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Healthcare Partners, Inc.
Company Background
Healthcare Partners, Inc. is regarded to be a division of DaVita Healthcare Partners, Inc.; it is focused on offering information, various services as well as new technologies within the healthcare area. Currently, Healthcare Partners enlists approximately10 thousand people nationwide. Speaking about the diversity of intangible products, it is worth saying say that Healthcare Partners regularly deals with supplies of marketing information, collection of healthcare data, de-identified instructions of medical practitioners, medical cases, numerous EMRs, and social media. As for the competitors, it is possible to name such as Kantar Group, Nielsen Company, and GFK AG, all of which reach nearly two million in sales annually.
Since 1992 Healthcare Partners has been developed, including eight basic provisions that could guide the firm to global leadership in terms of marketing research and analysis. Those are impartiality, thoroughness, accuracy, integrity, economy, price, delivery and service. As for this paper, it is mainly aimed at analyzing the company’s intention to open its subsidiary in Singapore. The paper is focused on preparing a report recommendation on job design, recruitment and selection strategies that Healthcare Partners should adopt in order to fulfill its staffing needs due to the impending launch in Singapore.

Selection Strategy

Concerning the issue of looking to open its subsidiary in Singapore, it is obvious that the company despite the fact it is recognised for its high quality worldwide, the change of the current strategy is inevitable. The thing is that each marketplace is unique requiring individual approach in order to succeed. The successful marketing strategy has led to effective geo-demographic market segmentation, dividing customers in young adopters and affluent ones.
The marketing advantage is also increased because of Healthcare Partners. Pursuing various partnerships and alliances, the company is intended to offer more innovative technological solutions to get more Internet marketplace. As for the subsidiary in Singapore, it is worth saying that the successful business model is possible only under the favorable conditions (Clinton, 2006).The point is that the human resources manager is obliged have all interrelated elements at their best. First, the successful environment within the organization must be provided. The company has to possess the strong leaders within the staff, who can be in charge of decision making and the development of new strategies. What is more, the leadership of the company should use the results of the analysis and develop a specific strategy.
It is also necessary to take into account the need to build a security architecture which would provide a safe connection between network nodes, data privacy and integrity. It would be a complex of mechanisms which work effectively in order to control the access to the company’s information and prevent or forbid different kinds of attacks (Balakrishnan, 2009).

Financial Analysis

The subsidiary of Healthcare Partners in Singapore is likely to be medium-sized company. Consequently, it cannot afford to hire, for instance, many pharmaceutical and IT specialists. To my mind, the best solution it is to hire up to twenty experts within this field of studies. The experts within the discussion field cost a lot. Obviously, it is a real disaster for the budget of the company; however, hiring exceptionally experienced personnel can bring revenues. In reality about twenty excellent specialists can effectively organize the work, and, maybe, the company will be able to dismiss some useless staff.
Besides the costs on the specialists, the company should also spend some money for the training courses for its staff. The company needs well-educated and skilled staff that would feel free with electronic managing of the healthcare industry, and such employees will make much more less mistakes and will work much more effective.

Cost Allocation System

The cost allocation system is totally based upon HR management, which centers human resources as the main part of the whole system. The stakeholder perspective for cost allocation is irrelevant, because the subsidiary is likely to utilize this system only internally. Respectively, costs in terms of HR and accounting divisions are distributed between employers, employees, planning and implementation managers and supervisors. Additionally, expenditure is spent to cover durable equipment, office sustainability and other financed action aimed at developing some innovative projects and systems to promote their services in the growing markets.
Concerning the subsidiary in Singapore, it can be stated that all expenditures on the IT and pharmaceutical departments are likely to be re-covered by the profit of the Internet advertisements. That is the reason why successful website will attract many new clients.

