Art History Research Paper Example Topic Ideas to Get Started

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18 Sep 2019

Producing an art history paper is similar to the research-based, analytical essay you might have written for your English literature or history courses. Still, art history is a field that covers an incredible amount of data from the earliest eras of Stone Age until now. Because of the different subjects the history of art is related to and countless studies, there is a great deal of information available on various topics. Nonetheless, it doesn’t make the writing process much easier, as it may be hard to come up with how to write art history research paper thesis example and what to focus on. Fortunately, we have a couple of useful tips that will totally facilitate your paperwork.

art history research paper

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How to Write an Art History Research Paper?

A well-written art history research paper format comprises an effective thesis statement supported by logically selected evidence and rational argumentation. You need to critically pick up the sources, choose the most credible interpretations of the facts, and introduce them in a compelling, judicial, and systematic way. Here are some of the useful tips for you to consider:

  • Answer the question

The rule of the thumb in writing your history of art paper is to ensure that you answer the question set. Every little piece of text you write should be pertinent to that end. Therefore, thinking hard about the issue itself, the aspect it raises, what it means, and all the ways it may be answered, is much more crucial than most understand.

  • Outline the paper

When working on art history, remember that the most winning art history research paper outline template is a widely known union of introduction, main body, and conclusion. Decide what kind of information will be in each block and which issues you wish to examine in paragraphs. Then, your task is to come up with a comprehensive central thesis that will put up the entire paper in a single sentence. Thesis statement of your art history paper is the thing you need to concentrate on after you outline the essay parts so that to make it more accurate and concise.

  • Remember about the Signpost Rule

Every step of your arguments should be clearly defined: don’t leave the reader wondering where this particular argument is going, or why a certain statement is being made. To this end, you may use the rhetorical questions to make the transitions clearer and the paper more readable.


Art History Topics Research Papers Example

Regardless of the research paper style you choose, pick up a topic that really interests you. When you are absorbed in the subject, you are much more likely to create exciting and engaging content. Therefore, whoever reads the essay is much more likely to feel your ardor and enjoy the content you have written. However, when you come by a topic you are not so engaged in, it might lead you losing any interest in the writing process that can cause a poorly written text. For further inspiration, check out the examples of art history research papers you can write about.

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Ancient Art History Research Paper Topics

These topics are for those who are ready to dig deep. Cave art and prehistoric sculpture prove that different forms of art have been used since the beginning of human history. Although the artistic tools and methods were different, the expression of emotions and ideas with the help of art was commonplace. Ancient is full of secrets and mysteries. So, choose one of the topics below to feel the spirit of history:


Medieval Art History Research Paper Topics

Despite the early common belief that that Middle Ages are the ‘Dark Ages’, artworks that remained show that this period was crucial for Europe not only as a historical transition but also with regard to the very essence of art. This epoch astounds everyone eager to learn more about it. So, don’t hesitate and swell their ranks.

We gathered some of the gripping topics about the history of art. Now your task is to choose the most attractive one and start writing. We know this process isn’t that easy, so if you wish to learn how to craft an A-grade academic paper, there is no better way than to consult the best research paper writing services. Here at, we can provide a professional art historian who will help with every step of your research paper from the proposal to final submission. Just send ‘write my research paper free' request and let us serve 100% unforgettable writing experience.

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