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Published: 2020/11/02

I believe that all forms of racism, no matter how they were manifested, deny the dignity of the human person, it is pricelessness, and prevent the strengthening of the unity of mankind. We should never forget the terrible consequences that remained after World War II, millions of ruined and broken lives and destroyed families. And it is wrong to think that it's somewhere in the distant past or thousands of miles away from us. It must be remembered that racism begins among the common people, from our relationships with each other, from our carelessness and insensitivity. It is right to let the past be a lesson about the situation that will never happen again either among us or among our descendants.
So if I had to explain what racism is to someone who is called «Joe Six-Pack,» and not really involved in thinking, I would probably do my best to explain him that racism is the theory that attributes superiority or inferiority of certain racial or ethnic groups, justifying the right of some people to dominate others or to reject them. Trying to make him understand that racism is totally unacceptable.
Race is a historically established territorial group of people related by their origins, which are expressed in common hereditary, morphological and physiological characteristics that vary within certain limits.
Race is supposed to be the morphological concept of biology. Races are differentiated on the grounds that basically include: skin color, eye shape, form and color of hair, and other. Races are genotypes and phenotypes of human beings that are differentiated by different geographical and genetic isolation. (White 2014)
Ancestry is a concept that is rather cultural, because it includes features such as tradition, language, religion, etc. The basis of the formation of ancestry groups is the same geographical isolation, but without taking into account the selection of genotypes. The concept of race is broader than the concept of ancestry. I see the difference between the notion of race and ancestry as an allegory, according to which, for some period of time race evolves as a single tree trunk, that at a certain point becomes like a crown of apple trees in which the trunk itself disappears, turning into a bunch of branches emanating from it, which are ancestries.(White 2014)


White, M. (2014). Why Your Race Isn't Genetic. Psmag.com. Retrieved 6 February 2015, from http://www.psmag.com/nature-and-technology/why-your-race-isnt-genetic-82475

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