Recruitment Strategy for Singapore

Such issue as recruiting strategy is importance for carrying a successful business. Managers need to pay a lot of attention to work with both – employees and clients in order to attract new and maintain available consumers.
The term recruitment means the process of attracting, selecting, and engaging a well-qualified person for a job. This business process is one of the major duties of HR managers. Correct employee choice may assist in performance and income increase as well as staff loyalty magnification. However, improper selection usually leads to staff turnover or to incompetent personnel. There are a few ways of new employees search, such as mass recruiting, executive search for finding a rare specialist and headhunting for seeking or eenticing a specific person.
Human resources recruitment is a strategic activity of a company targeted to interest its employees in further work for the company despite some temporary difficulties or possible profitable job proposals from other firms. It is worth saying that the subsidiary in Singapore has to make an emphasis on the safety and financial independence of the employees.
It is a good idea to offer Benefits, Compensation, Recognition and Performance, Work-Life and Career and Development opportunities. These programs aim to increase the staff’s flexibility, improve recruitment, cut on the cost of labor and turnover, increase the visibility of experience and positively affect profitability by using different moral and material compensations. The company should provide its employees with competitive salaries concerning their experience and skill level. Its every reward fits the organizational and personal goal, therefore by careful analyzing the strategy of each component of the program, the employers can maximize the efficiency.

Job Design

The framework of the enterprise in Singapore needs to incorporate efficient decision-making procedure, experienced personnel and clear division of the functions. The milestone of the creative architecture is the innovative IT department that will alter the principles of running business. The IT department will be integrated in all the areas of the company, including such as administration, technical department, planning and financial, HR and accounting department. What is more, the customers will have the chance to conduct the orders online. Evidently, all the above mentioned elements are of great importance; they have to be taken into account when adopting a new approach to running business.

IT expert

Despite the fact that the IT expert is believed to meet high level of responsibility for maintenance of all the software and hardware equipment essentials, some obstacles still occur. Indisputably, the sector of IT Department is characterized by the list of the specific tasks necessary to be fulfilled; all in all, it is extremely difficult to keep step with permanently developing present epoch of technological change. As a result, the inability to match all the requirements of the latest standards results in different troubles. Consequently, there is urgent need to make improvements in terms of work design.
One of the most widespread causes of emergence is the hardware error. To encourage the awareness of working stuff, there should be done certain things. They are as follows:

Placing preventive posters;

Following the signs;
Putting the banners with some catchy slogan.
The administration is obliged to fulfil the following things:
Regarding workforce for well done performance;
Organizing special trainings.
One should be aware of the fact that it is about the last decade that raised the rating of the physicians who are likely to provide high quality care (Adler & Stewart, 2007); what is more, the patients are also interested in lower costs. The thing is that there are many negative factors which badly influence the health of people and cause numerous illnesses. Consequently, many private hospitals are interested in the principles of preventive medicine that the Healthcare Partners is basically aimed at. Physician networks are in charge of the following things:

Testing general public for possible diseases;

Providing adequate reports;
Offering the ideas on life maintenance for patients;
Giving suggestions on how to stabilize, treat, and manage patient states;
Providing some psychological advices
All in all, it is also worth mentioning the fact that the physicians also need to follow principle of accuracy and adequacy in the forecasts they are responsible for (Orentlicher, 2010). The thing is that this field of studies is likely to entail a number of inaccuracies, which can lead to negative effects, including improper medical treatment (Greene, 2007). Consequently, the work design has to be grounded on the principles of tight control in order to prevent the error probability.


It is obvious that the subsidiary of Healthcare Partners in Singapore is quite a serious step requiring the complex of managerial studies before opening it. Apart from that, the senior management needs to seek the ways in order to promote their services; it is likely to increase the overall awareness and enhance the trust. The development of a strong brand should be supported by reliable decision-making management. Promotion of programs through the Internet is also a nice option to be taken into account. This may help to attract more customers through personal website. They should also think more about implementation of the wide range of the programs with regards to hiring the certified professionals. Revision of Consumers' wants and the introduction of individual center-based and private training to meet the needs of customers can serve as an effective step to business improvement and profitability.


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