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ESSAY QUESTION: What is the relationship between the Second World War and the Cold War? How did each change the position of the United States in the world, and how did each change the United States within?
PROVISIONAL HYPOTHESIS: The cold war was a period of tensions created by the intense rivalry between the US, which propagated for democratic form of governance and the USSR, which was seeking to expand communism to other nations. It started immediately after the Second World War and ended 45 years later. The two wars were closely related in many aspects especially the reasons which led to their commencement.

1 The causes of the two wars were similar
The relationship between the US and the Soviet Union was tainted before the WW2for various reasons such as the failure of the US to recognize the regime that took over power in Russia in 1917. However, despite the conflicting ideologies, the y worked together in fighting their common enemy, Hitler during WW2. Immediately after the war the two countries emerged as the super powers and were shortly after marred by distrust, intense rivalry and power struggles. This was after they differed on the fate of the countries that were freed from the Nazi rule. The US wanted the countries to be assisted in holding democratic elections while the USSR opposed this move. What followed was a period of fear as the countries intimidated, and used propaganda against each other. Although there was no direct encounter, they took opposing sides in various wars such as in Vietnam, Korea and Afghanistan.
2 The results of both wars affected the economy, political as well as the social structures
The two wars resulted to significant changes to the US in terms of developments and governance. The WW2 saw the reviving of the industries and massive economic growth which boosted employment. The birth of the civil movements, which fought for labor rights, also resulted from the wars. The cold war saw the exploration into space and development of improved arts of war in a bid to intimidate the USSR. Internally the fear of a looming nuclear attack changed the mode of socialization among the Americans and there was political reformation with some people supporting the enemy.

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