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It is not a secret that educational system in the United States has a lot of implications. One of the problem that educational system faces is a low percentage of students that successfully graduate from colleges. Only 38% of young adults in the United States of America earn an associate degree or higher. This fact makes the United States lie in 10th place internationally. (
In spite of this fact, nowadays, more and more different ways out and methods are created to somehow improve college graduation rating and retention. One may say that with the help of special classes that could help students spend their time efficiently, support from the counseling services and simply courses to improve students’ progress could be effective. Such efforts are made by the people who are not indifferent and who want to improve this country’s conditions.
One of the biggest problems in colleges is that, frequently, students show low productivity due to the fact that they do not know how to spend and organize their time efficiently. That is why it would be better for both students and college to hold various courses or classes that would help students to understand how to allocate their time better to achieve maximum productivity. With the help of such knowledge, students would be able to organize their life, which is very important in adulthood, where should work harder and put more effort, and where it is possible to relax a little bit or not to spend so much time and effort.
As it was already mentioned, more than 38% of people succeed in getting a degree in the U.S. one may say that the problem is in the high school, as the third of students fail to graduate from the high school, and 60% of those who graduate have difficulties in colleges. The thinking about the education system in the United States should be changed, it should be an integral piece in education system, comprising middle, high school, colleges and universities. The progress should be visible at the every stage of the education, as student may see what he lacks of and where he or she should put more effort.
It is possible to say that student should have a burning desire to become a lawyer, architecture, engineer or whatever he or she is studied to be. In other cases, when student’s parents decided for him, or that all members of his family were doctors, thus he should also embrace this profession; there will be no satisfaction and profit for both student and the country, as it is hard to say that such student could become a good professional. In that case, it is possible to get ready as early as possible for a student to choose what he or she likes, who a student wants to be, and, of course, coupled with parents at least to sketch a plan of further education.
Some may say that it is wrong to blame students in low graduation rate. Of course, not everything depends only on students’ efforts. Government also plays huge role in improving college graduation rate. For instance, it is known fact that the school, college and university funding is not of top-priority in the country. However, better funding of colleges would make it possible to hire more talented and qualified professor. Better funding would also make it possible to offer many students scholarships or to reduce tuition fees, and this fact, to my mind, is the most essential.
The cost of college have gone up so rapidly and greatly that plenty of people with low income and working class students should work every day at full time job just to pay such tuition. Here, one can see what discourages students from completing education. Coupled with above mentioned, everybody knows that arts and humanities are in need of material support from the government. (The Columbus Dispatch)
Nevertheless, from my point of view, the best thing in how to improve college graduation rating, is to provide services like counseling for students that face different hardships, nervous breakdowns, and other troubles, no matter whether it is connected with studying process or not. For some people, who are shy and not very confident, it could be extremely hard to find new friends, mates, or just simply to unburden himself. Communication in a college is a very tricky, yet important thing, the more you speak, the better your communication skills become, which could result in your grades and progress. That is why it is essential to provide such service to help people, because they could show poor results, not due to bad knowledge but due to completely different reason that by no mean deals with studying.
It is believed that pressure which student may feel during studying, and especially during exam period, might be too strong and the only way according to those students would be just to give up. However, as it was already mentioned above, support from psychologist could be essential, particularly when the student is not ready for college emotionally and mentally. Putting someone on campus in charge of to make more people graduate is the right thing to do. ( . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Another possible method is to better usage of data about the students’ drop out. It would be possible to see who is at-risk, who needs help or consultation. Or contrastingly, it would be better to show students’ all of their results they made toward graduation, to encourage them, to compliment them. Such boost would be essential for everyone, as it is heartwarming when you get praised. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Hence, one can come to the conclusion that there are plenty of methods and strategies in how to improve graduation rating. Most of them are already used by different colleges and universities. It is essential to state that the improvement in the education system is possible only with the help of 2 sides – students and teachers. It is important to establish decent contact between them. However, only with strong desire of studying from students and providing with the best information available, such improvement is possible. Better funding from the government, as well as better dedication from student would yield perfect results.

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