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Topic: Writer, Literature, Communication, Conflict, Relationships, Workplace, Belief, Attitude

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Published: 2021/03/20

InstructionsContext and Purpose for Writing: Did the writer demonstrate an understanding of the context and purpose for the writing such that the text has the writer's intended effect on an audience? Please explain. Give Examples.The writer has demonstrated a good understanding of the various concepts of the course and their applicability in real life situation. According to the writer, the concepts learnt in this class will help him/her to achieve his/her goals in life. For example, the writer as a leader is aiming to use the concept of the altitude to improve the out look and general perceptions at the work place. According to the writer, there is a lot of negative attitude at the work place which is hindering meaningful progress. Thus, the writer aims at using his/her position to change the attitude of colleagues and also help them in solving conflict which arises at workplace at various occasions.

Throughout the text, the writer has demonstrated how he/she is going to use the topics learned in class to improve relationship at the work place. As a leader, communication is the best weapon the writer has at his/her disposal. The writer aims at using the communication skills to solve conflicts and form meaningful relationship at the work place. As a leader, she/he needs to stand firm on her/his decision at her/his work place. Thus, some of the decision may bring conflict at the workplace. But the writer aims to standing firm but take into consideration opinion and feedbacks of others. Genre and Disciplinary Conventions: Did the writer use formal or informal rules for particular kinds of texts and/or media that guide formatting, organization, and stylistic choices appropriate for the assignment? Please explain and give examples.
This is an informal essay where the writer uses the first persona to describe how the concepts learned in class are going to benefit the writer, patient and colleagues. The writer has used titles and subtitle in designing the essay. Each paragraph is used to describe a certain subtopic such as team building, attitude, resolving conflicts, communication or self-awareness.Sources of Evidence: DId the writer use and source texts (written, oral, behavioral, visual, or other) to extend, argue with, develop, define. or shape the writer's ideas? Please explain and give examples.
The writer has used scholar sources in the essay to explain the applicability of the concepts in real life and working relationship with colleagues and patients at the workplace. For instance the writer has borrow some of the knowledge from Reece (2014) to explain how communication styles can used in different scenario at the work place.Control of Syntax and Merchanics: Did the writer use syntax and mechanics effectively to communicate ideas? Please explain and give examples.
The essay has excellent command of Syntax and Merchanics throughout from the introduction to the conclusion. The writer has broken the text into paragraph each explaining different ideas and examples. The paragraphs are made by both long and long sentences depending on the idea explained. The writer has also used transitions words to link or indicate transformation from one idea to another. This has enhanced the flow of the essay. Assign a grade to this paper (A = Impressed, B = Satisfied, C = Disappointed, and D = Troubled).D AI give the writer grade A. it is an excellent essay.

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