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USAA is a shortened form of the word ‘United States Automobile Association.’ This is an organization comprising of a group of companies. The group was established in the late 20th century and based in Texas, and it mostly deals with issues concerning its armed customers. It offers services which include; banking, investing and insurance. The organization has achieved a lot in its dealings (USAA). This success has not been achieved easily as different factors have facilitated this.

Company culture

This is a particular type of behavior that a company or an organization adopts in order to achieve its goals and objectives. The USAA has adopted a culture has many positive effects. This is the culture of inclusiveness. In USAA every employee is important, it doesn’t matter whether they are supportive or senior employees (USAA). The leaders are committed in their daily day to day chores, and this motivates other fellow workers to follow the example of their leaders. An effort is made to know each employee, and this makes them feel appreciated.
The USAA mission is clearly stated, and the leaders take part in implementing any policies that come up. Employees do as expected of them. The communication process is an all-around one where it takes place from vertical downwards and from down to vertically upwards. The horizontal type of communication also occurs where employees can communicate with each other. Employees are fully committed as they know that high-quality services are required from them. A relationship between employees and employers is cultivated such that both can trust each other with different issues affecting them.
Motivation sessions are offered, and this encourages the workers. The technique of motivational session works as it psyches up the employees. The employees are given a forum where they can voice their concerns and so they can work better knowing that the issues affecting them will be addressed to. Unity and understanding among workers are indeed stressed upon. When workers are united, then they are going to cooperate well leading to an efficient delivery of services (McGregor). In this firm, a customer comes before everything else. Some managers in organization delegate some of their duties to the employee as a way of motivations and showing their trust to them (USAA). The employees are committed to delivering quality services to customers and taking care of their needs. A system has been established where customers complaints are addressed, and feedback is given.
The culture of competition between workers has also been enhanced. Annually, best employees are rewarded. This makes the employees try their best during service delivery so that their hardworking nature can be noted and get rewarded. Well-performing employees are retained. The USAA has also provided recreational facilities to employees. This will help the employees in winding off their stress and thus raising their morale and motivation towards service delivery. Innovation and startup of new ideas are well supported is there is a forum that takes care of this.
Hiring the right people this organization has the habit of hiring workers who have had some experience in the military setting. A large group of employees in this organization are either military spouses or have served in the military. This is useful since these people have had direct or indirect experience in the military obstacles, so they know how to deal with them in the best manner (USAA). New employees also get trained on how to handle different issues that they may face during their work time. When new employees arrive in the firm, they are informed of what is expected of them.

Customer service

This is the provision of service to the customer during the period from which the customer buys a product to the time of and after consumption. USAA is committed to service delivery to its customers since it has a whole team of professionals which takes care of this through various avenues.
Local agents-the firm has trained professionals then dispatched them to areas where they are easily accessible. These agents have offices in many localities, so they are available to customers at any time. They provide solutions for most of the problems encountered by customers.
Use of automated customer service is embraced by the company. This is an auto response system which tries to solve a customer’s problems by taking them through a series of steps. In order to access the system, a customer has to dial a specific number. USSA has provided some of these contacts in their website. The system is helpful especially if no agents are available or they are busy.
The company has direct mail system that consist of a team of tech personnel who have skills on how to handle obstacles encountered by customers. They do this by answering to queries from customers and then sending them feedback in the form of an email. This team may also provide a forum where customers can survey certain products and services and rate them. This system provides immediate feedback to the customer.
ISO standardization-USSA received the certification for ISO certification (ISO 10004).For a body to be certified by ISO, and then the aspect to be certified for is measured under different conditions. This is an indicator of how best customers are served and their satisfaction is rated. This means that this firm knows to handle and serve their customers.
The company has diverse customer service personnel. This is a group of personnel who have experience in customer handling. For this team to be effective, they have to know how things or certain products work. This makes sure that the person won’t get stranded or stuck when trying to address a certain problem from the customer. They also address a customer’s complaints and provide then with a forum where customers can give feedback on what aspects of a product or service should be improved. The staff is also trained to take the blame if anything goes wrong with the product offered to a customer. They also have good listening skills and this is helpful since the customer feels they are being listened to.

Product offerings

USAA offers a wide variety of products and services. Some of these services are like a basic necessity, so people have to get them no matter what. They include; auto insurance, innovative insurance, real estate products and services, investment and management services and advice on different financial services.
Innovative insurance for drivers-USAA is offering insurance for drivers working under UBER and LYFT. The insurance will cover a driver between the time they enter the platform and the time they have a passenger in the car. Most of the drivers in these two companies use their cars so the time they don’t have a passenger in their car they are not covered by this policy. However that time they don’t have a passenger can be covered by paying an extra 6$-7$ a month.
Real estate products and services in the USAA website, there are links to various housing products and services. In the home circle, you can find a house to buy and rent. You just have to be a member of the USAA, and then you type in the specifications of what you are looking for. You could also find a local agent who will take care of your needs. The firm also offers mortgages with interests as low as 3.7%.this mortgages have flexible payment terms (USAA).
Home insurance is offered as a package. The package is inclusive of home and belongings protection, and protection from identity theft. Home can be protected against fire, theft and weather related incidences. Belongings are covered up to 75% of the home’s insured value. As for identity theft and cases related to fraud the insurance cover provides up to $5000. Home improvement network entails getting personal contractors to cater for customers construction needs (USAA). Members get rewards and special discounts on items when they shop using USAA debits or credit cards. Home security and insurance savings are also a part of the package. The home automation service allows homeowners to have complete control over the security and lighting systems of their homes.
Auto insurance the firm provides auto insurance at affordable prices. This saves on the amount of money spent as it is cheaper than most insurance policies. If one uses more products of this firm, then they are charged less (McGregor). When cars are insured with USAA, the owner has certain advantages e.g. exceptional service, easy access to one’s account, roadside assistance and guaranteed auto renewal. If the member has a teenage driver, then the teen is automatically covered.


Consolidated Balance Sheet
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