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Interviewing and Hiring Process for a federal agency

The federal government of United States of America has organized for internship and permanent job opportunities for American citizens. However, such positions are only available to American citizens who satisfy the requirement of the recruiting agency. Some of the requirement one is supposed to fulfill is the status and level of ones academics, working experience, field of study, dressing code, and geographical location among others. With regard to this brief overview, the paper seeks to conduct an analysis that highlight the process of hiring interns in the federal agency.

For a student to secure an internship position in the Federal Agency of the government, he or she must be a genuine citizen of America and of more than 18 years of age and of a sound mind. However, in some circumstances, a foreign student or one that has international experience may qualify depending on the field of study. The student must be continuing with studies in either high school, college, or the University. The student should not have engaged in illegal drug trafficking or must not have taken drugs for the last two years. Additionally, he or she must not have been convicted in the court of law for a felony. The student should provide accurate and verifiable data to the hiring the agency and be ready to take full responsibility of anything whatsoever, regarding the hiring process and the internship program. Some of the liabilities taken by the student upon hiring include organizing for housing, and travel arrangement among other responsibilities.
The school or learning institution in which the student takes his or her studies is supposed to recommend the student and approve him or her to take part in the internship. Furthermore, there is the need for the student to have a sound academic record of accomplishment (above average) to allow him qualify for the internship. This means that a school academic clearance is needed by the Federal Agency. The student needs to have a clear credit history that exonerates him or her any financial irresponsibility. There is the need to have a clearance or medical examination report that indicate the physical and healthy fitness to ensure that one who take part in the process does not suffer from terminal diseases or have any medical complication.
In terms of dressing and code of conduct, a student must be ready to adhere to the laid down rules and regulations as provided by the agency and avoid any form of flouting them. For instance, it is known that student interns are supposed to work for more than 30hours per week. Apart from that, a student must put on official clothing that include trouser suits and official blouse for women and suits or any other official clothing for men. This is meant to avoid situation whereby students behave weirdly because their dress code does not define whom they are. The student applicant should be able to communicate fluently in English and express him or herself through writing in the same language. However, in other special circumstances, the official language of may be specified.

Preparing for interviews

After going through the application process successfully, it is obviously that a student may qualify to be shortlisted for interview process and as such, the student needs to prepare. In most cases, a student may receive a call or email indicating that he or she has qualified and that he should attend an interview for the applied position and a given place and time. In such cases, a student is supposed to note the name of the caller, agency where the interview is supposed to take place, the time for the interview and who to contact on arrival. Before the call hangs up or before closing the email, a student is supposed to establish from the caller or sender of email some of the things one is expected to carry during the interview date (Damp 18).
Then, the student is supposed to research about the agency in details because most of the questions one expects are supposed to relate to the operations of the agency. Apart from that, the student should find out how long the security checks (at the gate, or parking bay) should take to avoid lateness for the interview. This will also mean that, the student should establish how busy is the road or railway terminals to the interviewing agency. Such knowledge will help the student to prepare in advance and arrange to travel in advance.
Before going, the student is supposed to conduct a pre-visit a day prior to the interview to find out the exact location of the place and at least establish a rapport with either the secretary or one of the interviewing panelists who is supposed to give additional information about the interview. Apart from that, the student is supposed to look for necessary documents and put them in a place that they can be accessed easily come the interview date. Photocopying of official documents and curriculum vitae are supposed to be done in advance. During the day of the interview, a student is supposed to wear dark colored or neutral suits and other official clothing that the agency might have suggested. During the interview, the student is supposed to maintain eye contact, be thorough, and prepare to sell his or herself to the panelists.

The interviewing process

The process of interview and selection at the federal agency is usually free and fair. In this case, once the job positions have been posted or advertised, online applications portals are opened for viable candidates to apply. The application process depends on the Federal agency, and the need or urgency of new employees among other reasons. After the application are closed, the human resource department categorize the application, and select students based on merit, experience and those that met the minimum qualification (Troutman 49). This step is followed by analysis of the students and the preparation of final list that will appear on the interview. It may take time depending on the number of applicants or degree of analysis of applicants. After that, successful candidates are called or notified about the interviews. At this point, the federal agency conducts a background information of the students regarding educational qualification, experience, and capabilities of the candidates they are expecting to meet during the interviews.
Then, interviews are conducted and the nature or length of the interview may be determined by the agency. In most cases, a panel of three to five may conduct interviews and the length of time of conducting interviews depends on the number of candidates or the details about the interview. During the interviews, students are ranked based on a number of aspects. The best performed student have high chances of getting the job. Whoever gets the job, accepts the offer of the internship or job by signing the appointment letter. A student should note that, appearing on interviews does not guarantee one for the job. Once the Federal Agency has identified the successful candidates for the internship or job position, other terms and conditions of the internship are negotiated. After that, other students who attended the interviews are notified of their frustrations or inability to make it after the interview process.


The Federal Agency usually provides internship chances for American citizens who are students in high school, college, or Universities. For a student to qualify for an internship position, there are a number of requirement one is supposed to meet. A student is supposed to be an American citizen, be of 18years of age, and be a continuing student in one of the learning institutions in America. After meeting the qualifications or requirements, one might appear for scheduled interviews, which determine his chances of getting the internships. The interview process is usually thorough to establish the capabilities of the student. After the interviews, successful candidates are notified and are invited to sign appointment letters, which shows the terms and conditions of the program or service and the expected remunerations or salary. Once the Federal Agency has identified the successful candidates, other candidates who appeared on the interviews, but were unsuccessful are notified by email or phone about their fate because the failure to do this lowers their morale to apply for future posts.

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