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Hormones are body chemicals that serve various purposes. The hormones are responsible for growth and development, sexual functions and reproduction, moods, and metabolism. For this reason, any changes in the hormonal balance in the body may have adverse effects on the patient.
Radiography technology involves the use of radiant energy to diagnose diseases (“What is Radiology and Radiologic Technology?” n.d). Due to the critical role that hormones play in the body, a radiologist can use radiological technology to measure the amount to hormones in the patients. The in vitro procedure is among the common radiological procedures used to measure the amount of hormones in an individual. Radioimmunoassay (RIA) is a typical in vitro process that entails the use of antibodies and radiochemicals to determine the amount of hormones, drugs, and vitamins in the blood of the patient. In addition, the strength of bones, and the development of critical organs in the body depends on the presence of particular hormones. The absence or presence of some hormones would, therefore, lead to impaired development of the organs. Radiographers appeal to the functioning of the hormones to diagnose patients.
Further, in radiopharmaceuticals, before a radiographer gives a patient trace amount of the drugs during the in vivo procedures, they ought to know the hormonal balance of the patient. Such determines among other things, the safety of the patient. How is this necessary? As noted earlier, hormones aid in the metabolism. Metallic processes are essential for the wellbeing of the patient, and this includes the metabolism of the drugs the patient takes. If the patient is incapable of proper metabolism, the drugs the patients take may prove to be toxic and, therefore, may require additional remedies to help them work.


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