19 March 1974. In Windsor, the filming started The Rocky Horror Picture. Budgeting $ 1 million. However, in 1975 it was closed after the performance of forty-five. In USA, it was released on 26 September 1975, but soon lost audience attention.
Luckily, in 1976 a small theater company in Greenwich Village gave a new opportunity to Rocky by giving time slot in the midnight. Rocky started to gain popularity and then the aspect of cult started to take root. Richard Hartley, the composer of music, explains that the reason for audience participation. As the film is boring and slow that people have to make up lines to entertain themselves.

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