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Entity Relationship modeling is a significant aspect of database modeling. There are many aspects that have been added in the management and modeling of databases the world over. There is need to have critical assessment of the database before it has been implemented. Database design is a critical process when working on database management systems. The reason is that databases form a significant part of the data management aspect of an organization. Entity Relationship modeling has been part of the design process of the database design process. Entity relationship diagrams help to show the relationships between the objects that are being modeled with the real objects in the world. It helps the database developers to properly understand how the objects will interact once the database has been deployed. It helps to show the bugs that might be met while handling the database. It is one of the ways that a database developers will ensure that they avoid errors in the future. The relational model is mapped according to the ER diagram that has been developed in the design process. One of the benefits for the developers is that it easens for them to transform the ER model to tables. The table format makes it easy to understand the relationships in the diagrams.


The database is being developed so that it will be used in high school. It will have the tables that will enable successful processing of information in the school. The tables that will be included in the database will include department, faculty, college employee, administration staff, student welfare department, admission process, leaving process, student, counselor, alumni, timetable, program, fees, exam, and subjects. The tables will cater for the data and the models that will be modeled in the diagram.


One scenario from the database is the storage of the student records. The student table will include roll_number, firstname, lastname, nationality, age, phone, address and the guardian. The employee records will also be stored in the database which will include employee_ID, Firstname, Lastname, Nationality, Age, Phone number, Address, Email address, Experience. There will also be the timetable which will held in the database. The Timetable table will hold the TableID, Program code, and the made by. The made_by attribute will hold information about the person who made the timetable. It is an important aspect that will have to be integrated in the database. There is also the storage of data on student welfare data. The data will be divided according to the department. Each department will have a welfare component where the representative will air the views of the students concerning the activities of the department. There is also the very important data that is stored that records the alumni. It is important to store the data that will enable the students who have gone through the high school to be remembered in their undertaking. The student alumni will be stored in the database. The data that will be captured in the alumni table will include alumni code, Student roll number, the pass out year, years of service, involved activities (Teorey, Lightstone, Nadeau, & Jagadish, 2011).

Type of data

There is important information that are stored in the database which will require the different levels of sensitivity regarding the data that is stored. Some of the types of data that will be stored will include the salaries of the staff working in the school. The salaries in the staff records is sensitive. There is also student records which is another form of sensitive data that should be included in the database (Elmasri, & Navathe, 2011). One measure that should be achieved is that there should be unauthorized access. Information should be protected from any form of alteration. Another area that needs to be protected is exam records. The exam table is a very critical table for the integrity of the high school. There is need to ensure that the exam table is safe and should be accessed by the right people. The college employee’s records should also be an issue of concern and should be protected as much as possible. There is also the faculty information that has staff records and the hours that they work in the high school. It is important to have the records safe and protected from unauthorized access.

Classes and how they interact

There are classes/processes that are significant for the working of the database. There are processes which interact in the database. One of the processes is student admission. The admission of the students to the high is a significant process. The admission process requires that there is capturing of student details. The date that the student joined will need to be understood. It is important information. The student should have their details captured about the program that they have enrolled and the date that they have joined the program.
Another process is that of leaving process. The process will capture the details of the student and the date that the student left the high school. The marks of the student will also be captured in the process where the student will have their marks stored in the system. The date that the student joined the high school will be noted in the program.


The tables that have been created are significant and should have all the protection in the database. All the privileges and access roles of the database important and need to be protected and cared for in the database. Of great importance is the need to clearly define the privileges that are given to the users of the database. The tables have permission privileges that are integrated so that they are able to have measures in place that will ensure that there is an understanding of the issues that have been mentioned. Database management is a significant concept that enables organizations to manage their data within the organization. When databases are created and developed, one of the requirements is to ensure that there is an understanding of the classes, and the roles that the classes have. The processes that have been mentioned in the ER diagram are important in the database. They are important because student records are captured in the admission process and student records are captured in the leaving process. Admission gets the details of the student, while leaving captures the performance and the marks of the students as they leave the school. ER diagrams have been useful in the fact that they are useful as data plans for implementation using some specific data management software. The use of ER diagram modeling makes it easy to have relationships in the diagram easily manageable. The database is easily designed and viewed using the ER diagram modeling tool.


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