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They are organizations responsible of creating, enforcing, as well as applying laws that mediate conflict, develop governmental policy on an economy, and social systems. For example, political parties determine the flow of politics in a region. The concept is highly significant in the course by defining how a common body is significant in defining the politics of certain people.

Civic Virtue

It refers to the cultivation of habits of personal living that are essential for the wellbeing of the community. For example, an individual may practice civic virtue when they engage in activities such as voting, volunteering, as well as engaging in group activities for overall success of the society. The element is significant in defining the dedication of citizens to the normal welfare of their community even at the expense of personal interest.

Institutional performance

It may be defined as the measure of the achievements of an institution based on various roles that it is supposed to undertake. For example, the electoral body achieves its institutional performance if it is able to lead a democratic election. It is significant to the subject since it assists individuals in evaluating the performance of every organization.

Horizontal versus vertical political strategies

It is the analysis for two political strategies where horizontal strategy is bringing together all the forces, assets, and equal political tools while vertical political strategy means coming up with new political games. For example, if extensive political pressure exists in an atmosphere, the candidate must switch to the strategy that will eliminate the competitor. The strategies are useful in preparing students on the various political strategies useful in the field.

Depolarization of political elites

It refers to the inability to attach certain political elites to specific political parties. For example, a political figure in a certain country may lose position in a major party following his inability or difficulty in choosing the right party. The term is useful in defining the significance of a party to the success of every political figure.

Collective Goods Dilemma

It is a real-world decision where the results for any person rely on the decisions of all the parties involved. For example, if a political leader of a certain party makes irresponsible speeches, he or she is likely to attract negative responses, which are expensive to the party. It shows the significance of responsible speeches for political figures or leaders.

Hobbesian solution of third party enforcement

It refers to a solution that Hobbes gives in dealing with injustices that come up in contracts or covenants. He suggests the third party to be significant in resolving the problem if he or she was present when the contract was being signed. For instance, political parties sign agreements in the presence of a third party who will act as a witness in case of a bleach of the contract.

Social capital

It is the overall value of the social networks as well as the inclinations that result from the people that one knows. For example, in politics the junior contenders require connection to the politicians vying for the high positions following their inclinations to give them the social capital they require. To the course the element presents politics as a game of influence in terms of numbers.


It refers to the act of exchanging things with others for mutual benefits. For example, two countries may facilitate construction of an infrastructure jointly, with the aim of having common trade. To the course the term may indicate the relevance for interactions amongst politicians so that they may come up with alliances that will help them win an election

Networks of civic engagement 

They are connections to the public on the bid to get involved in the political processes that surround as well as affect people in a certain region. For example, people may come together to engage in a bid that will ensure they influence the results of an election by electing certain person. To the course, the term indicates the significance of masses in making political decisions.

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