Obamacare Critical Thinkings Example

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Published: 2021/01/16

ObamaCare intends to improve the healthcare system of the United States of America. This law aims at providing improved health care services to a majority of Americans at an affordable insurance cost. This law also intends to regulate health insurance sector, as well as, focuses on reducing healthcare expenses. ObamaCare is appreciated, as well as, criticised by many for its provisions and effects on society, economy and industry. This paper proposes a discussion on concerns, raised on ObamaCare in respect of two famous articles on this subject.
Paul Sisson (2014) in his article focuses on ObamaCare and explores various aspects of the same. Sisson refers to an estimate report of Congressional Budget Office and says that ObamaCare will affect the job market, as well as the economy of the United States in a considerable manner. The CBO estimate suggests that due to expenses and subsidies given in name of ObamaCare, more than 2.3 million people may either lose their jobs by 2021or they may be forced to cut their working hours substantially. A huge declination is expected in the job market that may affect a larger population of United States.
Another article written by Andrea Tantaros (2014) discusses how ObamaCare affects the work culture of the United States. Tantaros refers the Congressional Budget Office in her article and suggests that ObamaCare discourages people to work. The CBO report suggests that ObamaCare “creates a disincentive for people to work”. She refers CBO report and then suggests that people may reduce their working hours or may quit jobs because they believe that the government is there to look after their health expenses. Tantaros holds democrats’ policies responsible for the messy situation.
Paul Sisson’s article is informative and educative. The author has elaborated the issue in detail and presented his arguments in prudent manner. The author provides significant data and information in his article. He also presents versions of some significant people who are associated with the subject. The writing style of Paul Sisson is clear and simple. The tone used by Sisson is objective as author is trying to support his position taken at very beginning of the article. The author used qualitative data to support his points through the article. Presentation of information and data seems very logical. The author used smooth flow of information in order to allow readers to correlate different aspects of the subjects with information.
The target audience is not confined to any special category. The article is for everyone who is associated with the healthcare and economy of the United States. It means that the article written by Paul Sisson is relevant for every American who cares about jobs in America and is not capable of paying all his healthcare expenses himself. Sisson through his article talks about how Obamacare will negatively impact job market and economy but the author used very formal diction and positive diction.
The article written by Andrea Tantaros is about ObamaCare. Referring the Congressional Budget Office, the author discusses economic aspects of the ObamaCare in her article. Tantaros describes how ObamaCare affects job market. She suggests that democrats’ policies may suggest people to cut their working hours and they may think that there is no need to work hard because the government is there to take care of their health expenses. The writing style of Tantaros is simple, but her tone appears to be emotional. The title of the article is itself sarcastic at democrats. The targeted audience of this article is also American people whose interests are affected somehow by health care, as well as, American economy and job market.
Tantaros at the beginning of her article took a negative position against Obamacare and supported her position by citing examples and subjective information, which her tone more subjective. The author did not provide much quantitative data and supported her claims by considering emotions attached with the issue. Diction used by the author is not very formal as in some places in the article author used casual diction. Language and selection of words is very appropriate and not vague. The author used both positive and negative connotations related with the subject.
Article, written by Paul Sisson, appears to be more appealing and effective. The author sounds quite convincing and makes readers acquainted with various aspects of the ObamaCare. Sisson presents his arguments and suggestions in a balanced manner. The article addresses the issue with sincerity and presents the picture of current, as well as, future of impacts of ObamaCare. Sisson also indicates the supporting version of ObamaCare in his article to make it balanced and not biased.
After reading both the articles, by Paul Sisson and Andrea Tontaras, the paper concludes that both the articles are well written articles with a lot of facts, data and inputs on ObamaCare. Both the authors are experienced journalists who have presented the subject in a pragmatic manner. Paul Sisson’s article appears to be more appealing and effective that addresses the subject in a better way.

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