Qualitative Research Project Research Paper

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Published: 2020/12/14

This research paper attempts to discover why fellow students made Triton College their choice. The research entails conducting a focus group. The study investigates the qualities of the college that entices students to make the institution a college of their choice. Furthermore, the researcher is keen to know if students join the college due to influence from elsewhere or they had no any better option. Classmates are the key participants in this study, and the researcher engages them through interviewing them at the classroom or the library. The focus group that the study will employ involves interviewing several students, preferably the classmates at once to obtain their point of view on the research question.


The primary objective of this study is to acquire more insights about the students at Triton College. Therefore, in order to carry out this successfully, it is prudent to use focus groups as methods of obtaining data. In essence, this study will specifically target my classmates who recently joined the institution of learning. It involves interviewing at least three of my classmate on the typical day, mostly after classes. Classmates are the most relevant respondents to this research because of the ease in accessing and locating them. In addition, no or very little cost will be incurred. The interviews are scheduled to take at most fifteen minutes of the participants’ time. The interviews aim to be complete in not more than an hour, and because of this reason three respondents are the only one to be interviewed. The other remaining time the researcher utilizes to compile the responses. The study entails asking few open-ended questions to the respondents.
The most appropriate site to conduct this research is around the classroom immediately the students are out from a lesson. The location is ideal because the respondents are readily available and are mostly not in a hurry when the lesson is over. My interview starts by first introducing myself and clearly telling my respondents the purpose of the interview. What’s more, before the interview the permission of the participants must ask for and the time they are required to answered the questions. The central questions the respondents are expected to answer are the following: A. why did you prefer to join Triton College to begin furthering your education? B. What do you like the most about the education you are receiving at Triton College? C. what do you like the least about the education you are receiving at Triton College? D. What are some of the extra-curricular activities you enjoy while at Triton College? E. Would you recommend Triton College to family and friends who are considering returning to school or to further their education? Why or why not? The five questions are deemed appropriate to this research because the students are free to give their honest opinions about the experience in the college. In addition, the questions will generate diverse responses from the students as oppose to using a yes/no questions.


Quality of education, experienced lecturers, and the modern learning facilities emerged out as the main reason as to why students join Triton College. All the respondents stated that Triton is well-known for high quality of education and its reputation of producing marketable graduates. Other factors that came out from the study include availability of accommodation facilities, sporting activities and popularity of the institution.


The outcomes from this research project indicate that students mostly join Triton College chiefly because of its quality education attributed by the experienced lecturers and modern learning facilities. Furthermore, popularity of the institution and the co-curricular activities also attracts students to attend the learning institutions.


The responses of the respondents to the five questions asked were as follows:
Respondent 1
Question a: “I can say I joined Triton College because of two reasons; quality education and its excellent learning facilities”.
Question b: “what I like most about the education I am receiving at Triton is the education system is up to date.”
Question c: “the least I like on receiving the education at Triton is long distance between the library and my living room.”

Question d: “being a member of the college table-tennis team is amazing”.

Question e: “I will recommend, the quality of education is high.”
Respondents 2
Question a: “I joined Triton because its experienced lectures, the college is famous for excellent lectures.”
Question b: “the most exciting about receiving an education here is the good lecturer-student relations especially on academic issues.”
Question c: “the least I like on receiving education here is the strictness on fees payment.”
Question d: “I enjoyed participating in the cultural events.”
Question e: “I will recommend my relatives and friends to join this great institution. It has modern learning facilities and all that a student needs to excel in studies”.

Respondent 3

Question a: “I joined this college because it is a popular institution known for producing the famous persons in the various sectors.”
Question b: “what is so thrilling about receiving an education at Triton is the lecturers’ dedication to helping students and the availability of updated reading material.”

Question c: “the least I like about the receiving education here is limited chances available for student exchange programs.”

Question d” I love the playing for the college volleyball team “
Question e: “Sure I will recommend everyone I know to join the college. The lecturers are excellent, and the library is well-equipped with learning materials.

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