Unique Research Paper Topics for College Students

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17 Dec 2019

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “research paper”? Most likely brainstorming, finding the proper literature and collecting ideas and thoughts. No matter what you imagine, you would inevitably think of the sources of data: articles, books, people, works of art.

However, research is not just a collection of information about some topic and not only an easy review of literature in a particular field. Your research paper should explore the perspective or affirm the point. No matter what type of research work you develop, your finished piece should represent your own way of thinking, supported by other people's ideas and reliable data.college research paper topics

For a good research paper, it is crucial to find a unique and research-worthy topic. Here you’ll find excellent college level research paper topics for different types of papers – check them out right now!

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Good College Research Paper Topics for Argumentative Paper

The argumentative research papers provide two sides of the same coin, or, more precisely, one controversial issue. The trick is that a writer should take a particular position on the subject while providing facts and arguments in defense of both sides. At the same time, the research should be factual and free of emotion.

Provocative issues that always cause a lot of controversy and debates are best suited for this type of research paper. Check out some good ideas:

  • Is capital punishment effective in reducing crime?
  • Is it possible to keep exotic animals as pets?
  • Are experiments on animals cruelty or necessity?
  • Should euthanasia be permitted?
  • Do we need sexual education in high schools?

 Analytical Research Paper Topics Ideas for College Students

Analytical research papers contain data from a number of sources, but the goal is exploring the various points of view presented in terms of facts, not opinions. The writer should concentrate on the conclusions and methodology of other researchers and complete the analytical paper with summing up the results and the proposed basis for further research of the particular topic.

Here are some good ideas of topics for such college papers:

  • Doping in sports. Why do athletes take drugs?
  • How are gender roles changing in modern society?
  • How does living in a single-parent family influence children’s psychology?
  • Why do we divide people into introverts and extroverts?
  • Reasons for the prevalence of poaching and how to deal with it.

College Research Paper Topics Ideas for Easy Cause and Effect Papers' Writing

Cause and effect research papers analyze probable or expected results in relation to specific issues and give responses to the basic questions “Why?” and “What?” reflecting the causes and effects.

You’re likely to often have a deal with this type of paper while you’re in college, so check out and save the proper topics:

  • Optimism has a positive effect on immunity.
  • Lack of education is one of the leading causes of racism.
  • Global warming leads to an increase in the prevalence of dangerous diseases such as malaria.
  • Financial problems are one of the main causes of divorces.
  • Skinny fashion leads to the spread of eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia.

Interesting Research Paper Topics for College Experimental Papers

Experimental research papers are a common task for students studying chemistry, biology, environmental science, physics, etc. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that you have to conduct some kind of experiment, bring the results and draw solid conclusions. Creating a good and interesting experimental topic is a real challenge – it seems that all themes have already been revealed to one degree or another. If you still don't have a starting point, take a look at some experimental ideas for research papers:

  • What was the cause of the death of beneficial bacteria in cottage cheese sprinkled with salt?
  • What are the major consequences of burning coal for energy?
  • What methods can be taken to reduce the environmental risk of the emission of carbon?
  • Why and how lichens can turn stone or barren ground into the fertile land?
  • The economic impact of hybrid seed production: Do the benefits outweigh drawbacks?

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