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The HRM is considered to support the development of an organization and the people operating in that industry. The human resource management is about collaborating and assisting in the development of the employee talent; it also involves implementing latest and effective programs. These programs promote active communication and cooperation between the employees for their and the organizations development. The human resource management can play an integral role and make a significant difference in a health care company’s performance level.
Q1) Present each of the three trends, using the literature to support why these will be important trends in the future of HR.

The given trends are

The employer value proposition will become important in the coming years; introduction of health coaches.
Increase in HR outsourcing and downsizing of in-house HR activities.
Home Care and Recruitment for a Global workforce.
Technological Innovations.
(Future Hospital Commission, 2013).The industry selected to analyze and predict the future trends is the healthcare industry. (The sector of human resource management holds utmost importance in the field of healthcare and in the delivery of quality health care services. The human resource management is of great significance not only in healthcare but in every industry where customers are a major challenge as their success depends on customer satisfaction. In the healthcare industry, staff quality and overall performance matters a lot. Stallworthy (2014) explained that the main aspect of human resource management is that it plays a crucial role in the successfully implementing the reforms and the latest services in the healthcare industry.
Q2) How will each of these trends positively and negatively influence or impact the future of HR in general and in the industry that you have selected?
Health coaching also called as the wellness coaching helps a client to discover his positive energy and utilize his thought process to reach a solution. It is basically about motivating the person to realize his inner strength. This field is gaining importance day by day as it is about the art of listening to the client.
The field of healthcare is constantly changing and very unpredictable. This unpredictability of the system is natural as the healthcare industry is all about customer service which tends to change as it absorbs the impact of external forces. Health coaches in healthcare can help a patient by listening to his/her problems and indentify the root cause for a smooth treatment. Since the focus is on prevention of diseases has increased; attention is diverted towards the development of the wellness and quality offered in the healthcare industry. There have been research proposals indicating that health coaches play an integral role in education of the patient and this is the future trend of the HRM in the healthcare industry. The main goal of the health coach is to inform the patients and the general consumer to offer improved services in the healthcare industry. The final result is reduced overall health care cost for the patients. For the insurance companies it is essential that all the health coaches must be proactive and should be ready to provide guidance with the resources available in the health care sector. (Susan, 2014). It is essential for the health coaches to provide and formulate strategies that help in changing the lifestyle and behavior of the people involved for better.
The main objective of the health coach is to assist the patients by motivating and encouraging them to fulfill their personal goals and to lead a healthy and fit life. The health coaching unravels the potential of the behavioral psychology; it will assist the people to bring appropriate changes in their lifestyle and behavior.
After a few years the Healthcare industry will face downsizing and outsourcing for HR activities. It is essential for cost cutting along with providing specialized and customized services. The disadvantage is that outsourcing will lead to employee shedding; the morale of the employees will witness a downfall. Besides the performance of the outsourced company cannot assure the personalized touch offered by the earlier employees. It is certainly the new upcoming issues that will be effectively determine the future of the healthcare industry. If we consider it from a balanced point of view, the outsourced team must have the knowledge to combine their modern coaching practices with the traditional medical treatments resulting in improved and better patient health behaviors and motivation. It will guarantee success for the healthcare provider. (Linda, 2014).
The main advantage of the given future trend is that the health coaches will be able to train, motivate and educate the clients, insurance companies and firms regarding the preventive care and desired intervention ideologies. Whereas the main disadvantage of the given trend is that the health coaches can at times become over enthusiastic and might ignore the basic methods of promoting traditional medical treatment to the clients; which can deter them from their required treatment methods and can create problematic issues in the healthcare system difficult for the human resource management team to handle (Linda, 2014).
Home care and recruitment of a Globalised work force: The home care in the healthcare industry will be a next upcoming trend in the field of human resource management. This trend will increase as the elderly population requires more of the personal and home care services. The Globalised home care professionals understand the requirements of elderly patients as they have international work experience. The home care will emerge as the latest and most demanded trend in health care sector; the reason behind its increasing popularity is that the aged patients want to avoid the rising cost of hospitalization. It also allows post-hospital recovery process. The influence of the service provider and purchaser splitting the tender system is important; for success it should be implemented through a comprehensive community care system that has been consolidated into a personalized home care service. The technological progress in the home care will ease the process of recovery for patients. (Hasselt, 2015).
The patient safety is of utmost concern in this field. The negative outcome of the home care service is the increase in the number of risk factors associated with it. If the health professionals are not technically adept and do not possess the resources to handle and treat the patients it can ring the danger bells for the entire industry. (Thimbleby, 2013).
Technological innovation: The technological innovation is the latest and ever changing trend in the health care industry; it is crucial for the human resource management team to be technologically updated. The emerging popular technologies like telemedicine will highly impact the treatment of chronic patients and will provide enough support to the healthcare employees. It will definitely create many designations and will bring specialization opportunities for the employees. All this will highly impact and improvise the structure and functioning of the healthcare industry. Automated functioning of the HR department will improvise and quicken the entire decision-making process; ultimately the patient will get quality health care services. The adverse impact effect of this trend is that it will require more qualified workforce and a better integrated human resource department. (Thimbleby,2013).
Q3) What might happen if these factors are ignored or not taken seriously in terms of the future of HR in general and in the industry that you have selected? Q4) Which of these trends will have the MOST impact in the industry that you have identified? Why?
If factors like globalization, technological advancement and the upcoming profession of home coaches are ignored then the health care industry will lose out on a lot of business as it is a customer centric industry. In general too; people do not have the time to physically visit a firm to purchase. They buy through internet; to keep with the trend any industry has to adapt and incorporate the changes. It has become difficult to have a specialized work force for every department so outsourcing and downsizing is the latest norm to cut costs and work effectively.
Health coaches will have the greatest impact on the selected industry of healthcare as motivation and self realization is the key to success in a personalized service.
Q5) What should organizations in your industry do to prepare for these trends? Be sure to include specifics for the industry you selected


Like other industries human resource management also needs consistent changes and adaptations. In the health care industry the HRM is considered to support the development of new fields like global workforce and health coach. The key to success in healthcare is a proactive thought process; to formulate policies that are customer centric. A satisfied patient is a service provider’s best publicity; by incorporating the above mentioned changes customer satisfaction can be guaranteed.


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