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Development of Technologies and its Impact in our Daily and Social Lives

Can you imagine your day without a laptop, mobile phone or other modern gadget? I am pretty sure that almost every person who lives in the 21st century will answer negatively to this question. Of course, computers, mobile phones, music players and other modern technologies have become a very important part of our lives. But these technologies didn't exist a hundred years ago and people at that time didn't even think of them. One may say that a couple centuries ago people did not need them.
According to Thomas's article, "Computers and TV take up half our lives as we spend seven hours a day using technology". The survey conducted by Thomas and Revoir (2010) finds out that the average person is awake for almost 16 hours per day, and spends about 50% of that time using technologies. This means that we use computers, mobile phones, TV, and other technologies for eight hours every day. Sometimes, they help us at work or in our studying as we get a lot of new information with their help.  Most of the time that we spend sitting in front of our computers is the time that we simply waste. Don't you think that our lives would be more full, fun and interesting without these modern technologies? The main idea of this essay is to study the development of modern technologies and the impact of technologies on society.


        "Technology reflects and shapes human history". Since ancient times people tried to develop new things to make their lives easier. People needed to trade and to sell their farm products. They had to count things and calculate their profit. At first, they used sticks to count items. Later on, they invented calculators, and then other technological devices, such as personal computers.
        All modern technologies are developed from past events. It was in the 20th century that the technologies developed significantly and became an important part of our lives. In the 1950s and 1960s only large companies and corporations could use computers. Computers were very big in size and too expensive. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were the founding fathers of Apple. These young men dreamed about changing the world. At the time, people never thought that Apple would bring a big impact. Apple I was the first personal computer in the world and this computer played a great role in the history of mankind.
        In 1957, Leonid Kupriyanovich created the first model of mobile phone which weighed about three kilograms. One year later, in 1958, weight of mobile phones has been reduced to 0.5 kg. But phones were still enormous. In 1983, Motorola Company released their first cellular phone. Although it was too big and its battery lasted only for one hour, this phone was the start of new technology in mobile phones.
        In my opinion, the most important and the greatest invention is the invention of the Internet. "Unlike light bulb or the telephone, the Internet has no single “inventor.” Instead, it has evolved over time" ( The history of the internet started about 50 years ago. At first, the Internet was used by the government in the Cold War. But nowadays, we use the Internet for different purposes in our daily life.


        Any technology and any gadget have a significant influence on people and their lives. And the thing is that we cannot avoid the influence. At first, let's think about positive aspects. Modern technologies is a unique source of information. You can find almost everything you are interested in with the Internet use. And it doesn't matter where you are because the information you need is all over the world.
        Moreover, modern technologies help us save time and make our live easier. For example, you don't need to go to a library anymore to do your final project. You don't have to go to school to turn in your project if are ill as you can simply e-mail it to your teacher. They can simply call their friend using mobile phones to ask the recipe or they can search the Internet.
        Nowadays, technologies are essential in any workplace. For example, if you are an engineer and you have to calculate all the time, computers can make it much faster and without any mistakes. All the managers, accountants, engineers and people of other professions need a computer at work. In fact, many businesses rely on modern technologies nowadays.
        Shopping has never been that easy. With the help of technologies, you don't even need to leave your house and go outside to buy things you want. All you need to do is order products online and they will be delivered right to your front door.
        Another great advantage of technologies is the function of communication. Computers and the Internet are very convenient ways to communicate. Video calls, social networks, phone calls become easier and easier. Also, emails are much faster and reliable than paper.
        Moreover, modern technologies help us find people we used to know at school reunite with them. We can also find new friends in the World Wide Web. We can always stay in touch with our relatives and friends who live in other countries.
        Technologies also save us some money. If you don't have enough money to go to the movies, for example, you can download a movie from the Internet or watch it online. There is no need to buy CDs when you want to listen to music at home. It is a great entertainment for young people.
        Modern technology can also affect us negatively. First of all, modern technologies may be dangerous to children. A lot of children get exposed to different things and negative information. They can find a lot of violent videos on the Internet. Such things can affect a child's development and his/her feelings. The problem is that it is difficult to protect kids from such information.
        Another disadvantage of modern technologies is that it really changes the way we used to communicate with others. Our communication is not the same anymore. Children don't go out to play with their friends in the streets. Instead, they play online games.
        We cannot live without texting or messaging online. So people see each other less and less. Many years ago contacting friends and relatives or meeting them every day was not so simple. Nowadays we simply send text-messages, asking "How r u?" and this is all we do to show some care. According to Algar, "A computer can know you better than your friends can".
        Another negative thing about technologies is the effect on our health. Most people usually sit in front of a TV or computer in a bad position. This results in neck and back pains. Sitting in front of a screen for a long time also has a negative impact on your vision. This may lead to headaches and your vision may get worse.
        We know that technologies really help us in studying. But on the other hand, they may have a negative impact on students at the same time. Instead of writing an original essay, students can simply copy it from the Internet.


