Best Chemistry Research Paper Topics for High School & College Students

Selecting interesting chemistry research topics isn’t as easy as ABC, especially if you look at bordering disciplines or are really pressed with time. Most students often go after easy and popular ideas, which isn’t always practical, as a good research project should be original and new. From chemical reactions in organic and inorganic fields to clinical experiments related to biology, your topic should be analytical and researchable to help readers understand how the basics work. It might be difficult to guess if your subject of interest has enough information or is topical in the current situation. However, by brainstorming ideas, doing brief preliminary research and polishing your broad topic, you can pick up a thoughtful paper idea you will be prepared and excited to write about. Below, we have collected a chemistry research paper topics list to give you a sort of inspiration and help to get started. Or you could address writers, who can offer unique topics exclusively for you!

chemistry research topics


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Chemistry Research Topics for High School Students

Chemistry is one of the major in the school curriculum, just like English, History, or Physics. Good performance at this class and high grades for writing assignments are crucial for GPA and influence your chances of going to a university. That is why it’s crucial to pay enough attention to all the tasks and select a field for research you are well-versed in. Here are some of the chemistry research paper topics for high school students prepared by our experts to use as examples:

  • Analyze the air we breathe.
  • What are the dangers and risks of utilizing petroleum products?
  • Ways of water purification.
  • Describe the PH effect on plant growth.
  • Environmental impacts of nuclear

Chemistry Research Topics for College Goers

Research assignments for college students are a bit difficult. Beyond everything, professors and tutors wish you to put in more effort than it was in high school. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you can’t choose a straightforward topic and write a decent paper quickly. Here are some of the best ideas to consider:

  • Analyze the water memory effect.
  • Describe the history of alchemy.
  • What is the classification of chemical reactions?
  • Research artificial growing of diamonds and pearls.
  • Study the food additives from the chemistry perspective.

Chemistry Research Topics for Undergraduates

Easy to guess that research papers for undergraduates are the toughest among those provided above. Still, we’ve made sure to handpick only such topics you will definitely find lots of information about. Otherwise speaking, it’s impossible not to produce an essay on the ideas below:

  • Popular painkillers and their side effects.
  • Dye-sensitized solar cells: computational chemistry aspect.
  • What are the ways of using nanophotonics in military applications?
  • Trends in green chemistry.
  • Atmospheric physical chemistry

Examples of Chem Research Paper Topics for All Academic Levels

Generally speaking, all the research topics from organic and inorganic chemistry fields can be used by students of any academic level. The difference is only in the depth of your research and its complexity. While high-school students are most likely to use general materials, undergraduates have an opportunity to access the laboratories and conduct their own experiments.

Organic chemistry research topics

  • The difference between ketones and aldehydes.
  • Latest discoveries in organic chemistry.
  • Do the sugar strands have potential in medicine?
  • Study natural gas as a precious raw material.
  • Hydrocarbon fuel: forms, usage, and purpose

Inorganic chemistry research topics

  • Inorganic chemistry tools in forensic
  • Explain the five states of matter.
  • Radioactive elements and their uses
  • What is the difference between organic and inorganic compounds?
  • Why is inorganic chemistry important?

Debatable Chemistry Topics for Research Papers

The topics below cover widely discussed chemistry issues, which have a disputable nature and presuppose an original research approach. Since that might look quite unusual, you are free to run a research and provide some new information or points of view for the readers:

  • What is the future of pharmaceutical chemistry?
  • What can be used to replace oil?
  • Are electronic cigarettes less/more harmful than the regular ones?
  • Synthetic food as a new hygienic problem.
  • How can photons be most effectively transformed into chemical energy?

We hope that this blog post has provided you with an interesting direction for further research. Yet, if you find it challenging to craft an essay or thesis on your own, there is nothing wrong with buying a paper to be used as a reference. We have dozens of research paper writers online ready to lend you a helping hand and take care of your academic success. Feel free to contact us anytime and benefit from our professional writing service.