Good Report On This Report Is Based On The Fleet Tracking Data From OCT-5-2014 Till OCT-11-2014.

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All data is based on Airbus 320 aircraft only.

US Airways operations:
In total, there were 65 Airbus 320 airplanes in the air during the week.
The maximum number of planes in operation during the day was observed on Sunday and Thursday, when 64 planes were in the sky. The minimum number of 61 planes was observed on Tuesday.

Our major competitors that also have A320 in operation are JetBlue and United Airlines.

JetBlue used 125 A320 planes this week. The maximum number of planes that was in the sky was 115 on Friday and the minimum was 108 on Tuesday.

There were 96 A320 planes of United Airlines in the air this week.

Also, Delta Airlines had 67 same airplanes in the sky from Oct-5-2014 till Oct-11-2014.
Other minor competitors are Frontier Airlines and Virgin America, and they used only 23 and 43 A320 planes respectively.
Comparison of airports and routes
US Airways Top Airports
The list of TOP-airports used by US Airways includes CLT, PHX, PHL, EWR, TPA, FLL, IAH, PIT, MCO, ATL, DCA, LAS, and BOS. Three main hub airports are CLT, PHX and PHL, and they were they used 386, 306, 168 times this week respectively.
Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) is the biggest hub airport used by US Airways, and it was used for 16 flights by other companies (8 by Delta, 5 by Frontier, 3 by United Airlines). At the same time, CLT served 386 planes of US Airways carrier.
(However, these 3 other companies have routes that are different from the routes of US Airways:


Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) is another major airport that is often used by many carriers. US Airways used it for 306 times this week, while JetBlue used it for 14 times, United Airlines for 30 times, Delta for 41 times and Frontier Airlines for 7 times this week.
Also, it should be noted that the problem with PHX is the same as with CLT: other companies use more routes that are not used by US Airways: PHX-BOS, PHX-JFK, PHX-DTW, PHX-MSP, PHX-SLC, PHX-DEN, PHX-EWR, PHX-IAH, PHX-ORD, and PHX-SFO.
Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is the third major hub used by US Airways. US Airways carries outweighs all other competitors in the use of this hub: Delta used it 34 times, Frontier 2 times and United used it 21 times. Thus, US Airways has a great advantage over other carriers considering the fact that US Airways does not use the following routes: PHL-DTW, PHL-MSP, PHL-SLC, PHL-BWI, PHL-DEN, PHL-IAH, and PHL-ORD.
Given the fact that US Airways does not have as many routes as other competitors have, it may be a weak point in the US Airways place in the market.

US Airways airport weaknesses

JetBlue Top 5 Airports are:
Delta Top 5 airports are:
United Airlines Top 5 airports are:
Frontier Airlines Top 5 airports are:
Virgin America Top 5 airports are:
It can be seen that TOP 3 airports used by US Airways are leaders in the A320 market, and there are no other competitors using CLT, PHX and PHL. However, other 7 airports in the TOP-10 are used less than other airports that belong to the Top-list of main competitors (JetBlue and United Airlines). Thus, JetBlue and United Airlines can be considered the biggest competitors of United Airways.
JetBlue and United Airlines have more airplanes and airports that are in operation than US Airways (only A320 aircraft is taken into account).
This comparison has shown that Delta is a real competitor for US Airways as these 2 companies have the same number of flights and aircraft in use.

Aircraft usage:

The highest average usage of aircraft was shown by US Airways on Friday (154.5249 min) and the lowest was shown on Wednesday (149.4024 min). On average, US Airways used aircraft for 50-100 min more per day than Delta.
Also, it should be mentioned that US Airways use aircraft more on Wednesday (the lowest use) than Delta uses at the day of the most intensive use of aircraft (this result is the same for daily and weekly use of aircraft).
US Airways had one cancelled flight N119US from SLC to PHL, and it influenced all the data of that week. According to the given data, US Airways has the lowest aircraft usage on Saturday (31 planes for one flight).
Delta has highest average aircraft usage on Friday (147.9662 min).

However, US Airways has the higher average aircraft usage than Delta overall.

Weekly aircraft time in flight:
Friday is the only day when US Airways has the lower average aircraft time than Delta. US Airways has 124.7613 min of time in the air, and Delta’s time of operating planes is 126 min more.
The highest weekly aircraft time of US Airways is on Saturday, which is 370 min, and the lowest weekly aircraft time in the sky is on Monday (26 min).

Delta’s highest flight time is on Wednesday, which is 300 min, and lowest flight time of 22 min is on Thursday.

Overall, US Airways has shown better weekly results than Delta.
Flight mileage
An average mileage of US Airways aircraft was 909.0517 miles during this week. The highest mileage was on Thursday (930.5742 miles) and the shortest was on Saturday (852.4164 miles).
The longest distance that A320 has covered was 2,552 miles on route ANC-PHX. US Airways planes use this route on a daily basis.
The shortest distance was 130 miles on route CLT-RDU. This is also one of the most used routes and planes fly this route every day.
Delta’s average mileage was 904 miles this week. The longest average distance flown was on Saturday (955 miles) and the shortest was on Tuesday (860 miles).

On Wednesday, the longest distance flown was 2,239 miles (route RDU-LAX), and this route is used only once a week.

The shortest distance flown was 120 miles on route DTW-GRR.
Cancellation percentage
Cancellation rate of US Airways is higher than Delta’s, and this is the only area that US Airways loses to Delta. This week US Airways had one cancelled flight.
The N119US flight from SLC to PHL was canceled on Monday. Thus, US Airways had only 99.94% of its flights completed this week while Delta had 100%.

D0 performance and A0 performance

First flight of the day for D0 performance.
US Airways: The highest D0 performance for the first flight of the day was on Wednesday (91.80%).

Apparent anomalies for this week

Executive Summary
All in all, it can be concluded that US Airways has a strong position in the market. When comparing to other carriers, US Airways has the third biggest number of airplanes, and only JetBlue and United Airlines have more.
Also, US Airways has a leading position in the use of different airports. JetBlue and United Airlines are also the main competitors in terms of using airports. CLT, PHX and PHL are three airports that United Airways uses the most, and the use of it by other carries is highly limited. However, JetBlue and United Airlines have other airports that they use the most.
Also, Delta is the main competitor of United Airways in terms of operation time when airplanes are in the sky. The time that the planes of these companies spend in the air are approximately the same. However, United Airways has an advantage of a popular 130-miles route.
A single area that United Airways is weaker in is the rate of cancellation of flights. While Delta had no cancelled flights that week, United Airways had 1 flight cancelled.
All in all, United Airways is a strong company with great advantages and a significantly high potential in the market.

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