        One may say that modern technologies make the process of studying much easier and convenient. Students don't need to carry several books in their bags as they can download them on their iPads or other gadgets. Some people say that technologies make schools and colleges more eco-friendly. Students don't have to print out their essays and other assignments as they can e-mail them to the teachers. TV screens and other technologies in class can may the lesson more interesting and fascination. Students can watch different videos or show presentations. Technologies help you track your attendance and your grades and keep in touch with teachers. But at the same, they make it easier to cheat on tests as your classmates may text the correct answers to each other. Of course, many students surf the Internet during their class and simply waste their time.


More and more often gadgets themselves become a huge issue. People try to access a specific feature when system suddenly fails on them. The technological boom of the last twenty years has led to the fact that today we live in a continuous electromagnetic field (CEF). The techno genic smog surrounds us at home, at work and even in transport. Radiation negatively influences human brain: there is a direct dependence between the development of malignancies and certain professions. People who constantly work with video display terminals, radio telephones, and radio transmitters have a way higher chance of cancer-stricken disease. The American police officers are compelled to constantly use radio transmitters, for example, the gadget that helps to find the nearby police buddies immediately. It does not only harm us, humans, but also has a huge impact on atmosphere and nature. In case of development of the technology, it is important to consider the regularities existing in the biosphere. The substances derived for needs of the person from the nature shall return to the biosphere in a way, suitable for switching biological circulation. Therefore, when engineers work on a new gadget, they need to be aware of all the harm it brings to the atmosphere, and, moreover, these harmful effects should also be revealed to consumers.
But thus we go on the dangerous road. We tend to put a lot of trust into computer storage devices and other mechanisms which fail from time to time. Moreover, people forget that all of those fancy devices are created by man. Because of this trust, we subject ourselves to a big danger as mechanisms can fail sooner or later. This might lead to some vital issues. One of the possible ways out would be to let less information flee to the web, keeping it private. Do not use real information when answering a secret registration question, do not use any numbers that represent your credit card or any identification card numbers.
Yet another vital issue with technology is that is has replaced some of the people's workplaces. The job that was done my men, now can be done by a machine. Not only a person loses his job, but also the quality of the work done might not be as high. Since the machine is not a human, and sometimes cannot foresee or swerve around the problem, it gives a high risk of errors to occur. The obvious solution to this problem is to stop buying expansive computerized technology to replace some jobs. Since it is common knowledge that something handmade is worth a lot more, that a thing done by a programmed device.
Another big deal about the effects that technology causes is peer pressure. With so many new gadgets that are coming out, people tend to keep up with everything and get the new device first. Well, when you are the only one who does not have an access to specific luxuries of modern society, you feel left out. As technology just creates a gap that people keep on falling into. The solution to this problem is probably unreal to fulfill, as people will not stop buying new gadgets. The best is to just do your best and at least be aware what is new on the market, knowing what is up to date.


        The development of modern technologies has significantly changed our lives. People have become more independent and they have more free time because of technologies they use. Their pace of living is becoming faster and faster.
        We depend on modern technologies. And we cannot imagine our lives without them. But we all need some time to stop and think about what is happening around us. We need to understand that our online lives are not as important as we think. We need some time to meet our friends and communicate with them face to face.

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