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Fagus grandifolia or American beech is the only specie of Fagus genus found in North America. It is can live for 300-400 years. It is commonly used in the furniture industry due to its elastic and wear-proof properties. It is also good as fuel wood due to its good burning properties (Burns & Honkala, 1990).
Platanus occidentalis or sycamore is becoming very popular specie in biomass farming industry. It also has a fast initial growing phase, even in infertile grounds, and it lives very long. It is commonly used as lumber wood or to provide shade in urban areas (Burns & Honkala, 1990).
Acer rubrum or red maple has six other common names which are: scarlet maple, swamp maple, soft maple, Carolina red maple, Drummond red maple, and water maple. Even though species like maple-sugar and black maple are more likely to be recognized in maple syrup production industry, red maple can also produce maple syrup. However, it is most commonly used as a shade tree in landscapes (Burns & Honkala, 1990).
Pinus palustris or longleaf pine used to cover great arias of land. However, by 1985 the aria these trees occupied decreased from 24 to 1.6 million hackers. It is interesting to know tha,t just like all pine species, Pinus palustris is monoecious. It is most commonly used in mulch production (Burns & Honkala, 1990).
Salix nigra or black willow is the only commercially important willow out of 90 species that are native to North America. It is interesting to know that, despite its fast growth, this tree does not live long. It is most commonly used for making of wooden products and artificial limbs, for soil stabilization and protection, and sometimes, in traditional medicine (Burns & Honkala, 1990).
Comus florida or flowering dogwood is one of the most popular decorative trees in America. It was named after a Latin word florida which means flowering. It is most commonly used in gardening as a decorative plant. However, many animals feed on its fruit and leaves (Burns & Honkala, 1990).
Quercus alba or white oak is the most important tree of the oak family. This is a very difficult tree to transplant. It is most commonly used in the lumber industry, for making staves for barrels and as food for some wild animals (Burns & Honkala, 1990).


Burns, R., & Honkala, B. (1990). Silvics of North America. Washington: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service.

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