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Operating an aircraft requires one to have a specialized training. In addition, one gets the proper certification from the relevant authorities, and it gives one the go-ahead to practice the career. There one has the obligation to join an aviation school that has the certification from the relevant authorities in order to secure a secure job in the aviation industry. However, before joining an aviation company, one needs to meet the education, health requirements. The aviation career demands healthy high intellectuals because the career requires total concentration (Flavell, 2006). Therefore, should have adequate knowledge on the science subjects because adequate knowledge is required to reduce the number of the accidents because they rarely happen but become fatal in the aviation industry. Therefore, as a preventive measure, the industry ensures that it sets high standards for the piloting career.
For a long time, the males dominated the aviation industry, and people would, therefore, criticize any female who showed interest. For instance, Hindi first attended an aviation college but the staffs prepared to convince her father to force the daughter to change her career. In addition, after completing her course, she did not get the necessary license, which would give her the go ahead to apply her childhood career (Porter, 2009). Many leaders echoed that no female should own a commercial license in the industry because piloting is a male dominated career. Nonetheless, chauvinism seems at peak because it discriminates and discourages many young females who aspire to become pilots.
Some of the education requirements required in an aviation college include; a candidate should have attained a minimum grade level of (10+2) in high school (Flavell, 2006). In addition, an individual should possess computer skills, and speak fluent English for ease of communication. However, the one must pass exemplary in the science subjects and mathematics because piloting involves a lot of science. For instance, they apply a lot of physics and chemistry in the flights. In addition, they use science terms hence the need to understand them. In most cases, most citizenry perceives sciences as hard subjects and not many people become willing to pursue them. As a result, it helps to set the high aviation standards because only a few people meet the academic qualifications in the sciences. Therefore, it hedges against inadequate students who would consume a lot of time in the training.
The pilots eliminate the overworking elements through working in shifts. Therefore, a pilot acquires the time to relax to avoid fatigue, which in return could lead to causing fatal accidents (Landman, 2012). However, the Ministry of Labor regulates the working hours in every industry in order to protect the workers from exploitation from their employers. Nonetheless, in the aviation industry, the pilots require leaves from the work in order to focus on the other issues. The Ministry of Labor came to the help of the pilots because most people associated the pilots as people without the social life due to the duties associated with the aviation industry.
However, many people aspire to become pilots due to the high remuneration rates. Pilots have high salaries due to the risks associated with the job. Therefore, on average a pilot in Saudi Arabia earns approximately 44,250 AR (Flavell, 2006). Nonetheless, the highly experienced pilots receive higher payments when compared to the pilots with little experience. Therefore, it acts as motivator to many pilots who would want to leave the industry. In most cases, people apply for the courses with high paying salaries, which act as a motivator and the driving force. For this reason, the piloting career school is also high because the returns are high. Therefore, it strikes a balance between the expenditure incurred in the training and fees and the income received after getting a job. The reason for the high remuneration is to ensure that the pilots get the value for their money.
The aviation industry requires the students to meet the health requirements to avoid the crisis that emanate from the poor health. For instance, pilots should, the eyes d have proper vision. Therefore, before admitting one in an aviation industry, the aviation company should ensure that the applicant has no eye problem to avoid seeing blurred images while in the sky. Proper vision is essential in the pilots because it enables one to see the proper images and clear images (Landman, 2012). For this reason, it becomes easy to identify the objects in the sky that would cause accidents. Nonetheless, the aviation industry does not allow the aged pilots to go on with their career because the old age affects the vision of an individual.
On the other hand, one should not have a hearing problem because the career requires ones’ alertness. Pilots need healthy ears for the efficacy in the communication. As a result, an individual can perform well in the high schools but become barred from joining the aviation industry due to the health complications (Porter, 2009). The aviation industry involves frequent communication from the people on the ground and the other staff in the aircraft. Therefore, communication is needed for the proper response from the pilots and the crew. In addition, the pilots should attend regular checkups in the hospitals to determine their health.
The law also requires the pilots to have a normal blood pressure level due to the high altitudes that they fly the aircrafts. Therefore, the individuals who suffer from either high or low blood pressure are not suitable for the piloting career. It is because flying the aircrafts is complicated, and it requires normal blood sugars that can withstand the different altitudes and climates. Therefore, it portrays that for one to qualify as a pilot, one must not suffer from any health complications. Nonetheless, the aviation industries provide support to the pilots who suffer from the blurred vision, hearing challenge and the variations in the blood pressure while in the line of duty. As a result, the industry caters for the medical bills and the emotional support because, in most circumstances, the pilots lose the jobs.
The Saudi Arabian Airline looks for qualified personnel to avoid damaging its reputation that would affect its public image. Therefore, they ensure high-quality standards of the services provided and the staff employed. As a result, securing a job with the airline could become a high achievement. However, before one secures a job with the airline company, one has to undergo some interview questions and tests at different levels to ascertain the qualification levels (Landman, 2012). Nonetheless, the company conducts the interviews in different stages.
First, one is presented with a printed test that consists of the ATPL questions. One must pass the questions in order to proceed to the next stage, which involves the oral interview. The interviewers at this stage are the chief pilot and the human resource chief. At this stage, the interviewers ask the basic questions related to the aviation industry. Therefore, they assess the communication skills, the presentation and the knowledge of the individual concerning the piloting career (Porter, 2009). The aptitude test follows, and the Saudi Arabian Airline tests the pilot of the application of the subjects learned in the school. Therefore, physics and math subjects are inevitable at this stage, and one is required to apply the knowledge in solving the problems. The last test involved in the company is the simulator assessment, and it involves the practical nature of the job. Thus, one must show the skills in order to secure the job.
Nonetheless, the pilots enjoy many insurance services due to the risks associated with the career. For this reason, the pilots do not need to worry about their families and other issues that emanate from the losses. The aviation industries ensure that the pilots get proper compensation from the uncertain nature of the communication breakdown, weather changes, and the aircrafts breakdown. Therefore, the aviation industries highly regard the pilots, and they have to ensure the pilots’ stability for the free flow of the operations.
In summation, before one gets into the aviation industry, it is essential to understand the risks associated with the career. One should also cater for the cost implications related to the course, but one should not worry because the pilots’ returns are promising. However, the aviation schools should also consider the amount of the fees charged because they hinder many students from pursuing the career, especially those from the humble backgrounds. Therefore, the relevant authorities should revise the fees structure in order to accommodate all the students from the different income levels.


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