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The term Romanization defines as a variety of historical processes which are assimilation, integration and acculturation incorporated by the Roman Empire. Romanization took place because of the creation of the array of roman colonies back at that time that mostly were situated in the Roman Empire’s area. Many roman laws and customs were widely promoted using the Latin language by groups of veterans from the Italian peninsula. According to (Haverfield F. 1912) more than 400 towns were Italian colonies during the empire; they were decent examples and showcases of the Roman way of life and culture. Francis Haverfield linked the experience of Britain to Italy. Therefore an increase in population of Roman people through the veteran colonies’ establishment was very noticeable. They were meant to speak and spread the Latin language through different provinces. It was assumed that this plan will facilitate an effect of Romanization upon the groups of native. The contemporary understanding of Romanization was fueled by early 20th century Imperialism’s standards and cultural changes.
There were several different models of Romanization of Italy. The first one is creolization where Romanization process is eventually a result of communication and discussion among different elements of groups that are non-egalitarian. The negotiation between them concluded in ambiguous and material culture. The second model of Romanization of Italy is called discrepant identity which could be described by the following example. There was no noticeable difference between people who were pro-Rome. The only fundamental difference could be seen through identity, religion and economics. The third model of Romanization process was named acculturation which is simply an adoption and acceptance of non-classical practices that were mostly religious. And the last model was non-interventionist. Roman elites did not intervene with countries but were encouraged to lead an exemplary social, economic and religious life instead, so that the association with the Roman Empire was as of something very powerful and unconquered. The Romanization of Italy had the following results. The ancient tribal laws were replaced with new Roman law with new right of property and institutions. Gladiator fights, public bath and the Emperor cult were widely disseminated across the Empire. The Latin language was adopted and hence widely used. Thanks to Romanization the Roman Empire took a completely another turn of being cosmopolitan and well-cultured. Rome became widely known as a successful, prestigious and moreover very powerful society. Everyone’s success was now measured in terms of for example access to products or wine from the Roman Empire. Material goods of Roman Empire were exported to many countries.
Romans were the dominant nation of the world at that time. They were very fast in acculturation and hence adoption of attractive styles and customs. Therefore it can be assumed that the Roman civilization was effected and then described a melting-pot of culture. Highly-structured societies existed in Roman Empire, which usually inhabited big cities and towns with well-developed networking. They followed traditions of previous civilizations which can be counted back in many centuries.
Communications, taxation, administration and urban life were the basis structure of Roman Empire. Also what is interesting is that the effects of Romanization were noticeable not only in big cities but also in countryside. It was compulsory to follow the rules of Roman taxation and to produce more products that required in order to be able to feed the population who live in the non-productive cities. Villa system of agriculture was widely spread across the Empire which was the main transformation of the landscape that was rural. In fact, there were a wide variety of cultural changes occurred in the Italian Peninsula during Romanization. Rome was presented as bringer of civilization in the areas of Italic, which also promoted the shaping of a culturally, technologically and politically unified and developed Italy. Many influential historical books on “Roman Italy” were written in the period of Romanization. Conceptualizing of change in Italy which by the way was cultural, experienced a very gradual process of converge under Roman Empire. The conclusion was unification both apolitical and cultural. The most noticeable process of Romanization of Italy was during the Roman Empire era. Its history goes back to 27BC, when Octavian was the only leader of Rome. Under his guidance the Roman civilization was brought the zenith. Many provinces took place such as senatorial provinces which were controlled by the Senate and imperial provinces that were under control of Augustus. During that period instead of 50 civil wars there were only 28. Not only the country grew its power but also culture. Roman literature took a quick turn and started to develop rapidly. For instance, Maecenas encouraged writing poems that were patriotic. Along with Maecenas, Vergil did a lot of historical works. The works written at the time is priceless and now considered classics.
The Roman Empire had a very strong military and was considered the most powerful in that period. After the death of Theodosius I in 395 who was an Emperor, the Roman Empire was divided into two parts, which were a Western and Eastern Roman Empire. Well-developed and increasing economic was in mostly in the Western part of Empire. Later for several years Italy was united again under the guidance of Odoacer.

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