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According to me Oklahoma City is the most attacked city in the United States. The city has undergone a series of attacks in the past few decades. The worst of them all is the bombing in on April 19, 1995. In the attack, Alfred P. Murrah federal building was heavily damaged by a massive homemade bomb. The attack resulted in killing of 168 people and among them were 19 children. To add on more than 500 were injured.
Other attacks include the attack by biker gang to the Oklahoma state students. The attack threatened most of the students, and they were afraid of going out at night.

Policy theory is the consistent way of action that the government follows so as to deal with a given situation. The at hand, in this case, is the persistent gang related crimes that the major U.S cities have witnessed. The local government will be the first government to come up with stern measures to curb such situation. (Tukdeo, 2015).
One of the primary policies that must be amended is the enhancement of domestic and international information-sharing efforts. Information should be shared correctly between the federal government and the state government. It helps Oklahoma City to know any foreigners present there and monitor their movement.
During policy making, the state government can make amendments on the surveillance systems from mass surveillance to individual monitoring. Personal inspection is necessary since the security personnel of Oklahoma City will monitor the terrorist and alter their plans in time.
The council will then pass appropriate policy that will aim at curbing the crimes related to gangs. The system is designed by individuals from the local government, state government and the federal government to ensure consistency (Tukdeo, 2015). The main tools involved will be the constitution and other state and local laws.
The policy that is formed against the people committing crimes in the name of established gangs must be active to curb the insecurity situation (Ruelle, 2011). The efficacy of these policies will depend on the implementing body that is the executive government. (Gubb, 2013). The efficiency of the executive government in delivering or implementing the policies will depend on the apparatus they will put in place to the police the court and Prison services.


The U.S government is composed of the Federal government; the States government and the local government all working in one accord under democracy to satisfy the general public (Tlili, 2012). The federal government is the umbrella government whiles the local government is the most appropriate wing of the government that can address local issues such crime in major cities which is evident lately in most states of the US. Implementation of the policies is the primary factor to curb the terrorist attacks in Oklahoma City.
In the case of increased number of attacks in OKC, it is the responsibility of the local government to fasten the policy making process in order to curb this attacks. The paper intends to discuss the implementation of policies in relation to various branches of the government that do exist in the United States government.
Knowledge and innovation have been amounting in human society as time passes by, this means that service delivery and life condition ought to be improving. The opposite is that not much of service delivery and improvement in the society is being witnessed unless pushed for by the masses (Ruelle, 2011). The deficit that exists leading to improper service delivery is described as the implementation gap. In the United States of America governing system, the government has put in place measure that will enable quick implementation of public policies (Kumar, 2014).

Advantages and disadvantages of the federal states

The policies of the federal states foster state loyalties. Many people feel they are close to their home state, and federalism maintains the connection by giving powers to the states. Therefore, the state government is responsible for protecting her people since it has all the mandate the national government has. The practices of pragmatism are easy to maintain states who have people of different origins and cultures.
Local people are better placed to handle the affairs of the states. Federalism creates laboratories of democracy where they can experiment with policies of other states. It leads to political stability by removing national government contentious issues. It supports and facilitates pluralism.


The disadvantages of federalism are that it hinders the formation of a national policy. Even if the national policy is of help to Oklahoma City and it has not been passed, it cannot be applied in this city. An illustration is the United States of America where they do not have a single policy on issues. They make use of different strategies that are different in different states.
It leads to lack of accountability. Terror attacks in Oklahoma City are not accounted for since it is assumed to be the fault of the local government.
There is overlap in the boundaries of states, and it makes it hard to assign blame to the government that has failed in the policies.

Public value and legitimacy of the government

In policy making, the main subject is the protection of the public. The people of Oklahoma City need protection at all cost. It is, therefore, central to realize the part of both the federal and local governments in order to enhance policy making.
The primary government that enforces all the implantation of the government policies is the federal government (Ruelle, 2011). The federal government is the overall government that is led by the President. Though, there is the separation of power between the federal governments, state government, and the local government. The federal government supersedes all the other government and it is the final decision maker in terms of governing and policy implementation (Kumar, 2014). After the laws are created in the Congress, the president signs them, and the federal government makes sure that the law is implemented in the whole country.
The state government is headed by the governor elected by the people of the state just like the president. A state has an independent governing council different from the federal government yet works in perfect harmony with the federal government (Kang, 2014). Policies that are created by the state government are implemented within the state by the state authorities as long as they are in perfect harmony with the federal government.
The local government is now the government that is closer to the people and its impact is much felt than even the two previous types of government. Though closer to the people it falls under the state constitution and receive grants from the federal government to undertake its activities. The local government of OKC has the mandate to formulate policies in order to curb the terrorist attacks it experiences since it is closer to the people.

Policy instruments

Policy instruments are a term that is used to describe methods of regulations by the government. They are economic instruments and regulatory instruments. Sanctions are policy instruments used by the government to control the world governments or certain places in a country. The local government of Oklahoma City can decide to sanction the area in order to reduce stop attackers.
Inducement is the pledge that creates a government to enter into a particular agreement. States use it when they want to enter into specific agreements such as the price reduction on certain products. Authorities’ tools are government-stabilizing tools that resolve financial plans by the government of the states. Member states can provide financial support through financial stabilizing means.
The government may also employ curfew in the crime prone areas. The introduction of limit time in OKC will see a reduction in the attacks since it will be easy to notice the attackers.

Policy evaluation tools

Policy evaluation is a crucial step in order to assess the policies efficiency. The primary tool is checking the change in the number of attacks within a specified period. If a reduction is noticed in the number of attacks and threats in OKC, then the policies are efficient.
Secondly you can also observe the number of criminals arrested in OKC then you can tell whether the policies amended are efficient.


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