Good Maslow's Theory And What Makes Me Buy Essay Example

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Published: 2020/12/02

According to the Hierarchy of needs by Abraham Maslow's different factors come into play to determine the behaviors that drive humans towards achievement. The same thing applies to the attitude one develops towards purchasing of products and services. in his theory, Maslow makes the suggestion that an individual starts with the psychological needs that helps him or her satisfy the most basic needs like food, shelter and clothing. Therefore, in the case of purchasing attitudes during this stage of needs, one is not concerned with the quality of something nor considers other factors of purchasing like additional information and so on. The attitude one has is to get their hunger and thirst satisfied so that they can move on to the next thing. Maslow then moves on the next step in his hierarchy where he states that the next need that arises after the psychological needs are satisfied is the safety need. This arises as an individual has priorities in ensuring that they have a job and that they have a regular source of income. In this case, the individual’s priority is ensuring that the income they have is able to satisfy the immediate needs though the purchasing attitude is still limited by the amount of money one can afford to spend on income (Oleson 85).
One will want to buy something luxurious, but due to their economic standing at this point, they cannot afford most of the things they might actually want to purchase. The next stage in the hierarchy of needs is the social need that includes the sense of love and belonging. In this case, one would want to feel that the` people around him or her accept them for who they are and as a result, one may go for purchases that will give them sense of acceptance they are seeking from those around them. In order to belong to a certain class, the purchasing attitude changes as one goes for things that putting a certain class that leads to acceptance from those around them. Here, one may go for goods they did not think of buying before, all in the need to belong with a certain group of people as well as gain their love and acceptance. The next stage according to Maslow is self-esteem. In this stage, one is concerned about things like being recognized, belonging to a certain social and economic class, wearing expensive clothes and jewelry and job titles. In this case, other purchasing attitude of an individual changes in that they are not going out just to make a purchase, they are trying to satisfy something inside them and as a result, someone will go for something that speaks for them. In this case, one will not just buy a car for its basic uses like a means of transport, he or she will buy an expensive brand to show his or her class and satisfy his need for recognition. The last stage up on his pyramid is self-actualization. In this stage, one is satisfied with the life they have led and they feel that they have achieved their heart’s desires (Ybema 34).
The pyramid helps understand the different purchasing attitudes that I have had over the years. First during grade school, all I wanted was to dress well in order to get a date or have friends. This was the time when social needs were a priority. However, with time, I started thinking about how people will view me if I had an electronic gadget that did not suit me. The purchasing needs and attitudes shifted with the changes in priorities. As one progress in life, so do their purchasing attitudes. One has a different need when going out to purchase something. For example, when I do not have a regular job, I will not have the luxury of engaging in some of my desires like having a variety during breakfast. However, one I have a secure job and regular income then the attitude I adapt when purchasing things changes. I’ll look for high quality stuff that makes me feel important. The same will happen when I reach the self-esteem stage where I will be making purchases based on further information that will guide me on making a purchase that will serve to sooth and upgrade my self-esteem (Oleson 89).
In general, my purchasing attitude is mostly based on belief as well as the affects of the object or service. In most cases, I do not just go to a store and take something I have never tried before. I am one of those people who have singular tastes when it comes to what I purchase. As a result, I walk into a store and go straight to the product I normally use. The attitude I have is that the quality of a product is one that I know and love. However, with the changing priorities as in the case of Maslow, I think it will take a lot of information searching and gathering before I make a purchase when I am in the self-esteem stage in the hierarchy. I will need to be sure of its quality and my preference to that particular line of products (Ybema 35). Therefore, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs define the purchasing attitudes an individual has over time. It helps build and determine their choices when it comes making purchase decision at different points of their lives. It offers an understanding for marking and how to reach the minds of consumers.

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