Sample Business Plan On Mini-Project (Developing A Web Page For Others)

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Published: 2021/01/26

Description of business

The project has been written to describe a business plan of developing of a web page for other companies. In current market situation web page developing can be considered as a very appropriate business as many local companies of different industries are trying to initiate their own website to provide better services for its customers. Therefore considering the growing market of the web developing business this type of business plan has been finalized. Generally in order to initiate this sort of business plan the developer company needs skillful web developers and a minimum capital in order to run the business.

Services and innovation factor

Basically in web developing business the company provides its clients a web page as per requirement of the customers. The web developer company designs the page according to the necessity of the business recommended by the clients. Apart from that it is important to supply efficient support services after the completion of the website. There are a lot of features that can be included in the web pages to present suitable access to the internet clients. In web designing it is important to present innovative features for the clients to make a significant distinction from other web developers. In services the security of the website is also considered as a vital issue as there are lots of threats to a website. Formidable security to a website is produced to the clients for further internet safety and in case of internet transaction latest technology has been supplied to construct the web pages for the clients.


Present day any small business organizations have the idea to launch their website to represent its business in online in order to reach a greater target demographic. So any retail business, small industries, product manufacturers, local service providers can be considered as the customers for the selected business. Apart from that many educational organizations and social welfare organizations can also be taken under consideration as business clients. Not only is the web developing the business also persisted in maintenance of the websites for its customers.

Competition and competitive aggressiveness

The web developing business has a number of competitions and challenges to face in the developing business industry as there are already many popular corporations in the industry with a lot of client base. To survive in the market with the other market giants the company has to feature quality services and extreme hard work (Katz). At the same time it is important to show competitive aggressiveness to get a solid client base and capture the market share from other companies (Malik). Competitive aggressiveness can be shown by quality of the services, web designing features and efficient support services for the existing clients in order catch more customers.

Organizing of business and creating autonomy

In order to run the business and the services it is important to manage the employees from the grass root levels. The employees should give enough freedom to work freely to come out with something better than the expectation of clients (Hassan, Chrisman and Mohamed). Management of business should encourage the employees to cultivate a corporate culture and by using it to make innovation in services and security in the web developing creating autonomy to say the least. It makes the business different from other companies of the same field. Effectiveness of controlling the employees can add an extra feature to the business.

Methods of business expansion and proactive nature

In order to grow the business strategic plans and efficient services to the existing clients are the keys to success. In the current market circumstances it is important to capture market share from other companies and to make new customers (Hassan). Initiating of proper online advertising and providing better deals to the customers’ entrepreneurial firms can grow in the market. At the same time proactive features of the firm such as anticipating futuristic problems, necessity of developing new sources, initiating new services can be valuable to make changes and make further growth in the competitive market. Providing proper support to the clients’ necessity can be impressive in order to make popularity in respective market.

Competitive inertia and risk factor

It is important for any organization to certain that in case of success competitive inertia cannot get into the business. Competitive inertia is the lack of making further decision in strategy making and further progress and continues with the current strategies ('M&A Managerial Pattern And Competitive Advantages: The Moderation Of Competitive Inertia'). Sometimes it can saturate the market and restrict the growth. The company will make certain strategies and practices in order to make further move in the market (Ariño, Ghemawat and Ricard). It is important for the management to take bold measures in risk taking in order expand the business. Risk management of the business can be backed up by analysis and logics to proceed. New services and strategies should be made on basis of proper risk assessment.

Strategic alternative: Positioning strategy

In case of alternative strategy making positioning strategy has been made on basis of a number of considerations. Positioning strategies can be developed in a various ways. Five approaches can be presented here to be considered.

Keeping an eye into the customer benefits.

Pricing of the services as a positioning strategy.
Application based positioning strategies.
Positioning strategies on basis of quality of services.
Competition based positioning strategies.
Positioning strategies are always helpful for any entrepreneurial business firm to make success in the competitive market.


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