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Published: 2020/11/07

Delta Wyattgeisinger

The student’s research is well done and factual. Researchers concur that we inherit the genes that determine our intelligence from our parents. This has been quoted by authorities to account for a large percentage of our intelligence (Bartholomew, 2004 ).However the student’s argument that heritability is based on one’s environment is debatable as most psychologists are of the opinion that the surroundings does not directly influence the genes that one inherits from their parents but indirectly influence by affecting the manner in which the genes express themselves(Todd and Bohart,2006).The examples used to show the influence of environment on heredity are appropriate. Flynn effect has in other books been illustrated by studying the case of identical twins that grew up apart in different environments and ended up having different intelligence showing influence of environment on heredity. The psychological tests are well described, and the symptoms and diagnosis of OCD that was detected in the follow-up visits are well brought out to show what a qualified psychologist would do. Psychological questions are usually repetitive so as to be able accurately to gauge the personality of the test taker.

Kathie Burnette

The opinion that intelligence is not controlled by heredity is not true as many studies in psychology have shown that heredity control intelligence. The difference in children born of the same parents cannot be attributed to heredity not controlling the inheritance of intelligence but due to variations that occur in the process of inheritance of genetically controlled characteristics (Bartholomew, 2004).Down syndrome is a disorder that is hereditary and hence cannot be used to argue that intelligence is not genetically controlled. Helping a child to study or exposing them to mind enriching learning environment does not determine the intelligence of a child but only help to build the intelligence that is genetically inherited. Online psychological tests are not the best way to establish a person’s intelligence as their validity and authenticity of the outcomes can be compromised.


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