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Adolf Hitler is described as the leader of Nazi Germany (National Socialist) Party, head of the German fascist state (1933-45), the major war criminal. Was born in April 20, 1889 in Braunau, Austria-Hungary. In September 1907, Hitler left his mother and moved to Vienna hoping to become a great artist. Twice he fail the tests at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. To earn something for living he begin to pain postcard and advertisements. Years of residence in Vienna for Hitler will be considered as the most instructive in his life. Of particular influence on him made works of L. von Liebenfels, who argued that the future dictator must protect the Aryan race, enslaving or killing subhuman. May 24, 1913, Hitler left Vienna and moved to Munich When the First World War started he volunteered for the German army and was connected with western front ( 2015). As corporal, was wounded twice, and awarded for braver with "Iron Cross" second and first degree. After the armistice, Hitler returned to Munich and was enlisted in the army reconnaissance regiment. He was appointed to monitor the political parties, and September 12, 1919, he joined the German Workers' Party - one of many nationalist and racist groups. Over the next two years, Hitler changed the name of the party to the Nazi Party. Party preached militant racism, anti-Semitism, rejection of liberal democracy, the principle of "Führer". In 1923, Hitler decided that he could carry out his promise to "march on Berlin" and overthrow the "Jewish-Marxist traitors." Preparing for it, he met with a war hero General E.Lyudendorfom. At night, November 8, 1923 in Munich beer hall "Bürgerbräukeller" Hitler proclaimed the "national revolution". The next day, Hitler, Ludendorff, and other party leaders led the column of the Nazis, sent to the city center. They intercepted the police cordon, but police opened fire on the demonstrators, Hitler escaped and "Beer Hall Putsch" has failed. Tried for treason, Hitler turned the dock into a propaganda platform; he accused the president of the republic of betrayal and vowed that the day will come when he will give his accusers in court. Hitler was sentenced to five years' imprisonment, but was released from Landsberg prison in less than a year.
Hitler changed his plans and decided to come to power legally. He reorganized the party and launched an intensive campaign to collect votes. In his speeches Hitler repeated the same theme: revenge for the Treaty of Versailles, to crush the "traitors of the Weimar Republic," to exterminate the Jews and communists, to revive the great fatherland. He enjoyed particular success in World War I veterans and representatives of small businesses, as these groups are particularly stung by the humiliation of defeat, the threat of communism, fear of unemployment and felt the need for a strong leader. By the summer of 1934, Hitler was faced with serious opposition in the ranks of his party ( 2015). "Old soldiers" SA storm troopers led by E.Remom demanded more radical social reforms, called "second revolution" and insisted on the need to strengthen their role in the armed forces. Against such radicalism and claims the leadership of the SA Army were German generals. Hitler needs the support of the army and himself fearing uncontrollability storm troopers, spoke out against former associates. Accusing Remus in the killing of Hitler, he arranged the massacre June 30, 1934 ("Night of the Long Knives"), during which they killed several hundred executives CA, including Rem ( 2015). Soon army officers swore allegiance to the constitution or not the country but Hitler himself. The Chief Justice of Germany declared that "the law and the constitution - it is the will of our Fuhrer." Hitler started establishing a secret police (Gestapo), creating concentration camps, the Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. The Jews declared the worst enemies of mankind, were deprived of their rights and subjected to public humiliation.
Received from the Reichstag dictatorial powers, Hitler began preparations for war. Violating the Treaty of Versailles he restores conscription and creates a powerful air force (HISTORY 2013). In 1936 he sent troops into the demilitarized Rhineland, and refused to recognize the Treaty of Locarno (HISTORY 2013). Together with Mussolini, Hitler supported Franco in the Spanish Civil War and laid the foundations for the creation of an axis of Rome - Berlin. He has made aggressive diplomatic action against potential enemies both in the West and in the East, pumping international tension. In 1938, as a result of the so-called Anschluss to the Third Reich, Austria was annexed (Encyclopedia Britannica 2014). September 29, 1938, Hitler met with Mussolini in Munich with British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and French Prime Minister Daladier; the parties agreed to rejection of the Sudetenland (with German-speaking population) from Czechoslovakia (Encyclopedia Britannica 2014). In mid-October, German troops occupied the area, and Hitler began to prepare for the next "crisis". March 15, 1939, German troops occupied Prague, completed the acquisition of Czechoslovakia ( 2015). In August 1939, Germany and the USSR with a rare cynicism on both sides signed a non-aggression pact which unleashed Hitler hands on the east and gave him the opportunity to focus on the destruction of Europe. 1 September 1939 the German army invaded Poland, which was the beginning of World War II ( 2015). Hitler took over command of the armed forces and imposed their own plan of warfare, despite the strong resistance of the army leadership, in particular, the Chief of the General Staff of the Army General L. Beck, who insisted that Germany is not enough forces to defeat the Allies (Britain and France), declared war on Hitler. After the capture of Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium and finally France Hitler - not without hesitation - decided to invade England. In October 1940 he issued a directive on "Operation Sea Lion" - the code name of the invasion. In Hitler's plans included and the conquest of the Soviet Union. Considering that the time has come for this, Hitler has taken steps to support Japan in its conflict with the United States. He hoped that in this way will keep America from interfering in the European conflict. Yet Hitler failed to convince the Japanese that the war with the Soviet Union will bring success, and later he was confronted with the daunting fact of the Soviet-Japanese Neutrality Pact. In 1945 he fails to win World War II and commits suicide.

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