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located at the crossroads of Asia and Africa

Close to the Red Sea.

The Eastern part totally arid and uninhabitable.
Major two factions - Yemen Arab Republic and People’s Democratic Republic involved in decades long infighting
In the 1990s, a peace treaty signed and the appointment of and Ali Abdullah Saleh as the first President
The Saleh government ousted following a revolution in 2011
Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi - next president, but ousted by the Houthis, a Zaidi Shia group
Formation of a unity government by the Houthis.
PPP GDP of Yemen - $61.63 billion in 2013.

Service is the largest sector followed by industrial sector, petroleum products, and agriculture.

In agriculture, qat is the largest agricultural output, using 70% of the total water and employing 300,000 Yemenis.
Unemployment rate is 35%
External debt is more than $7 billion
Slide 3: Yemen: Country Profile
Demographics and Religion
Population estimated at 24 million with 46% below the age of 15 years and only 2.5% over 65 years.

Yemen has a fertility rate of 4.45 children per woman

Islam - main religion
Language spoken - Arabic
Education and Health
64% adult literacy rate
Compulsory free education till the age of 15 years
Massive gap between men and women in terms of literacy
women literacy rate falling below 50%
Average life expectancy is 63.2 years.

Poor and underdeveloped health care system

The number of available doctors per capita one of the lowest in the world.
Slide 4: SWOT Analysis of Yemen
Yemen ruled by different cultures and rulers.
One of the largest young working class populations.
Political instability
Water a major concern
Running out of the known oil reserves
A huge unemployed population
Poor women education percentage
No minimum age for women to marry
Medical and educational infrastructure almost nonexistent
More than 50% of the population living below the poverty line
Food scarcity
Slide 5: SWOT Analysis of Yemen
Yemen’s location as an entry point of the Red Sea, which is one of the busiest sea route in the world

Huge untapped agricultural land in the western plains and highlands

Unexplored oil and natural gas reserves in its eastern desert land
AQAP a major threat to the country
Faction infighting one of the big challenges
Scarce water supply and huge water consumption for qat cultivation leading to water scarcity
Slide 6: Challenges to the Community Development
Political instability the main challenge
High level of corruption during the Saleh government
Budget earmarked for the development purpose went into the pockets of corrupt politicians
The Hadi government forcefully overthrown by the Houthis, putting an end to all the development programs started by the government
Unstable political environment and constant infighting impede the inflow of external financial help to the country
The only source of international monetary assistance is IMF currently.
Slide 7: Challenges to the Community Development
Most of Yemen’s neighbors fuel political instability
Egypt is backing the Houthis in the North, and Saudi Arabia provides support to the southern faction and the tribes in the Yemen desert land.

No coordination among government, military, social workers, local leaders and social systems

Youth and Women
A huge youth population unemployed and rudderless
The unemployed young population can disrupt any initiative taken by the government or join terrorist organizations in the quest of food and money

Yemeni women, deprived of education are forced into marriage at an early age.

Slide 8: Recommendations
Political stability must be restored
The production of qat should be replaced by other exportable crops like coffee.
The basic education and healthcare programs should be introduced with the support of the UN volunteers and social organizations.
Aden should be developed as the main port in the region for all sea transports through the Red Sea.
Yemen should seek external cooperation to deal with AQAP.
Taming of AQAP can save a lot of counter-terrorism budget.
Cooperation with private oil companies to explore the possibility of more oil and natural gas reserves.
The large young population should be first educated
The government should create more jobs.
Women empowerment should start with education. Parents and men should be educated too about the importance of women education.
Laws should equally treat men and women in all spheres of life.

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