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Almost every year in the United States, along the Atlantic coast and the Gulf of Mexico, as well as in Hawaii, there are lots of hurricanes. The states of Texas, Louisiana, Florida and North Carolina are particularly at risk. The season of hurricanes lasts from early June to late November. There is a certain logic, why this period is the most dangerous. The strength and the duration of the storm depend on the temperature of the water in the ocean: if the degree is higher, the hurricane is stronger (it is proved that that the hurricane is amplified by 5% if a temperature increases of one degree). Hurricanes are formed as cyclones in the intertropical zone of the oceans, where the water temperature exceeds 79 °F. The temperature in the Atlantic from June to December is always high, that’s why this period is famous like the hurricane season (Brain, Craig Freudenrich and Lamb).
A hurricane is generated by a perturbation (a sudden disruption of something), which occurs when warm and moist air come in contact with the sea and start to rise. Reaching great heights, it condenses, releasing heat. It causes the rise and condense of the other masses of hot air, there is a kind of chain reaction. Meanwhile, the flow of air starts to rotate in a counterclockwise direction (clockwise direction in the southern hemisphere) because of the Earth's rotation. When the wind speed reaches 80 miles per hour, it becomes a hurricane. Hurricanes in the Northern Hemisphere, because of the rotation of the Earth, move to the west (in the direction to the USA from Africa). If the rotating of Earth had been different, hurricanes would have not reached such a force, or would have moved in a different direction (Lewis).

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