Life Experiences Of Staying In Discriminating Society Essays Example

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Life to Benjamin Alire Saenz has been an adventure. He was born and raised in a farming village at old Picacho, New Mexico. He is the fourth child out from seven children. Went to Las Cruces High school. Upon graduating joined St Thomas Seminary in Denver, Colorado and graduated with Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy and humanities in 1977. He then moved to study theology at the University of Louvain, Belgium from 1977 up to1981. He became a priest for few years in El Paso, Texas and later decamped to join the writing career where he has contributed immensely to the literature, poetry and narratives stories for children. Finally after a long journey full of ups and down, Saenz is a Novelist, poet and renowned writer for children books and has even received accolades for being among the most inspiring writers in the world. The essay is a response paper for both article and the video Benjamin Alire Sáenz, 16 April 2014Response from Article
The article background is a society where racial profiling is not unheard of, and it's like the order of the day. The title of the article depicts sadness and sorrow. In this town, people have become used to racial discrimination such that they consider it as a moral good (Saenz 309). Saenz said that there was an ongoing debate whether to make racial profiling as morally right action. In the article Exile- El Paso, Texas Saenz gives an account of his personal experience and alive encounter to discrimination due to his ethnic identity. Saenz is Mexican –American and lives in El Paso, which borders Mexico but often mistaken as an illegal immigrant. So one evening, Saenz is stopped by border police on patrol for questioning. He gets annoyed and says he will have to carry with him a passport every time he walks in his area for identification just because of his ethnic identity. Saenz gives a narrative encounter to discrimination and expresses his despair and anger to this monster in that society called ‘Discrimination’ or the so-called racial profiling (310). The article is an attempt by Saenz to showcase to the readers on how it feels like the subject of racial profiling. Furthermore, Saenz presents an illustration of the impact of racial profiling on an individual. The author throughout the article uses color symbolism as well as tone shifts to depict and raises the readers’ attention and passes constructive information. The purple color brings an illusion of the ideal society, the beauty of Juarez Mountain outside Saenz window. From physical appearance, the society looks admirable. The readings are readable with fluent command of grammar.Video Response Benjamin Alire Saenz in the video, he is joined in a conversation with Cecilia Balli it was a mere companion Talk episode. It's about presentation in his latest book, Everything begins and ends at the Kentucky Club. The book is a collection of short stories who character all share some similar experiences to Avenida Juarez. A place where the author says people only go there when they are in trouble and especially wherever they are trying to get out of trouble. The central themes of the book were among the key highlights to the episode. The video brings forth an I don’t care attitude by the characters’, they only say they visit their area wherever they are trouble. The Kentucky Club is the a cosmopolitan area bordering Spanish, English, Mexicans and Gingos. The inhabitant is rich while others are poor, gay and straight, drug addicts and the atmosphere filled with sadness and laughter. Both the article and video presents how Saenz uses the art of language to convey a message to the viewers and readers alike. While, the use of symbolism and color, represented the major themes in the article as a representation of how society is unkind and associated with discrimination despite the short-lived please the writer describes. The video brings to the audience live expressions and depiction of varying moods, tonal variations and body expressions in conveying messages by the artist. In conclusion, Saenz gives us an illustration through his personal experience of how racial proofing can be annoying and inconveniencing. The author paints a picture of an unfair society where skin color and race, ethnicity are central ills being perpetuated in the society. Both video and the article portray common experience a depiction of an unfriendly society where the love for one another is low. Despite the beautiful escapements, people still practice discrimination in terms of color and where you come from matters and determine the perception the society develops in a person.

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Saenz, A. Benjamin. Exile. El. Paso, Texas.2014. Print.

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