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If I were sent to live with a family that were very poor in status as well as having a poor educational background, then my life would have been quite different from what it is now. The norm observed in poorer families is, usually, a larger family with quite a number of younger children. Therefore, I presume that I would have several brothers and sisters and we would all be living together in a small, congested home with belongings that would be shared with each other and life would not be very comfortable. Even with regard to food supplies, my eating habits and diet would not be as luxurious like that of richer kids. My clothing would be starkly different and I might be forced to wear my elder brother’s or sister’s pair of jeans or pullovers since my parents would not be able to afford a separate wardrobe for us all.
The school, I would be going to would probably be one for underprivileged children and the children I would be studying with, would belong to the same background that I would be coming from. I would gel in, of course, but my lifestyle or friends or the intellectual brought up would never be like that of well-off children, and I would remain deprived of those essentials throughout. The teachers would not be that bothered about our examination and I would expect a lot of discrimination from them regarding us since we would not have literate parents and neither did we come from families that could easily afford heavy tuition fees. The struggle for equality would be hard. In addition, I might have to work somewhere in order to help my family and make ends meet, so my studies would be neglected, and I would not be the sharpest child around.
As regard to health facilities, my family would never be able to pay the hospital bills or the doctor’s fee. Falling the sick would be expensive for us. It costs nearly all of my father’s; mother’s and elder brother’s monthly salary to pay for at least half of the doctor’s bills when I fall sick with a bad stomach. Even getting dentures for the teeth would be impossible because going to the dentist would put a toll on the family’s budget.
A future career would seem only a miracle if I got the time to study hard enough in order to earn a scholarship to college. Without that, my dream of pursuing any ideal career would remain a dream forever, and the chances would remain very bleak. I would have to spend my life doing odd jobs, earning meager wages just enough to pass my time and make ends meet. This would be my fate as well the fate of my other brothers and sisters unless one of them chose to shine which is also against all odds.
I would, of course, expect a difference in treatment because people only value and give importance to people who have money and wealth obvious to the eyes. Since my family would be located in a shabby neighborhood, we would not own a car, we would not wear ostentatious clothes since we won’t be able to afford them so then life will become a little difficult as people, who are blessed with all of the above, tend to look down upon those who are deprived of these blessings.
I would expect to be bullied by richer kids of the neighboring suburb, and whenever they would pass by my in their cars they would jeer at me or probably show off which is hurtful of course. This is how different life would be.

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