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General information about the engine

The Pratt and Whitney JT9D engine was the first high bypass ratio jet engine to power a body airlines. The engine was tested with Boeing 767-200.. It is it is the family of great bypass ratio turbofan. The JT9D engine was developed as part of the design phases of the C-Galaxy. The engine was produced by Pratt and Whitney Company to produce the engine. After the production, the engine was chosen to power the Boeing 767. The engine was first tested in the year 1968 by the use of Boeing B-52E as a test bed. The engineered was used to power the Boeing 767 in the year 1969. This is the first time that the engine was accepted in the market. Furthermore, the engine has been widely used by other airplanes such as the Boeing 787 and the jets.
The JT9D-3 that entered the service in 1970 was constructed using the nickel and titanium alloys. The engine thus featured a single-stage fan with three stage low compressors coupled with two-stage high-pressure engine. The version of the JT9D weighed about 8,608 lb that is approximately 3,905 kg and was able to produce 43,500 lbf that is about 193,000N thrust. The JT9D engine was designed by the Pratt and Whitney F105 (Bonaccorsi 23). The family of the engine was succeeded by the PW, 4000 engines that have fewer parts compared to the first engine. The Pratt and Whitney engine JT9D-7R4E has been adopted in aircrafts for several years.

Fuel Economy

The Pratt and Whitney JT9D-7R4E engine that is used by Boeing 676 is a type of engine that is economical. The engine minimizes the use of fuel since it burns all the fuel. The burned fuel can produce the thrust that can propel the aircraft. Most of the aircraft industries prefer the Pratt and Whitney JT9D-7R4E engine since it provides high thrust with the use of less fuel. Because of the thrust that is produced by the engine, it can propel the aircraft for long distances.

Thrust Produced by the Engine

The Pratt and Whitney engine can produce a thrust of approximately 52,000 to 99,040 lbf. The thrust can propel the aircraft at a higher speed and for long hours. The thrust is considered ideal for aircrafts that require high energy and go for longer distances (Bonaccorsi,37). The engine has been used in heavy commercial aircrafts since it can sustain heavy aircrafts.

Pilot training and maintenance training

The engine produces high bypass energies, and most of the pilots were not trained previously on the use of this type of the engine. The training also could not take place since the engine was developed recently. The previously trained pilots on other engines can also use the engine, but they need some recap of the basic skills. The U.S has of late trained its pilots on this engine since the military mostly prefers the engine (Baughcum 41). The Pratt and Whitney Company have made the engines that can be maintained easily. The training carried out on pilots is significant as they can easily maintain the engine.

Maximum flight distance and critical altitude

The engine has ability to propel the aircraft to higher distance. It is recorded that the speed generated by the engine can move the aircraft very fast. This has made the military adopt the engine in its military aircrafts. The engine travels a distance of 52,457 Kilometers within an hour (Burgain,78). The can be used by aircrafts that fly at high altitudes. It can produce thrust that can propel the engine at high altitudes.

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