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Ovarian cancer is a cunning and traitorous type of cancer. It is not easily detected. Some of its symptoms are abdominal discomfort, back pain, changes in bowel movement, and abnormal bleeding. These symptoms can be easily mistaken as simple discomfort issues or fatigue but never symptoms of a grave disease such as ovarian cancer. It is understandable why women and doctors find it hard to diagnose ovarian cancer. With this dilemma, millions of women every year die from ovarian cancer.
The government and non-government organizations and institutions have the responsibility to uphold public health. They must be able to identify, control, and eradicate diseases that can affect majority of the population. Public health can be characterized as spreading awareness and prolonging life to and of the people. Ovarian cancer has been proven to be a matter of public health.
The video posted by NBC brings new hope for women. Basically, it says that scientists and researchers found a way to detect early onset of ovarian cancer. A screening test using blood test for CA-125 which is a marker for ovarian cancer has been developed. Dr. Karen Lu from MD Andersen Cancer Center says that monitoring one’s health over time is an effective way to diagnose diseases. However, this screening test is still not necessary to be included in regular check-up.
It is known that there is still no cure for cancer and that early diagnosis is the best chance for survival. Although further research is needed to prove that the test should be included in women’s yearly check-up, I believe that hospitals should already present this as an option as early as now. I would want to take every precautionary step available to survive cancer, and I’m sure a lot more women would too.
Humans are vulnerable to diseases. Hazards lurk in our surroundings, and our exposure to these hazards increases our risk of getting grave diseases. I still think that prevention of diseases through living a healthy lifestyle, consuming proper diet, exercising regularly, and keeping a clean environment is still essential. In order to take care of ourselves, we also need to take good care of our environment. Food and medicine come from the environment; if pollution persists, just imagine the trash that we put in our bodies - all those pathogen, heavy metals, and so much more. No wonder diseases have greater effect on us nowadays than the previous decades. Prevention is still the key.

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