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Online dating has emerged as one of the most popular methods of starting new relationship. Online dating technology has emerged as the winner, and the number of people is continuously increasing who find their love through online dating. The number of people who date online and find their love has revolutionarily increased after emergence of various social networking websites. There are many people who consider online dating as very beneficial that lets people choose their kind of people. At the same time, there are people who believe that online dating is unsafe and is not going to work. This paper intends to discuss various aspects of online dating and love including pros and cons and further discusses why online dating is unsafe and is not going to work.
Various studies on online dating suggest that the number of people who believe in finding online partners is continuously increasing. Increasing trend of online dating provides business opportunities to various online websites that operate commercially. They facilitate men and women of different ages to interact with each other in order to get their love and favorite partners. Significant data provided by these online dating websites and their growing profits suggest that people’s faith in online dating has increased substantially in past few years. Emergence of social networking websites have fastened the trend of online dating, especially among youngsters.
The reason of disagreement among people, on the issue of online dating, is due to various positive and negative factors of online dating. There are various positive, as well as, negative factors, associated with online dating and love. Online dating provides opportunities to interact with people one would not meet in normal circumstances. Online dating empowers people to find likeminded and interesting people. People also get opportunities to find people of their choice and people who can fit in their frame of requirements.
Online dating saves enormous amount of time. People are unable to find someone of their choice even in their whole life, but online dating facilitates people to choose love of their own choice. People come to know about different kinds of people while interacting online. People come in contact with others who possess a variety of qualities. Some prefer good looking personality while other prefer people of good nature. A huge number of singles are always available online and they are always ready to mingle with people of their choice. Usually finding appropriate partner requires a lot of time, but online dating saves a lot of time and people find suitable partners (Dee).
Online dating discards fear of rejection. People are fearful of rejection in their real lives by others, while there is no fear of rejection in online dating. It has been observed in a number of cases that when people suddenly come in front of each other, they hesitate to open and subsequently face various complexities in their life. When people keep interact with each other for a substantial amount of time, they are acquainted with all good and bad qualities of the person with whom they interact regularly. Such people are proved to be good partners. They also can adjust with others in various circumstances.
Online dating has several benefits, but it also has a number of negative aspects, associated with it. Online dating is found to be very risky in some of has been observed in a number of cases that various social networking websites have become a favorite spot of criminals. Sexual predators are always in search of their soft targets. They keep looking for people who can be their targets. People who interact with others online fail to anticipate that their life or property is in danger or the person they interact with is a criminal. Data suggest that criminals trap people in name of online dating and they commit heinous offences once innocent people rely on criminals (Dee).
Police records are swelling with crimes, related to online dating. Incidents of frauds, loot and murders have become very common in recent times because of online dating and interacting with strangers. It is easy to make false accounts on various online dating websites. People may trick others by presenting false information about their identity and themselves. They may not be what they claim to be on these sites. Common people may rely their version of the story and consider them a favorite, but appear to be hidden sheep in various circumstances. Such manipulated relationships do not tend to last.
Growing number of online dating users have provided online dating website owners an opportunity to raise prices for their services. Online website operators have started charging hefty fees in name of providing services. People pay fees in order to find their love and favorite partners, but in cases wherein their affairs do not turn out to be positive for them, they feel cheated. Services of these online dating have become too expensive and not everyone can afford the same. Online dating sites charge membership fee even if people do not get their love or pass through dry run (Dee).
Online dating users may have different agendas. It is not necessary that all online dating doers are serious about their relationship. A majority of people use online dating services with intention of flirting and temporary relationship. Sometimes all people do not carry same agenda and relationship become complicated. It has been observed that users of online dating take things in a casual manner and when their interests collide, they tend to escape from the relationship. Online dating mechanism is full of faults. People may put their presentable picture, but in reality they may not be that attractive. Certain other information about monetary, physical and academics are manipulated by online dating users to allure others.
One more negative aspect of using online dating is the social stigma that is associated with these sites. A common perception that is in the society is that people who try finding their love on these sites are people who are unable to find their love in their real lie. Such stigma, associated with online dating, worsens the situation further. It affects the psyche of online dating users and affects their confidence in negative manner. Any stigma of such type can affect the life of people and this is one of the most negative aspects of online dating.
When people start to interact with others, they even do not know about identity and location of the person with whom they chat online. The person sitting in Ghana may say that he or she is sitting in California. Such things make online dating complicated and people may find themselves in a relationship that cannot take any shape in the real life. The idea of online dating and love is not that worse but certain things that are associated with it, are unreliable and make blankness for various negative things.
Statistics suggest that approximately 54,250,000 people are single in the United States of America, and 41,250,000 of them have tried to find their love or partner through online dating services. 52. 4 percent of all online dating users are male while 47.6 percent users are female. Total revenue that online dating sector generates is more than $1,249,000,000 in one year. An average online dating user spends approximately $239 in one year. 53 percent of all online users accepted that they date more than one partner at the same time. 30 percent online dating users prefer good looking partners and 33 percent of women have accepted that they have entered into a sexual relation on their first date. All these statistics prove the significance of online dating in recent times (Online Dating Statistics).
My opinion is that online dating is though useful for many, but there are various negative aspects of online dating and these negative aspects are so strong that they supersede all the positive aspects of it. The number of people who are negatively affected by online dating is greater than the people who are positively affected. Police records and other sources suggest that online dating has done more damages to individuals as well as the society than other things. Online dating doers rely upon strangers and this is the mechanism of online dating. Such reliance affects individuals in a negative manner and they are subjected to various sufferings in a majority of cases.
After looking at both positive as well as negative aspects of online dating, I believe that there are a number of negative aspects of online dating and it is not going to work in a longer time span. People have no patience and time in recent times. The tolerance level of every individual has decreased substantially, and nobody is ready to compromise even with their loved ones. Initially people make some false promises while dating, and behave according to likes and dislikes of their partners, but it ends sooner and they appear in their real form. Online dating is a convenient platform for the cheaters, conspirators and impersonators.
Having observed both positive, as well as negative aspects of online dating, the paper concludes that there are positive as well as negative impacts of online dating. There are people who are benefited through online dating, but it is certain that online dating cannot replace the real life relationship. Online dating has various limitations and also has various negative aspects that overhaul its positive aspects. Online dating and love can be an opportunity, but it cannot be a solely reliable mode of relationship. People need to turn up towards the ground reality and look into real life relationship instead of online dating because it is not going to work in a longer span of time.

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