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Published: 2020/11/08

The point of view expressed in this article is to explore the different ways in which the current organ donation model works and how and if it could be made better in any way. This is accomplished by way of different examples of how new organ donation models could be implemented to make this possible. The aforementioned point of view is expressed in light of the fact that family permissions to allow or not allow organ donation should not come in between the ‘promise’ that the donor has made to the state to allow for his or her organs to be transplanted to others who might need it.
The purpose of the material is to come up with new models that can substitute the existing model of organ donation. In doing so, the primary facet that needs replacement (according o the author) is that of the consent needed from the donor’s family.
The material raises primary questions about how different factors can come to have an effect on people’s simple desire to be able to give their organs to other people in their time of need. He author addresses that there can be many small factors that can hinder the current process of donating organs and these need to be addressed in terms of changing the literature of the laws.
The main concept communicated is that the Promise acceptance model is the best way to make sure that the donor, state and recipient of the organ all get justice in terms of the laws and willingness to act in a certain way. It is also stated that other people in the process cannot stop this process for whatever reasons e.g. nurses cannot hinder this process because of their religious beliefs.
The factual information provided encompasses all the different legal language that presently exists and has been already written into law. It also explicitly mentions the 2006 Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act which states that family members cannot influence the decision to donate organs. This has been accepted in forty-seven states already.
I have inferred that the author is taking up an issue that perhaps not many of us have even considered. We have been taking for granted that given we sign up for the donor program, then it will automatically take place. The article has highlighted all the different ways in which this process can be affected by other external factors and highlights a model i.e. the promise acceptance model to make this situation more straightforward and easy for all parties concerned. I can safely conclude that the promise acceptance model should be implemented and practiced throughout the United States of America.


Liberman, A. (2015). A Promise Acceptance Model of Organ Donation. Social Theory And Practice, 41(1), 131-148. doi:10.5840/soctheorpract20154116

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