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In a world ruled by technology, the current advancement in automobiles is bringing new features for entertainment, safety, innovation, and usefulness. A lot of new technologies for the cars are either particularly created for safety or have some type of safety focus. A number of car innovations are extremely exciting technologies that have the capacity to revolutionize the automotive business and the transportation of people in general.
Car producers and the government of the United States are seriously taking into account and investigating two technologies that would allow future automobiles to communicate with one another and with the surrounding objects.

Future innovations

With technology getting better and better by day, the general consensus is that there is a bright future in the industry. Innovations have taken a toll order in coming up with certain aspects that make driving an enjoyable exercise. Among the areas technology has influenced is as regards to the costs and the affordability of such new vices. High-end technology means that the cost will go up.

A. Safety and Traffic

As indicated by government agencies, each year, 34,000 individuals in the United States and around 1.24 million individuals die in vehicular accidents (Staszewski & Estl, 2013). Vehicular accidents remain the main reason for death of many teenagers and young adults in the United States and are high on the rundown of reasons for death for younger group. More than these fatalities are also the great number of injuries and higher cost of repairs. Vehicle control embodies not just a striking chance to upgrade safety in the road, but likewise a flourishing business sector for companies that provide the empowering electronic innovation (Staszewski & Estl, 2013). Active safety frameworks embody a quickly developing part of the $26 billion USD spent at present for electronic parts in vehicles around the world (Staszewski & Estl, 2013).
Leading-edge semiconductor arrangements will help hasten the presentation of these new abilities, introducing more noteworthy safety while partaking in the huge business sector. Dynamic safety relies on various things, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), an arrangement of hardware based advances that are intended to support in safe vehicle operation. ADAS advancements help counteract misfortunes by keeping automobiles at safe distances, alarming drivers to perilous conditions, giving protection to those in the car and in the city from terrible driving propensities, and performing other security related operations (Staszewski & Estl, 2013). ADAS additionally gives works that will serve as essential components of computer-controlled self-sufficient operation later on.
Car producers are dashing to bring driver help abilities into new automobiles, with the business sector accessibility of numerous highlights expanding consistently (Staszewski & Estl, 2013). To give ADAS and computerized vehicle control, automobile producers must depend on driving semiconductor suppliers for a scope of cutting edge coordinated circuit advances that can precisely and dependably bolster a mixture of outer sensors, impart among the auto's distinctive frameworks, what's more, give superior, heterogeneous preparing for the computer vision and choice making that are required in vehicle control (Staszewski & Estl, 2013) .

