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Question 1: As evidenced within the text, going from being a manager in one’s home country to being a manager in a foreign country is a huge leap. That is why students in business must begin the process of being multinational in their outlook and management strategies. Domiciled managers from the U.S. for example, would need to formulate a management strategy and design a management system for themselves that will successfully take advantage of international opportunities in management. Imagine that you have just invested in a business in Dubai. Go to Dubai Calendar’s Website, and review the information provided on the Dubai Camel Racing Festival, located at Next, go to Dubai Calendar’s Website to view all of their events, located at Select one (1) other event that you would like to attend and believe would be beneficial to you as an investor. Be prepared to discuss.
Answer: Attending the Dubai Camel Racing Festival provides an opportunity to learn the culture and it is an opportunity to promote and market business. The Dubai Camel Racing Festival is a spotlight event on camel competition, a sport based on the country culture and traditions (Khalaf, 2000). The event attendance is impressive with business people, locals, and tourists. The events are held under the backing of Chairman of Dubai Sports Council and Crown Prince of Dubai and. The Dubai Camel Racing Club organizes it, and it is a 12-day event hosting highly trained camels found in the Middle East. The camels race in rounds to win their owner' huge cash prizes and other valued prizes. It is a customary festival involving all Emiratis and expatriates who come to watch and gain experience. The event comprises of full-day festivities with many sideshows concerning the country's cultural customs and legends (Dubai Calendar, 2015). It would be advantageous for an investor or an international manager to attend since one get opportunity to meet influential people and business associates for growth and share of ideas.
One event I would like to attend is the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC) (Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, 2014). World’s most important individuals attend the event thus present immense opportunity to interact with business pioneers, professionals and opportunity to share ideas.
Question 2: for question two i only have videos which i am being unable to upload, are you able to answer it without the resources? The subject this questions belong to is GLOBAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT and the book is Multinational Management, 6e - 1 Year OptionJohn B. Cullen; K. Praveen Parboteeah.
Answer: The three characteristics of a next-generation multinational manager include global mindset, the capability to work with people of diverse origins and cultures and capability of managing change and transitions. The relative traits I have include global mindset, long-range perspective, emotional intelligence and understanding different cultures (Cullen & Parboteeah, 2013). The strategies for developing the remaining characteristics are through professional training and on-job coaching. The skills have been obtained from professional training; experience from job environment and others experiences (Marković & Rakočević, 2014). Professional skills acquired during learning and through experience are leadership, financial management and communication. The strengths are passion for my work, positive attitude and good interpersonal relationship. I am a certified multinational manager with reputable management qualifications. With these qualifications, there are increase odds of securing the position. The main cultural paradoxes in Malaysia include sticking cross-cultural management skills. The five ways of dealing with conflict of interest at work include, definition of acceptable conducts, handle conflict instantaneously, understanding the benefit of the job, view conflict as opportunity and concentrate on important issues or factors.
Question 3 Go to Forbes’ Website and read the article titled, “How Google Could End Web Censorship In China In Two Easy Steps,” located at Consider whether or not the proposed plan to end Web censorship in China would work, and why or why not. Be prepared to discuss.
Answer: The two steps of Google can end Chinese internet censorship. The Google's conflict with the Chinese regime concerning Internet censorship has led to call for jailing of jailed Chinese protester Liu Xiaobo. The Google and other activists have also augmented global attention to censorship matters (Zuchora-Walske, 2010; Council on Foreign Relations, 2015). When one clicks on a Google search engine that redirects to a blocked site, Google can sense that the website is inactive (Smith, 2013). The teams also have a catalog of the entire materials and resources of the internet. It would be simple for them to make a modification to their search engine, so that when an individual click on a blocked website, he or she redirected to an authorized version of the link, found on an unblockable substitute. Google caches most website resources and contents and gives them to users. The cache domain is on a separate site, which is unauthorized in China, but Google can just host the cache on a subpart to circumvent the block (Smith, 2013).
Question 4: Imagine that you work as a manager for Harley-Davidson (H-D), and the president of the company has tasked you with researching its top U.S. and foreign competitors. Use the Internet to research one (1) U.S. competitor of H-D. Next, use the Internet to locate one (1) foreign-made motorcycle that is a close competitor of H-D. Be prepared to discuss.Sometimes international business is just like a board game. One (1) company adds new features and another attacks by dropping its prices to compete with its rival. Use the Internet to locate three (3) articles within international newspapers or e-zines that depict incidences of select offensive or defensive competitive behavior strategies that the textbook has examined. Be prepared to discuss.
Answer: One of Harley-Davidson (H-D) competitor is Ultra Motorcycle Company Inc. (Hoover's Inc, 2015). One of the H-D foreign competitors is Triumph Motorcycles Limited. The Triumph outburst sales record in fiscal 2013, selling more than 52,000 units. The company stated that its global market capacity in the 500+ cc increased by 0.3% (5.7% to 6%). The corporation’s domestic market base in the United Kingdom was at 20%, thus sustaining the market lead. Triumph carried the momentum in 2014 to sustain competitive advantage (Trefis Team, 2014).
According to Chuang et al. (2011), business competitors take the offensive or defensive actions to sustain competitive advantage in the industry (Chuang et al., 2011). Yannopoulos (2011) argues that marketing managers need different defensive approaches for defending their place in pre-entry and post-entry place in the market (Yannopoulos, 2011). In a supportive perspective, Porter states that competitive approach using defensive and offensive strategies cope effectively with the five competitive pillars. The strategy behaves as a pivot in the employment of corporation resources in the competitive situation. Corporations always take defensive and offensive strategic actions to outdo competitors (Bridoux, 2004).
Question 5: Use the Internet to research the 4P’s (price, product, place, promotion) of your favorite social media Website. Next, watch the video titled, “Consultants” (0 min 52 s) in order to become familiar with the television show “Shark Tank.” Be prepared to discuss. Video Source: Randall Oles. (2013, May 19). Consultants [Video file].
Answer: The first P is a product, FaceBook offer chance to host and post data on the internet, and offer professional services, data, and even photos. On second P (promotion), several corporations promote their services and goods on FaceBook to influence, educate and notify customers about the corporative products and boost purchase (Ascoturk, 2011). The third P is Place, place as a constituent of marketing strategy. FaceBook is a virtual place for social interaction. Facebook has effective pricing tactic, as a combination of the marketing mix in the social network (Ascoturk, 2011).
The show Shark Tank is a reality TV episode where entrepreneurs lure investors for capital to boost their business ideas (Oles, 2013). The show is a business program that helps views to gather new idea and business opportunity. It is also a chance for the entrepreneurs to market their products as they display their products and seek capital. In any business scenario, marketing is an essential avenue boost business revenues.


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