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Art and Architecture

'Her Dress Hangs Here': De-frocking the Kahlo Cult
Oriana Baddeley explains how the 1990s witnessed change in the art industry attitudes on the production of arts. He further demonstrates how traditional marginalized artistic works generates a lot from modern master’s auctions, and how techniques by Frida Kahlo have caused a dramatic change in sale of her works outside Mexico. He explains how the massive rise in the value of Frida artistic work has grown and developed as a result of the popular and critical response to the blend of incisive content and naïve style. The author explores the fascinating life of Kahlo and the popular imagination, flamboyant appearance and personalities attached to her artistic works. He describes how Elle and Vogue magazines have published numerous publications on the romantic pictures of Kahlo’s life. The author describes how Kahlo’s art helped sort out her vicissitudes of life. Most people believe that Kahlo’s story allowed accessibility to how she dealt and promoted the art. Baddeley explains how elaborate hair, Mexican costume, characteristic brows, and her appearance made her grace Vogue and Elle magazines. The publications emphasized on Kahlo stereotypical images and encapsulation are slightly more than her artworks. The author shows how Kahlo’s case made it extremely difficult to understand and make a reasonable conclusion on her art and life since major works of hers self-portraiture, dress up, masquerade and role play. According to her work of 1944 in Self Portrait with Cropped Hair, showing an image of her wearing a Rivera’s suit, going against the traditional expectations of feminism and trying to correct his authority while intimidating castration. In The Mask 1945, Kahlo tries to portray her inner emotion. The author attempts to criticize the inevitable logic of Kahlo’s scrupulously constructed image and choice of clothing. In 1946 Kahlo Tree of Hope, the image embodies an iconic cultural identity with a diverse and extraordinary Mexican Indian dress that varied regionally. He explains the Tehuana dress as the most decorative variant clothing. The author argues that Kahlo’s works are exemplary and are mostly the feminism, and try to portray how intimate and decorative they were. It is this esthetic that has caused contemporary debate on removing some of her works in testing the cross-cultural and collective historical context. My Dress Hangs There an adventurous work of 1939 is considered an excellent work of Kahlo as it demonstrates how cultural politics encompassed in her art. It is explained to have mixed paint with photographic collage showing the importance of North American culture.2. The Rutgers Art Review The article tries to explain the Transculturation as the underlying absurdity of the culture of the Caribbean and race. The article expresses the process of disparities in religion, races. Cultures and political agendas and is manifested through linguistic and visual manifestation in the paintings of the Exodus and Native of the 1947. Moreover, the article provides reconciliation to the paintings of the period to the connection of Afro-Cuban western arts and religion through combination of different cultures. In the art of Exodo, the title outlines the existence of a spiritual theme known as the religious exodus though it’s unclear but explained in the Old Testament. The article tried re-appropriate the African mask in term of visual themes and religious syncretism on Cuba. It further shows an understanding on articulating strategies used in Transculturation and translation. The artistic work of Picasso is shown with an inevitable and influential difference and deference and compares it to Lam art output that was the understanding of Picasso element. BY referring himself to a Trojan horse, he tries to explore the mystery of his works and the perception people should create in the understanding and conceptualization of his works. He also portrays the bravery artistic warrior that tries to recapture the African element that was significantly used by most European artists. By the integration of European modernism and figuration of his mother nation, he succeeded in creating his style that mixed different ethnic and cultural elements into pictorials elements. Additionally, it is this that explains the contention and the articulation of similitude by expressing Transculturation and stylistic motifs used by Lam and Picasso. Furthermore, the article provides an understanding why the paintings during the Cuban period were stuck on a synthesis of Afro -Cuban and European elements although it created deliberation that cited European Cubism. Lam's work provides an explanation and understanding of the cultural difference innate in Cuba, therefore, produced artworks that were entirely separate from another artistic expression. In the conception of Ortiz, Cuban culture is additively explained to account for the binary between Euro-Cuban and Afro-Cuban races. Therefore, Lam saw no or little conflict with the type of works he did. Some of Lams work has failed to recognize the Afro-Cuban elements and the Transculturation symbolism. The article explains the motive behind Lams is failing to recognize the Afro-Cuban elements to keeping up with another artist theoretical framework and need to avoid the avant-gardism cross-cultural usurping his style. By stating nationalism concept, the article tries to bring to the attention that difference in gender, classes, languages, religion practices and races showed us the artistic role of Lam played in bringing cross- cultural understanding.
3. Nexus New YorkLatin American Artists in Modern Metropolis The article about transforming the world centered on Matta and Motherwell is authored by Katy Rogers and talking about surrealism creating a dialog on and between European practitioners and American painters. The author point to the surety painters had on their work and believed their work would bring significant transformation and contribution to the whole world. The author explains the intricacies of surrealism and how artist reacted about the same. Furthermore, he brings in two great painters Matta and Motherwell whom he believes were great foreigners to the New York painting scenes. The author explains the importance of surrealism and the practice of European tradition and how it gave a means to the artistic revolution. He explains the reason for coming together of Matta and Motherwell as a drive to change the world and artistic role on people’s daily lives. The author explains Matta as the strongest link between America artists and European. Rogers brings in the enthusiasm natural traits of Matta as the go-between among different artist appealing to the surrealist youth and the actual youth of America painters including Matta and Motherwell. The author explains that through the cordial and warm friendship between Matta and Motherwell created a lasting relationship with artist in 1940s in New York sharing of many things such as social circles, ideas, and support. In their case, the author explains how it was a collaborative exchange of culture that brought the learning experience and philosophical training. Automatism is explained as the major breakdown of barriers that existed between the conscious and subconscious mind a major theory of surrealism. He later explains how Matta used the psychic automatism to push and understand the beingness and the spirit of men. Furthermore, he explains how Matta used the psychic automatism in applying pigments by use of rags and fingers and using the accidents to guide his composition. The colors built up and brought an appearance like an alienated landscape. These landscapes provided a vast symbolism in evoking the relationship between human conscious and the world. The 1940- 1941 painting called The Earth is a man encompasses a cosmic landscape and human emotion painted explosion by use of colors that intimately surrounded by canvas. He explains the psychological morphologies that existed between conscious and the subconscious of a person. He compares Motherwell drawing of 1941 landscape of inner mind to and co-opt the emphasis with Mattas drawing for the same period. Rodgers demonstrates Mattas presence in New York as the critical to Motherwell artistic development as compared to Matta, who had the connection and confidence to succeed. Matta and Motherwell explored inner beings and understood the face human subconscious mind. He explains how Matta played a big role in the growth of Motherwell artistic career and how in 1941 he promoted his visual language and vocabulary. The author explores how the travel to Mexico by Matta and Motherwell was seminal for the artist and how it gave Motherwell an opportunity to immerse in modern idioms. Matta refocused on his desires to understand the invisible melding human and the world and understanding nature. The author explains how the lead of Matta resulted in Motherwell obsession to colors and Mexican culture. The author explains how the collaborative work of Matta and Motherwell resulted in the formation of the palace revolution a movement that brought together younger artists superseding Surrealism and concentrated on psychic automatism.

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