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Human cloning is the production of a genetic copy of an existing human being. The most common technique used is known as somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT). In that technique, the nucleus of a donor cell is inserted into an egg from which its nucleus has been taken out, then the so-called clonal embryo is stimulated into development by either an electrical pulse or application of a chemical stimulant. The clonal embryo is then placed into a woman’s womb where it grows to full term as a clone – an exact genetic copy – of the individual from where the donated nucleus was extracted. Other techniques, including the use of stem cells, are also being developed (“About Reproductive Cloning” n.d.).
It has been reported that the human cloning techniques can now also offer hope for people with heart conditions or Parkinson’s disease, by being able to create healthy tissue using the patient’s own DNA, creating what are called embryonic stem cells (McKie 2013).
Opposition to human reproductive cloning is almost universal. In opinion surveys undertaken, the vast majority of those surveyed are against human cloning. Furthermore, it is banned in various countries, although not in the US. Some people are against cloning on safety grounds. Animal cloning has proven to be frequently unsuccessful, and there are many in the scientific community who believe that safe human cloning is not possible. There is also a view that human cloning would adversely affect the psychological well-being of children who were cloned. Furthermore, the techniques might pave the way to other and more powerful genetic manipulations, as well as raising other concerns of social and ethical natures (“About Reproductive Cloning” n.d.).
A more positive view is offered by Sir John Gurdon, whose earlier work on the cloning of frogs led, in 1996, to Dolly, the cloned sheep. He predicts safe human cloning within 50 years, which, for example, could allow parents to replace a child killed in an accident with a genetically identical “copy” (Collins 2012).

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