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Human species would cease to exist if they don't reproduce. Of all the parts of the body, the reproductive system is one of the most important because it makes the creation of life possible (Zimmermann nd). With this, it could be problematic if there is a disorder in one's reproductive system. Therefore, it is important to care for the health of the person's reproductive system.
The male reproductive system mainly consists of the testes and the penis. And due to the testes' location, which is outside the abdomen, conception is possible because if it were too close to the body, the high temperature would affect the sperm reproduction. While the female reproduction system is composed of two major parts, the vagina and uterus that acts as the receivers of the sperm, and ovaries that produces the egg to be fertilized to produce life (Zimmermann nd). The cervix connects the vagina and the uterus while the fallopian tubes do that same to the uterus and the ovaries. If a sperm successfully fertilized an egg, it will result in pregnancy. If not, menstruation will occur which happens on a monthly basis for women with regular menstruation.
Cancer can affect both men and women. This could result in penile, prostate, and testicular cancer while on the other note; women may develop breast and cervical cancer. Both cancers need to have full medical attention once diagnosed to monitor the growth of the cancer and prevent any resultant medical issues. Sexually transmitted diseases like genital herpes, syphilis, and gonorrhea can affect both of them, too.
Cervical cancer is one of the leading diseases found in women worldwide. This is when abnormal cells are found in the cervix, which could be treated, in its early stages. The virus, human papillomavirus or HPV is usually the cause of cervical cancer. When infected with this virus, it could disappear on its own or may develop into genital warts or cervical cancer. Symptoms may include untimely bleeding from the vagina, abnormal vaginal discharge, pain the in the pelvis or lower belly, and pain during sex (WebMD nd).
Prostate cancer is one of the most common male reproductive diseases. The cancer cells attack the prostate, a male reproductive gland just below the bladder. The symptoms for this usually include blood in the urine, frequent urination that may be painful, difficulty in getting an erection (Nordqvist 2014).
Both the cancers, cervical and prostate cancers share the possible factor in getting these – sexually transmitted diseases. This suggests that higher sexual activity and promiscuity usually results in transmission of diseases and infections. Prostate cancer is most common among older men that make the age a primary factor, while cervical cancer is common in women aged 35 and below. While genetics doesn't really play as a factor of risk for women, it does affect the likelihood for a man to get prostate cancer (Nordqvist 2014; WebMD nd).
In conclusion, early detection of a reproductive health compromising disorder is very important if prevention wasn't enough. Taking tests in order to check if you have cancer cells, like Pap smear or Pap test for women for cervical cancer, will decrease the possibility of danger, while men have the option to consult medical attention once symptoms occur. Fortunately, treatments are nowadays available for cancers and various sexually transmitted diseases.

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