B. Automobile positioner

The increasing number of accidents, the main objective of automobile owners is to allow automobiles to communicate with each other. This would make the people aware of the area with congested traffic. In addition, this would also enable drivers to communicate any form of accidents on the road. Having the capacity to communicate with one another would increase people’s safety and reduce the number of accidents. In addition, future automobiles, because of their safer and more secured features, this could guarantee a reduced number of accidents on the road. This would likewise save lives, time, and money.
An evidence of the new form of technology is in the way a car obtains a signal from other automobiles as it is directly in the path and provides warning of possible collision, or automatically hits the brakes to prevent any untoward accident. An emerging technology referred to as vehicle-to-vehicle communication is being evaluated by producers such as Ford as a means to aid in reducing the number of accidents. Vehicle-to-vehicle communication operates through the use of wireless signals to deliver information between automobiles concerning their speed, direction, and location. The information is conveyed to other cars so as to offer information on the best way to keep safe distances between vehicles.
One of the future cars that are carefully assessed by car producers is the self-driving car. A lot of movies and television shows have had the concept and there already exists automobiles on the road that have the ability to park themselves. Nevertheless, a real self-driving car entails that car that can drive independently. In Nevada and California, Google engineers have conducted a test to self-driving automobiles on over 200,000 miles of roads and public highways (Neiger, 2015). These cars document the images of the highways, yet their electronic maps are able to see signs on the road, seek alternative roués, and perceive traffic lights before they become visible to humans. Through the use of cameras, radars, and lasers, the automobiles can examine and process data concerning their environment quicker than a human being is able to do.
If self-driving automobiles are able to achieve mass production, people will have a lot more time to spend on other activities (Neiger, 2015). Statistics suggest that Americans spend a hundred hours each year getting stuck on traffic. Automobiles that drive themselves would have the choice to to participate in platooning, where different automobiles drive closely to one another and function as a single unit. A few individuals think platooning would diminish highway accidents in light of the fact that the automobiles would be conveying and responding to one another altogether, in the absence of the on-going diversions that drivers are confronted with.
In a number of Google's evaluations, the automobiles found out the points of interest of a highway by driving on it a few times. When it was about time to maneuver the car, it had the capacity to distinguish when there was presence of pedestrian lanes and ceased to give them a chance to stop by. Self-driving automobiles could create for a more secure transportation for people by wiping out the reason for 95 percent of accidents happening at present - human error (Neiger, 2015). Albeit self-driving automobiles may appear to be far off, General Motors has effectively done its own evaluation and a few individuals accept that the possibility of seeing self-driving car in the next ten years.
GPS as well as other displays of in-car are excellent for driving from one place to another and a number of high-end cars have displays found on their windshield (Neiger, 2015). Nonetheless, in the coming years, automobiles will have the capacity to recognize outside objects that are in front of the driver and present data concerning them on the windshield. BMW has officially adopted a windshield display in a number of their automobiles which shows fundamental data, but at the same time they are creating augmented reality dashboards that have the capacity to distinguish objects located in front of the vehicle and inform the driver the distance from the object. The augmented reality dashboards will intersect data on top of what a driver sees in actual.
Hence, in the event that the driver is approaching an automobile too rapidly, a red box may show up on the automobile demonstrating some generally accepted methods to move into a certain path before a car crashes into another vehicle. An expanded reality GPS framework could emphasize the genuine path the driver has to be in and demonstrate where to turn without you always needing to remove one’s gaze off the street.
BMW is likewise examining the utilization of augmented reality for motorized technicians (Neiger, 2015). They created a video in which a technician from BMW utilizes AR glasses to view a machine, recognize what portions need to be substituted and then displays step-by-step directions on how to repair it. Augmented reality is also being investigated for commuters as well. Toyota has created working ideas of their augmented reality framework that would permit travelers to zoom in on articles outside of the automobile, select and recognize objects, and perceive the distance of an object from the automobile utilizing a touch-screen window.
Mercedes is exploring different avenues regarding airbags that convey from underneath the automobile that will help stop a vehicle before an accident happens (Neiger, 2015). The airbags are a piece of the general dynamic security framework and send when sensors confirm that effect is inescapable. The packs have a contact covering that aides back the automobile off and halt the force of the vehicle. The packs additionally lift the vehicle up to eight centimeters, which counters the car's plunging movement amid hard braking. The packs additionally lift the vehicle up to eight centimeters, which counters the automobile’s plunging movement amid hard braking, enhances bumper to bumper contact.
Exxon Mobil forecasts that by 2040, 50% of all new automobiles falling off the manufacturing line will be half breeds (Neiger, 2015). This would be beneficial to the environment; however, one of the issues with crossovers is that the batteries take up a ton of space and are overwhelming. Indeed, even with advances in lithium-particle batteries, mixtures have a lot of weight from their batteries. That is the place vitality putting away body boards come in.
In Europe, a gathering of nine automobile makers are now exploring and testing body boards that can store vitality and charge speedier than customary batteries of today. The body boards being tried are made of polymer fiber and carbon tar that are sufficiently solid to be utilized as a part of vehicles and sufficiently flexible to be shaped into boards. These boards could diminish an automobile's weight by up to 15 percent (Neiger, 2015).
The boards would catch vitality created by advancements like regenerative braking or when the automobile is connected to overnight and after that bolster that vitality back to the automobile when its required. Not just would this assistance diminish the measure of cross breed batteries, however the additional investment funds in weight would take out squandered vitality used to move the weight from the batteries. Toyota is likewise investigating lightweight vitality putting away boards, however they are making it one stride further and inquiring about body boards that would really catch sun based vitality and store it in a lightweight board.
C. Political Objections
In the article titled “Services Innovation”, Tien (2000) addresses matters dealing with innovation in full compass. Similar to past studies discussed, Tien (2000) takes the approach that better technology would translate to better benefits, subsequently high prices. Because of such a trend, there is need for the government to subsidize by giving tax breaks so that people can own such automobiles (Tien, 2000).
D. Legal issues
One of the cars being proposed for the future is the so-called driverless cars (Miller, 2015). There is little uncertainty that the innovation behind driverless automobiles is almost sufficiently exceptional for standard utilization. The greater question about driverless automobiles is a lawful one. Who is capable when something happens?
Driverless automobiles should be much more secure than automobiles driven by individuals in light of the fact that they do not make human mistakes (Miller, 2015). However mishaps appear to be inexorable. What happens when a driverless auto slaughters somebody remains to be a question. Amid an exhibit conducted involving automobiles, a detectable behavioral characteristic that the Lexus showed was that it appeared to move to another lane with accentuation, keeping away from the continuous wandering starting with one path then onto the next as a human driver may do. As robots get to be standard, administrators will need to ponder how to oversee machines and consider programming responsible (Miller, 2015). Just four states and the District of Columbia have passed laws particular to driverless automobiles, some simply permitting producers to test automobiles and none noting each legitimate inquiry that may come up.
Anyhow, legal advisors, scholastics and the automobiles producers claim none of these issues are liable to avert heading toward one’s automobile from taking off, on the grounds that current risk laws give some direction (Miller, 2015). A greater deterrent than the law may end up being individuals' own instinctive reasons for fear of these robots. In instances of stopping or activity tickets, the holder of the car would probably be considered in charge of paying the ticket, regardless of the possibility that the car and not the manager infringed upon the law. On account of a crash that harms or kills another person, numerous gatherings would be liable to sue each other, yet after everything, the car’s maker, in the same way as BMW or Google would most likely be considered dependable, at any rate for common punishments (Miller, 2015).

