Good Argue For The Assertion That Lbj Was The Best President In The U.S Essay Example

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Lyndon B. Johnson was the best president in US. Argue for or against the assertion
Lyndon Johnson was the 36 president of the United States of America. Due to his poor background, he was not able to further his studies to a higher level. He managed to complete his high school after a great struggle and then he enrolled for his college degree. Due to his great ambitions in politics, he decided to quit his teaching career and joined politics where he participated in many debates. LBJ quickly built his political ambitions through network congressional representatives However with the help of Claudia Alta Taylor, who financed him. In his early political life, he served has a lieutenant commander in the U.S naval and he managed to receive awards for his participation.
He managed to serve as a senator as well as the youngest minority leader in the senator. Quickly he rose the rank as he was elected a majority leader just barely a year after a minority leader. Lyndon had incredible feature of persuasion that enabled him to persuade allies and his imposing skills enabled him convince political friends and political opponents to align with his thinking. In 1960, John Kennedy offered Lyndon the vice president seat, which he accepted. From the brief history of his background, it is evident that Lyndon struggled to get to the presidential seat. This kind of life is what shaped his political leadership. The hardship that he went through made him have compassion for the poor that contributed to his political legacy. The paper debates presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson as the U.S president.
Most of Lyndon’s colleagues remember Lyndon has a strict person who would always want things done immediately. He would not Condon anything he wanted done to be accomplished later but instantly. They perceived him as a person who would get to extreme ends. He would be companionate at the same time very cruel; he would be brave and sometimes brutal, caring and sometimes crude to mention some characteristics. Such characteristics forms shape his political life that in return determines his success or failure in politics.

Lyndon Johnson is regarded as the best president of the United States due to the many bills that he was able to pass. Such bills enhanced in shaping the United States of America that is a commemoration up to date. Lyndon is remembered as the government that served both the majority and the minority and the domestic revolution that he carried out. Lyndon passed civil rights bills like the bill to eliminate discrimination, bill to eliminate poverty, bill to improve health care, bill to improve education, bill for voting rights and many other bills. Lyndon was a man of action has indeed, from the bills passed, United States outlawed discrimination, and segregation, reduced poverty, and more developed college improve education. His great achievements are from the civil rights bills that he implemented.

The bill of Education

The bill of education enhances more colleges that lead to increase of students graduating with the college degree. Under his leadership, he was able to avail scholarships to, and o facilitates work-study plans that enabled many to pursue their studies with easy. He granted loans for college students enhancing the great percentage of college students currently. The president was the primary influence of college loans that enabling the federal government to offer more than 360 billion dollar for the college loans.
Under education, still he passed a bill that necessitated the federal government to support the local schools. The plan was able to influence developments in alimentary and high schools to improve their education system. The plan as well was able to influence students with disabilities to get access to education. Currently, at least every student can go through the school program with easy.

Bill of health

The intent of passing the medical bill was to improve the health conditions of the old and healthcare for chronic diseases. For instance in the year 1960, few retirement plans granted coverage for health. The situation left many elderly people without health coverage. They struggled to pay for their medication and many a time poor people were unable to access the medication unless they were in a critical condition. Born from a poor background he had an understanding of what life was like in such condition. This facilitated the bill of health to enhance many people have access to medication. The bill facilitated many citizens to get covered by the Medicare. Currently, the bill is termed as the fundamental influence in reducing infant mortality in a significant percentage.
He promoted the construction of medical centers in attempt to mitigate chronicle diseases like cancer, stroke, and heart failure. Further, under his leadership he was to enhance high number of doctors graduating to improve the health care of the United Nations. In addition, his health plans were to improve malnutrition and reduce hunger. The programs of foods distributed to help feed the households that would not afford their meals enhanced this. Food programs increased the life expectancy of the citizens due to improved health conditions and due to good nutrition. Hence, the argue for him has the best president because without his programs and his great investment in the U.S’s national health institutions United Nations would not be the best medical research center.

Bill against discrimination

The bill against discrimination that Lyndon passed contributed to his recognition in his political regime. In curbing discrimination, he passed Immigration Reform Act that would treat all the citizens equally regardless of the race. The bill enhanced equal treatment of the blacks and another immigrant to the United Nations. Immigrants were able to purchase goods, and their children were able to access better education like any other child in the U.S. Through the bill many, immigrants were able to have the voting rights and stands a chance to vie for any political seat. Additionally in attempt to give those who suffered discrimination, a chance, he appointed most of the blacks in the top positions in the Supreme Court. He believed that barriers of discrimination would be reduced if the white and the institutions saw the blacks succeeding the most prestigious positions. He also ensured to place women in high political position to reduce discrimination of sex. Under his leadership, he encouraged equal promotions of women and male to bring about equality. Credit to his leadership that has led to the current black American leaders today in the U.S more reasons to argue for his best presidency under his regime.

Bill of equal voting rights and equal public accommodation

Negros and other immigrants had no say when it came to voting. However, through signing of the bill they were granted same opportunities in voting for the leaders and their rights. As well initially, before Lyndon was president immigrants especially the blacks faced the restriction to use public facilities like the hotels. However, under the bill they were able to acquire same services in the public accommodation.

Bill of reducing poverty

Although he did not fully mitigate eradicating poverty, he managed to reduce poverty to certain percentages. He faced strong opposition in trying to maintain the income law. He took advantage of the social security funds to increase the minimum benefits that lead to millions of the American citizens affording life to live above the poverty line. In reducing poverty, he believed empowering the ordinary people to stand on their own. The programs that he initiated still exist in the 21st century in empowering the individuals to curb poverty. The; social programs that are because of his leadership have been termed as the excellent social programs in the current century.

