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William F. Baxter in his work state that “Waste is a bad thing. The dominant feature of human existence is scarcity.” This statement indicates how he cares about the environment particularly on how to deal with waste. He believes in the improvement of the environment and providence of a satisfactory life to every individual. Instead of viewing waste as unwanted materials it essential that the society to discover the various methods that may be used to recycle the materials. This paper aims at exploring the numerous philosophical views on waste and the varied methods on how to make them essential products in the society.
Basing on Baxter argument, the presence of waste in the environment may be regarded as overconsumption. This waste may also indicate that materials are not being used properly. This observation in turn may reduce the Earth capacity to deliver new raw materials that may be used in future. In addition, the accumulation of these materials limits the capacity of the natural environment to absorb and process the waste materials. This in turn causes a lot of stress to the ecosystem. In the real sense, some of the valuable materials such as energy and matter are also being wasted during the decomposing of the waste materials. These adverse effects make waste a bad thing that requires to be handled carefully.
However, Baxter argument regarding the waste and environmental pollution fails to understand that these are natural phenomena’s that must happen in the environment. He fails to recognize some of the important aspects of the ecosystems. Instead of condemning the process, the author needs to find the various mechanisms of how to deal with the problem and archive sustainable environment. These sustainable mechanisms should aim at a system that is local, requires less technology and focused on waste minimization. In order to achieve this aims, waste recycling and processing may play an important role. These processes will prove to be economically and environmentally beneficial.
Instead of condemning waste, it is important that nations should aspire to deal with waste in the most efficient manner. In urban and industrial centers, the flow of waste materials should be recycled in the most efficient manner. As individuals and household levels, people should start to recycle the materials practically using the most efficient and environmental friendly machines such as gray water systems, solar power and biogas generation. Organic waste may be quickly processed through vermicomposition and decomposition. These wastes may be channeled to produce methane gas that is rich sources of energy that can be used for domestic purposes. These processes to greater extend improve the health and fertility of the soil. Thus, these fertilizers will reduce he constant dependent on the inorganic fertilizers that are manufactured from the fossil fuels. In home gardens, the wastes may be shredded or chipped to be used as compost or mulch in the nearby farm. Food wastes are greater sources of food to some animals such as pigs.
Baxter in his work, fails to provide a solution to his challenge, instead he condemns the situation. It is important that the society to provide a Full Cycle as part of the solution to waste challenge. Moreover, there is a greater need to encourage one another to participate in the move since together we achieve more.

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