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As an employee at my future workplace, I will obviously have great dreams and aspirations. I have dreams of progressively moving up the ladder and becoming one of the senior staff in the organization and perhaps even the leader at some point. However, I have realized that such progression need to be carefully planned for; otherwise, it might not come to fruition. One of the things that I have learnt is that I need to seize more power and authority at my workplace. It is only through this that I will become an extremely valuable employee who the management will have no problem promoting and using as a role model.
I have always been a knowledgeable person, and I have come to the realization that this is something I can use to my advantage. Being knowledgeable gives me some sort of expert power over my fellow employees and even over some of my superiors. Many are the times I find my fellow students coming up to me to ask how particular things work and also to seek guidance on various school-related activities. I want this to continue even when I start working. I particular plan to use this power in an unsolicited manner so that I do not come across as condescending or patronizing. To boost this, I plan on seeking even more knowledge in my field of work. This will definitely boost my power in the organization and make a more valuable employee.
I will also embark on additional training and perhaps obtain special certifications that will aid the organization in the achievement of its objectives. I will also sell myself by for instance offering to teach and lecture others on subject on which I am proficient in and by doing this, I will essentially make myself a “hot commodity” in the organization and my power within the entity will be boosted.
I will have more power even at the negotiating table if the organization perceives that I am extremely valuable. As I have learned, the power of one party is dependent on the perception of the other party about the benefits that the first party brings to the table. Therefore, by becoming an extremely valuable person in the organization whether in terms of proficiency, knowledge and skill, even my bargaining power when it comes to things such as asking for a promotion will be accentuated.
I also plan to maximize on the aspect of referent power that I believe I am naturally endowed with because of my charisma. In addition, I believe that I can maximize on the concept of reciprocal identification. This will be through friendships. I plan on creating many friendships relationship with my co-workers whereby there will be sharing of valuable and personal information. By doing this, I will essentially be able to increase my overall value to others and in the process; I will gain more referent power that will be very beneficial to me in the long term.
Another thing I have learned is that I need to have a proper understanding of organizational politics if I have any hopes of advancing in the organization. In the organization, it is not only performance excellence that propels one up the hierarchy chain. For example, merely working hard may not be enough for me to create enough power for myself. Rather, I need to utilize a wide range of tactics. Perhaps the most important thing I have learnt is that social impressions and relations perhaps take precedence in terms of creating power and it is not only performance that guarantees power.

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