Good Example Of Project Management System Utilized In E-Commerce Research Proposal

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E-Commerce developed and expanded various connections regarding different aspects in this world like business, science, technology, and more. In this research study, the proponents will determine the proper method to enhance a project management system for commercial transactions through the internet with the use of electronic devices. This study will tackle specific aspects like the basic functions of a certain software or system, issues with the virtual practice, the ideal settings of a system, and the value of developing a project management system or software when it comes to E-Commerce implementation. This study will be a quantitative research in that it will be objective and be presented with the use of text, numbers, and other figures for clarity. The research will engage on a deductive approach or reasoning to disseminate all information from the general details to the specific discussions.


There has been several project management systems or software designed over the years for the sake of E-Commerce. Computer Weekly (2009) stated that project management systems or software help big and small organizations manage or organize the initial steps of a project until the completion of each project. A system also transmits the progress and information of the project accordingly. Software must have useful features like a virtual calendar to keep track of the flow of a certain project, a virtual sheet to record names or affiliates involved with the project, and so much more.
According to Aadamsoo (2010), the use of project management systems made it possible for people to handle several projects at once. This idea originated from the Information Technology Industry where brilliant developers created several software applications to minimize the project management tasks that need to be accomplished within weeks.

Theoretical Basis

The Theory of Constraints (TOC) is created to set limits within an organization regarding the way it engages on its projects, business, and management, as stated by Holt (n.d.). TOC helps organizations create a fine line that limits the progress from overflowing, meaning it helps an organization achieve great efficiency without going over-board. In a project management system, it is important to set limits and keep things as simple as possible for the organizations or users to understand and be able to use the system or software. This theory was introduced by Elihayu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox in 1984.
On the other hand, the General Systems Theory focused on the elements within a certain system and its function for humans and their organizations. This theory suggests that a system or software function allows humans to generate the best effort possible from an individual or a team. This theory was introduced by Biologist Ludwig Von Bertanlaffy.
This study regarding the development of a project management system will revolve around these two theories. First is the efficiency of E-Commerce for profit generation and the other is the importance of project management systems for E-Commerce implementation.

Purpose of this Study

This study aims to determine the proper protocols or methods for developing a project management system or software in E-Commerce implementation. There have been many software applications throughout the years, and this study will help enumerate the pros and cons of a system or software to help individuals engage in commercial business via the internet or E-Commerce.

Significance of this Study

This study will help software developers establish a more efficient system or software for individuals to use in E-Commerce. It will also contribute to the industry by expanding its horizon.

Research Focus

Objectives of the Study
Develop a current and future project management system or software for E-Commerce.
Help software developers increase the efficiency function of project management system or software.
Help organizations understand the concept of a project management system.
This study will shed some light not only to software developers but to everyone involved in the common practice.
Research Design
This study will have a quantitative and deductive approach for a more objective presentation of data. The important factors for the analytical framework will also be presented from specific issues to the most specific ones. The main issues can be determined with several surveys or interviews with developers and project managers regarding their experience with project management systems. The question to be distributed may be general but the answers to be collected would be specific and properly evaluated.

Analytical Framework

The analytical framework for this study will consist of the most important factors for this topic, which will include the people affected, the function of a project management system, and the pros and cons. The framework should answer the objectives written above to help the readers understand the whole idea of the study from beginning to end. For the analysis of the data, descriptive statistics will be used.

Factors needed to be considered

The following factors need to be considered: reliability issues with the project management system; and the important features that a certain system or software needs to possess. This study will be accomplished with the help of skilled and knowledgeable individuals regarding the topic. These include the project managers and professional software or web developers. It is also essential for the proponents to understand the entire concept of a project management system to fully understand the process in between and the issues present.

Participants for the study

For the sake of credibility and accuracy, the researchers needs to find reliable people to gather information from and help the progress of the study. There should be a criteria based on their experiences within the field of software development and E-Commerce. Specifically, the participants would be scholars who have master’s degrees in the specific programs and other related ones.

Data Collection

The data needed for the completion of this study will be gathered from surveys, particularly with the use of questionnaires. The researchers shouldn’t focus on project management software only but also on its relationship and contribution to E-Commerce. This study should also discuss topics related to project management system and E-Commerce like the external threats against project management systems and current changes within the industry of E-Commerce to amplify the amount of work being done daily. The researchers should also address whether web-based or software-based project management systems are better and more convenient to use.

Ethical Issues

With the rapid growth of the world today, almost everything is being done virtually or through the internet. Some people are against the idea because of the possibility of humanity being passive when it comes to responsibilities. A proposal to a project is commonly presented in person in front of a crowd with the help of visual devices like a projector. These project management systems can easily send files to the employees working for the project for them to understand the concept and aim of the project (Streissguth, n.d.). In this regard, some ethical issues include the stealing of information since everything is uploaded online. As such, skilled hackers can easily have access to this information and present them as their own. Some project managers might also appear legit for the first time but are actually frauds that are after the knowledge and ideas that other people can suggest. This is an issue regarding privacy and ownership
When it comes to the project management system or software, some of these software might lack the storage needed to keep all files. It is hard to work on a software application that has limited features and instead of simplifying the work, it makes it more complicated and more difficult. These issues can be resolved with the help of web developers who can design a bigger platform, storage, and better features.

Key References

Ausenco (n.d.) said that a project management system plans, manage, and reports a project in a productive manner. Quora (n.d) and Karr (2013) agreed that one of the biggest problems within project management system is with the people and not the system itself. People tend to be passive and procrastinate a lot when doing their jobs. Network Solutions (n.d.) described electronic commerce of E-Commerce as any business between sellers and consumers in the internet.
Schiff (2014), and Ultracart (n.d.) both said that one major issue with E-Commerce is the low level of security within online shops in the internet. Some online shops might be a scam and consist of crooks. In this study, it will be recommended that project management systems or software be implemented for all E-Commerce businesses for security purposes. It is important to observe or navigate some of the famous project management systems or software these days.
Capterra (2015) uploaded a list of the top 20 top project management tools, Microsoft Project was ranked number 1, with almost 880,000 customers and 22,000,000 users worldwide. When it comes to online based project management tools, Teambox takes the number 1 spot among 30 tools. the ranking was made by 1st Web Designer (2015). In this regard, it would be wise to try using Microsoft project and to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the tool. One of the main goals of project management system as a whole is to be more client-oriented. Even with the profound function of a project management system, human effort is the key for a project’s success (Ruikar, 2005). A good project management tool must possess the following features: work breakdown, interactive schedule, BOSCARD (planning tool), calculator function, PEST analysis, feedback feature, RAID log, Microsoft office programs, and more (Projectsmart, n.d.).

Work Plan

First, the researchers should understand the whole concept of a program management system for E-Commerce. It is advisable to research and personally try using some project management tools. Then the initial part of the study shall be related like the introduction, review of related literature, and objectives of the study. Data will then be gathered from experts, web developers, and E-Commerce project managers, and the data gathered will be analyzed Lastly, the findings will be presented in a report.


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