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Life is a process undergone by human beings. Life has various stages which an individual undergoes. That is, from childhood, adolescences stage, early adulthood to late adulthood stages. All this stages of life have got distinguishable characteristics in regard to behavioral change. This paper, therefore, is about an interview I conducted with regard to life stages. The person interviewed was Tonny, a grocery owner who had grown his market across Illinois at the age of 21.


Tonny William an energetic young man who established his life at an early age of 21 was born on October 1994 in Ohio United States of America. Born into a humble family of Brian Tonny and Tracy Johnson Tonny. Tonny was brought up in the outskirts of Ohio. Later they moved to the State of Illinois where his father had been transferred to. Tonny had two sister Marry Tonny and Stacy Williams. He often enjoyed the company of the two sisters. Together they shared secrets as well as find time to play.
The early life of Tonny was faced with numerous challenge since his family earned a little amount of money, to sustain them. At a tender age of 10 Tonny worked in some businesses in his town earn a dollar to support his mother and father. This always angered his father who was against him working at such a tender age. He believed it was risky for him. In spite of the opposition from his father Tonny never relinquished it. As a result, Tonny was always under punishment. He would be thoroughly punished for his behavior now and then. Nonetheless, he took it upon himself never to give up.
Tonny to St. Paul’s high school in Illinois. Tonny had a passion in mathematics. It was his best subject in high school, and he always volunteered to assist his classmates who were not good at it. However, Tonny disregarded any other subject that had no mathematics. The principle tried his level best to correct his perception in vain. Throughout his academics, he was an active boy involved in most activities within the school, for example, clubbing, dancing and singing. Tonny’s hobbies included; traveling, singing and dancing. He was extremely talented in dancing and singing. In spite his talent in this field, he never pursued it professionally.
Adolescence caught up with Tonny while in High school. The changes in his life became significant and drastic for him comprehend what was happening. Tonny grew broader chest, broke his voice and grew hair in his armpits and private parts. Adolescence starts with rapid physical changes, for example, dramatic gains in weight and height, development of sexual characteristics and changes in body contour (Santrock, 2011, p. 17). The cool, jovial character of Tonny changed during this period. He became very rude and arrogant, a behavior that he could not understand. The drastic changes went on until when he was 16 years of age. His parents would always engage in quarrels with him over the changed behavior. At this age, he was placed under a counselor who advised him on handling adolescent stage and the right moral behavior.
While in his final grade in high school, Tonny lost his mother due to breast cancer. This was a big blow to him since he enjoyed good time and protection from the mother. Life took a turn around for Tonny, who had always conflicted with his father. The father couldn’t tolerate any unbecoming behavior from him. This abrupt change in measures did not go well with Tonny, who decided to start saving so as to venture into any business in the newer future.
As he concluded his high school, Tonny ventured into sweets business whereby he sold sweets to his colleagues in the school. This would earn him some profit that he saved at the end of the day. In this stage considered to be the early adulthood. Early adulthood is a period of developing personal and career development, economic independence and for many, choosing a mate, learning to live with another person in an intimate way, beginning a family, as well as rearing children” (Santrock, 2011, p. 17). At the age of Tonny began a grocery using the money he had saved in his sweets business. He prepared fruit salad, blended fruits and sold other grocery stuffs. As time went by he identified a various organization that he could sell his groceries to. Individuals in the chosen organizations enjoyed Tonny’s superb services. This made a turnaround in his business that he expanded his business drastically. Currently Tonny owns various groceries across Illinois, supplying its products to almost all the organizations located within the radius reachable by his employees. At the age of 21, Tonny earned a net profit of 300,000 United States dollars per month.
Tonny got married to Michaela Bradly at the age of 24. The two were later blessed with a baby girl whom they named Princess Tonny Bradly. Tonny enjoyed a good time with his family and more so his daughter. He rarely left her side whenever he was at home. He lived a happy life with his family in spite the challenges he had gone through at his tender age. Indeed, Tonny’s life completely change, and he had matured to be responsible and reputable young man. Some years later he was blessed with a son, Tonny William Junior. Tonny is currently in his adulthood stage, and still has a long way to go to enter the late adulthood stage of life. “Late adulthood is a time of life review and adjustment to new social roles involving decreasing strength and health” (Santrock, 2011, p. 17).


Santrock, J. (2011). Life-span development Ed. 13 (pp. 17 & 394). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill

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