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Topic: Chivalry, Behavior, Law, Justice, Supreme Court, Gentleman, Sense, Knight

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Published: 2020/12/11

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Chivalry is a term that defined the ideal knight in the medieval times of human history and this implies that the knight possessed courage, honor, courtesy, a sense of justice and the readiness to defend the weak. The word chivalry is deeply rooted within the idealistic behavior in the medieval times of man (Charny, Richard and Elspeth 80). Today, chivalrous men are indeed rare and are defined by the unique courteous behavior, and this is usually directed towards the women. In other words, chivalrous men are those that possess the gentleman behavior. The chivalry back then involved knights with several characteristics that proved him to be a force for good. Similarly, a gentleman today would indeed have to possess similar characteristics in order to be a chivalrous man. For instance, a gentleman today has to be similar in behavior as Lancelot, one of the knights on the King Arthur’s round table.
The gentleman behavior involves a sense of justice apart from being courteous towards the women in the sense of romance. Therefore, for chivalrous men today, the sense of justice is depicted through the codes of ethics in every professional level of business (Jacques, section 2). In order to be ethical as a professional, one has to depict several characteristics and they include truth, loyalty, courtesy and a sense of justice towards fellow professionals. The aspect of being truthful implies that a gentleman never lies when asked about an issue. Loyalty is of the essence in men of this caliber to denote their devotion whereas courtesy is to show the respect to their superiors. Finally, justice is very important now just as it was back then in order to avoid the innocent from suffering. In other words, a chivalrous man today is as honorable as a knight in the medieval times, like during King Arthur’s reign.

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