E. Cost

Brzeska et al. (2007) emphasized how top end models have inculcated technology effectively. As expected, the prices tend to shot up when this is the case. The authors go on to address the issue regarding the costs and the possible benefits (Brzeska et al., 2007). According to the authors, it is apparent that the costs for such vehicles should depend on the benefits that come along. Steinback et al. (2012) discussed the issue of pricing stating that the cost of the cars would depend on the benefits derived from certain automobiles (Steinbach et al., 2012). Better technology would certainly warrant high prices. In the future, the Steinback et al (2012) argue that prices will shoot up because of better technology. Vincentelli et al. (2008) discuss the future of technology and the role that innovations have played in increasing individual comfort. With this in mind, the authors claim that technology will necessarily lead to exorbitant price (Vincentelli et al., 2008). However, such pricing should depend on the benefits available. This is a good source of such information.

F. Considerations and Effects

There are several considerations and effects that must be taken into account when discussing about the future automobiles. The road to a driverless car is perceived to be bumpy. This is in light of the fact that technical hurdles continue. And with a lot of these kinds of innovations, the self-driving car will hit only the high-end market. Moreover, the self-driving car is not as it is at all. It will necessitate a capable and licensed driver to override the computer in the event that the car is lost or in danger. New technologies tend to trigger a lot of anxieties and suspicions. A number of flaws in the self-driving automobile innovation may not be completely obvious until they are put to a genuine street test. Machines can respond quicker and more typically than people, however blending machines and people on the same street is prone to prompt erratic sorts of mishaps. If genuinely driverless automobiles can be made to work dependably and sold at conservative costs, and if they are not determined from the business sector by certain product liability claims, the driverless cars could have a sensational impact on the general public.


The future of automobiles is filled with innovations and unthinkable improvements. From horses to humans to robots, all these will be made possible in the coming years. However, certain legal issues and uncertainties have to be responded to before these things can come into fruition. First, it is essential to consider the impacts that the new automobiles would have on the economic condition of the country, the environmental impacts, and the safety and security it can bring to the drivers and to the public at large. King lived with values and morality.


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