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As the world begins to merge through technological advances and globalization several drawbacks to developing nations throughout the world are occurring, as a result. Many non-Western cultures are losing ancient traditions and practices as they adopt the modern Western lifestyles. Some of these countries have followed their native cultures for hundreds, possibly thousands of years, only to watch them replace it with a way of life dissimilar to their own. Globalization has benefitted people throughout the world; however, sadly the adoption of a singular culture across the world is damaging to the human race. Humanity risks losing individuality and diversity, which is not something, one can be proud of.


One cannot discuss the subject of globalization without recognizing China’s role in the global economy. The probability of the majority of goods owned by the people in the United States, as well as throughout the world, to have ‘Made in China’ written across the products is highly likely. Apparently globalization has changed the country of China despite increased attempts to preserve the Chinese ways of life.
China has worked hard to keep the culture and traditions alive despite the introduction of Western companies and products arrival into their country. China, one of the oldest civilizations on the planet has always been rich with culture. The clothing, food, language, martial arts, and Chinese festivals have been celebrated greatly in the culture.
Since the globalization that introduced Western culture to China, a shift in traditional Chinese values has emerged. One noticeable difference is in the adoption ‘modern’ clothing, such as jeans and t-shirts instead of the traditional cheongsams and coats ("Globalization Effecting Chinese Culture", 2012). The cultural celebration of food has become less focused on the original Chinese dishes; instead American foods are becoming popular with the younger generations in China. Several parts of the traditional ways of marriage, hairstyles, building structures, and even language are starting to fade as Western trends gain popularity with the enormous number of Chinese citizens. In general, a slow disappearance of ancient cultural traditions is occurring as exposure to modern American culture is embraced. Fortunately China does remain a country that is intentionally working towards keeping the culture alive.


Egypt is a country that conjures images of pyramids, pharaohs, and a culture rich in tradition. The country holds significance for the world as the hub of civilization. Egyptians are people with strict connection to tradition, one of which is the practice of Islam. A large percentage of the people in the country are Muslim. The religious groups and government have found themselves in strife over the decades to pursue individual agenda. As a country ruled by a dictatorship, globalization heavily influenced a dramatic movement by the citizen to over-throw Hosni Mubarak in 2011.
What once was a centrally administered economy became a free-market economy with the entry of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank; this was a monumental shift for the country, spurred by globalization (A Project of SUNY Levin Institute, 2015). The onset of globalization caused willingness by the government to allow economic growth that transformed the country. A significant factor in this shift was the increase in foreign investment that put Egypt on the map for their excellent stock market performance in 2005 (A Project of SUNY Levin Institute, 2015). These changes are brief examples in numerous alterations of Egypt by globalization.
The global technological advances were a considerable catalyst in the uprising of the Egyptian people in Tahrir Square in January 2011. Citizens used smartphones, computers, and the Internet to organize themselves in solidarity for the fight against the military police. These ideas clearly stemmed from the exposure to Western ideas. As Egyptians became aware of life outside Egypt, curiosity expanded their horizon of possibility bringing forth the courage to fight a government they did not think they could win against.
It was not the direct influence of globalization that caused the specific movement in the removal of Dictator Mubarak; however, indirectly globalization prompted a series of changes in Egypt, leading to the historical event. Although many positive changes have occurred in Egypt as a result of globalization, the removal of Mubarak has not resulted in an Egypt that the citizens had intended. El-Sherif  (2014), “Despite the development of a contentious public space since 2011, Egypt still lacks a capable political class, without which it will be unable to confront entrenched institutional obstacles to democracy” (Egypt's Post Mubarak Predicament).
Lastly, the people of Egypt whose culture, traditions, rights, and daily lives have been changed by globalization are mentioned in conclusion of the discussion. The older generations are not entirely happy with what globalization has done to their country. Many practices, including the purity of the Arabic language are losing the value that was held by the Egyptian people for centuries. The younger generation has a different version in their experience, of the changes brought about by globalization. They have embraced the connection to the outside world; in particular, they are adopting Western culture. Critics in Egypt are opposed to what is happening to their culture and tradition, once held steadfast in strict moral behavior. There is a generational gap of opinions regarding the Western influence of globalization on this non-Western culture. Egypt has definitely experienced positive and negative changes through globalization.


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