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Cold War and the U.S. Diplomacy


Amidst war and differences between many countries, there are many treaties that are founded to counteract them. And one of those nations that are very keen to this time of crisis is the United States. They have been experiencing so much aggressiveness towards many communist nations for the past decades. Many presidents are doing their best to pacify all of these wars through the establishment of treaties and doctrines between the opposing parties or just within the nation. It was known that the Soviet Union was a close ally with the United States against the Nazi Germany. But consequently as soon as war ended in 1945 they became adversaries, including the Cold War. The Kennedy doctrine was the United States answer to the growing number of communist nations, with a motto of defeat any communist party at any cost. The President Kennedy was by then really serious over the Cold war in Cuba, but there are some issues to be tackled before that.


One of the greatest wars in the World’s History, is the cold war. This essay is aimed in discussing the doctrine imposed by the US through the President F. Kennedy’s time of position. Additionally, this will give an insight on what the US government has done for the diplomatic relations between other involved countries. Evidently, President Kennedy has imposed policies that can be called as doctrines according to experts and journalists (Roskin, 2010). It was specified on the policy that the President are very serious in imposing diplomatic relations. It is clear that the late President John Kennedy wants to eradicate communism and minimize the artillery attacks in favor of the Soviets. Consequently, when the President Kennedy assumed the office, he basically improved the situation of the army defense through the increase of national budget for homeland security. With Regards to the beginning of the cold war all of the past US presidents have imposed doctrines of their own to stop communism, however, it is just a revamped version of the very first policy called the Truman Doctrine. It was often called as the containment doctrine.
President John F. Kennedy has been elected as the president of the United States on 1961 and has served a 3 year term until 1963. The Doctrine of President Kennedy was a flexible policy in order to respond to the vastly growing communist parties and to stop other guerilla attacks. It was the very core of the doctrine to stop the presence of communist. There was unprecedented event that urged the President to form diplomatic terms in the year 1962. It was when a surveillance probe covered a photo of nuclear missile areas in a Soviet Union Area, specifically in Cuba. Cuba was then lead by Nikita Khrushchev. There was some debate over this matter, because the Soviet Union replied to the US that they are only supporting the Cubans for armor and artillery weapons for the sake of protection against US attacks, but note they are supporting the nation with nuclear missiles. Inherently, it was considered as one of the biggest tension in the Cold war when Cuba and Soviet Union go hand in hand against the United States. It rose to an unexpected level and could lead to more damages (Viotti, 2005).
But in a matter of unprecedented event, The United States and the Soviet Union has come to have a secret engagement and has formed a mutual decision that the Americans would destroy its nuclear weapons based in Turkey and Italy in exchange for the Soviet to also perished their missile bases in Cuba, and would not give any support in the near future. Quite a bargain for both parties, isn’t it? Of course they are both serious in managing their opponents, and that is vice versa. Additionally, The Soviet Union fired up a U-2 missile. However, the United States continued with the arrangement just to attain peace. Other concerns of the President are the war in Asian countries that includes the Laos and Vietnam. The nation also showed concern on the conflict of the Berlin Wall. However, the Cuban conflict has been the major concern of the US president Kennedy (JFK Online, 2013).
Additional issues thrown unto the US president is what is really his stand basing on inaugural address, if it is for friendship and eventually gaining peace or to increase the areas of conflict. However, the president has proved his worth of his position for he has put all of his effort on the foreign policy about the Cold War (Weidman, 2013).
In conclusion, the doctrine imposed in the time of President Kennedy was a milestone to attain peace that was evidently seen in the late 19th Century.


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