Helped to curb pollution

Lyndon is remembered as a best president in his efforts to maintain a fresh environment by creating national parks in the set aside public land and granting voice to the conservation leaders. For instance in 1975, he came up with a conservation program that aimed to reclaim what had been destroyed. He maintained the beauty of the American environment through national parks.
It is evident that Lyndon is a revolutionist. He was able to endure his hardship life to what he became later as the president. He was able to see racism as moral issues hence worked tirelessly to improve the perception and to regard all people equal regardless of the race. He was able to reduce discrimination by favoring immigrants and by giving women equal chances in leadership positions. He was able to mitigate and reduce poverty though not entirely, but he tried than any other later president. He is a man of action who says something and doing it. The kind of leadership skill that many political leaders lack as they tend to just saying. During the time of the campaign, leaders can promise the public of many agendas that they want to accomplish when elected. However, when elected, they fail to accomplish those agendas.

Reasons for the assertion that Lyndon Johnson was the best president in the U.s

Lyndon seems not to be the best American president from the way he conducted his roles. He was ever in a hurry, which is not good for a leader. From the saying, Hurry has no blessings. It is evident that his primary aim was to please every individual in trying to attempt most of the aspects. The prominent thing for any leader is to tackle few problems but address them adequately. Even though he seemed to address major problems that face United States during his regime, it is not clear whether he accomplished them entirely. As much as most of his attempts have a great impact in the current century, he just tried to reduce the problems but not settling them entirely.
His education background as well sets a basis for his failure in his leadership. For instance in dealing with poverty it requires a great leader with economic knowledge to handle the issues. A superior country like United States requires great leaders with a great education to understand various matters that pertains the nation. May be with education he would acquire better leadership skills that would have contributed to his success in the political life.

Failure in the Vietnam War

Failure in the Vietnam War is the most set back that criticizes the presidency of Johnson. The moves John Kennedy the 35th president that Johnson succeeded after he was assassinated showed some element of success in the Vietnam War. The war challenge was against the communist insurgency in South Vietnam. France led the communist war, and the former President John Kennedy had started the war. Johnson’s high failure is to lead the war without he consent of the public following his higher gear to pursue the war. He was aware together with his administration that direct military action needs procedure of approval, which would take time, and he was in a hurry to carry out his mission. His impatience leads him not to seek the approval but instead putting the military direct. The action contributed to the deaths and injuries of the American soldiers. An election was held that came up with three options for the causes of action that Lyndon was to choose from in an attempt to conquer the war. The options were to persist with the current approach, which was Kennedy’s approach, escalating the war by striking from the North Vietnam and finally pursuing a strategy of graduated feedback. He settled in the third option in the process of a developed attack. The plan incorporated a series of strategies for increasing the intensity of military to increase the intensity of the attack. Instead of winning the war, the challenge of communist intensified. Failure Lyndon to control and manage the Vietnam War raised an issue in the American citizens. They lost faith in him, as he was unable to conquer the war. Following the next election, he lost tremendous to the opponents.

Comparison of Lyndon’s presidency with that of John Kennedy and Theodore Roosevelt later presidents after him

In comparing their achievement, Lyndon Johnson had more achievement than John Kennedy did. However, it can be argued that John Kennedy did not serve his whole term to determine his political success. Given time maybe Kennedy would have conquered the Vietnam War due to his charismatic and being a great leader who listens to people before acting. Lyndon was fast in acting that never allowed him to think of the best action. For instance, if he would take a slow move in the Vietnam War and consult first he would win the war.
In comparing Johnson and Roosevelt, Johnson had many achievements than Roosevelt however Roosevelt was a great economist. He set basis for dealing with pollution and poverty, which Johnson tried to accomplish. When comparing him the later presidents, he is regarded the best, and no other president has achieved what he accomplished.


It is evident that Lyndon Johnson made great achievements like the passing of bills that enable an efficient environment for people to stay. He helped to reduce poverty a thing that is still commemorated in the current history. He helped to reduce discrimination of all kinds. Discrimination of race, which granted the blacks the rights to, vote and use public commodities like, hotels. He deserves a credit for improving the health standards and the education standards of the United States. In comparing him with later Presidents, he remains to be a perfect leader. In comparing him with early presidents, he was not a perfect leader but a good leader. However, it is argued that his leadership skills could be easily comparable with the past leaders and it was anticipated the future leaders could emulate his style of leadership.
Like any human, he faced challenges like failure to conquer Vietnam War. As a superpower nation, the larger the territory the most political power gained. Failure to stop the challenge of communist in Vietnam affected his political negatively. People develop faith in conquer leaders who create confident in the citizens that they are under perfect security. Winning the Vietnam War would have made him a perfect leader ever in the U.S presidency regime. However, failure cannot make us conclude that he was a dangerous leader. We need to weigh the impact of his presidency contribution to the people of United States with the impact of his failure on the citizens. For instance, his achievements had a great impact on citizens at his time, and the impact felt in the current century. People enjoy better education, better health facilities, and freedom to do anything regardless of the race because of the bills that he set. However, the impact of failure in the Vietnam War has no great impact on the lives of American people currently. Hence, the paper argues for the assertion that Lyndon B. Johnson was the best president in the United States.

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